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   Entry (p. 1005) in De la Historieta y su Uso, 1873-2000 /
   Jesús Cuadrado (Atlas Español de la Cultura Popular ; v. 1)
   -- (Madrid : Ediciones Sinsentido, 2000). -- Call no.:
   PN6775.C8 2000
   Entry (p. 1005) in De la Historieta y su Uso, 1873-2000 /
   Jesús Cuadrado (Atlas Español de la Cultura Popular ; v. 1)
   -- (Madrid : Ediciones Sinsentido, 2000). -- Call no.:
   PN6775.C8 2000
   Index entry (p. 560) in La Historieta Argentina : una
   Historia / Judith Gociol, Diego Rosemberg (Buenos Aires :
   Ediciones de la Flor, 2000). -- Call no.: PN6790.A7G6 2000
   Historietas del Bicentenario / Gelman Salazar R. "Roque" ;
   dibujos, Johann Cárdenas, Louwing González, Alberto Luna,
   Julián Rojas. -- Bogotá, Colombia : Escuela Nacional de
   Caricatura, CEATC, 2010. -- 123 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. --
   Contents: 1. La insurrección de los comuneros ; 2. La
   Revolución de 1810 ; 3. La reconquista y el Régimen del
   Terror ; 4. Policarpa ; 5. Campaña libertadora. --
   Historical genre, about the Colombian War of Independence,
   1810-1822. -- Call no.: F2274.S247 2010
Policarpio (negro).
   Index entry (p. 285) in La Historieta Argentina : una
   Historia / Judith Gociol, Diego Rosemberg (Buenos Aires :
   Ediciones de la Flor, 2000). -- Call no.: PN6790.A7G6 2000


Police in science fiction stories
In the album Bonne Année, where the setting is a future police state, the police ultimately let our youthful protagonists go in an act of generosity. The hero of the album Kraken is police Lt. Dante, who patrols what is both literally and figuratively the underworld of the city of Metropol. "Sanitation Police" are one of the forces operating in the post-catastrophe world of Pepe Moreno's Rebel, though law and order don't seem to be present to be enforced.

Police in detective and urban stories
In the album The Go-Between, Kelly Green is the widow of a police officer and solves his murder by getting involved with his former partner and superiors. In the album Joe's Bar, Pepe the undocumented alien lives in constant fear of the police.

Police in colonial and neo-colonial adventure stories
During World War I, Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese runs into the "Leopard-Men of the Rufiji" in the album Corto Maltese in Africa and learns that the mysterious organization is actually a secret pan-African police force. In the album Indiana Jones et la Cité de al Foudre, there is a colonial policeman named Blake, who turns out to be a villain. In the album L'Otage, which takes place in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and is part of the spy/adventure series Condor, the police are mentioned twice. The first time we are told about police making people disappear because they are too political. The second time the police are not really police, but right-wing thugs impersonating police, and they try to make Condor disappear because he has ransom money destined for the rebels. The South Seas French-colonial police in Allaïve : un Môme de Perdu are good guys, working hard to solve a mystery that involves a criminal European. In the comedic Jack Palmer album L'Enquête Corse, Mr. Palmer is kidnapped by armed liberationists who are soon in a faction fight about who gets to keep the prisoner. The police arrive, arrest the prisoner, and are soon in an inter-agency struggle that mirrors that of the militants.

See also

"Police" (Dreaming in the Dark Dust) / Zanfrognini et Morisi.
   p. 38-39 in Spécial Rock 83 : Métal Hurlant, no. 83 bis.
   (Paris : Humanoïdes Associés, 1983) -- Call no.:
   PN6748.M4R62 1983
   AD Police / story by Toshimichi Suzuki ; art by Tony
   Takezaki. -- San Francisco, CA : Viz Communications, 1994.
   -- 138 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. -- (Viz Graphic Novel) --
   Translation, Matt Thorn. -- Science fiction genre, set in
   Tokyo. -- Call no.: PN6790.J33T325A2 1994
   Adam-12. -- Poughkeepsie, N.Y. : Western Publishing
   Company, 1973-1976. -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Published no.
   1 (Dec. 1973) - no. 10 (Feb. 1976), cf. Official Overstreet
   Comic Book Price Guide. -- Main characters are police. --
   Genre: Detective. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 6. -- Call no.:
   The Adventures of P.C. 49 / by Alan Stranks & John Worsley.
   -- London : Hawk, 1990. -- 63 p. : ill. ; 33 cm. -- (Eagle
   Classics) -- "Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Britain's
   famous strip cartoon paper."
   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. Detective and
   mystery comic books, strips, etc. 3. British comics. I.
   Stranks, Alan. II. Worsley, John, 1919- III. P.C. 49. IV.
   Series. V. Hawk Books. Call no.: PN6737.S75A4 1990
   Agent Trouble / dessins, Daniel Kox ; scénario, Raoul
   Cauvin. -- Bruxelles : Dupuis, 1992. -- 46 p. : col. ill. ;
   30 cm. -- (Agent 212 ; no. 10) -- In French.
   1. Belgian comics. 2. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. I.
   Kox, Daniel. II. Cauvin, Raoul. III. Series. IV. Editions
   Jean Dupuis. Call no.: PN6747.K6A4 1992
   "And Here's a Bulletin Just In. The Good 'n' Crunch Dog
   Food Company Has Been Robbed!" (Marmaduke, June 9, 1988) /
   Brad Anderson. -- Summary: Marmaduke can be seen riding by
   in a police sidecar. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "dog food"
   "The Angle" (Doll Man) / Max Elkan, art. 13 p. in Feature
   Comics, no. 102 (Sept. 1946). -- Villains are The Angle,
   Small-Time, Boxy, and Shoulders, all introduced here. --
   Summary: Darrel Dane comes to the aid of a fleeing man by
   knocking out his pursuer, but it turns out he has knocked
   out Inspector Frosby who was chasing The Angle. The Angle
   is a crook who always has a surprise idea, an "angle," to
   avoid capture. Darrel gets arrested, but sneaks out as Doll
   Man to work on the case. Hackie Joe Bilber remembers where
   he dropped their man off, at a hideout where his pal
   Small-Time is waiting. Doll Man hides and watches while
   established gangsters Boxy and Shoulders offer to cooperate
   with them. Doll Man squirts seltzer at Boxy and Shoulders,
   which starts a brawl. Meanwhile the police have decided
   that Darrel Dane is The Angle, so when Doll Man's phone
   call comes in they think they know who to look for. The
   police try to arrest Dane, and use tear gas, but Darrel
   changes back to Doll Man. Things get sorted out, and the
   new "crime combine" has been prevented. -- Data from Bob
   Klein and Lou Mougin via Grand Comics Database Project. --
   Call no.: Film 15791 r.40
   "Armed Love" / Jay Kinney & Ned Sonntag. 6 p. in Young
   Lust, no. 2 (1971). -- About violence, cannibalism, and
   police. -- Call no.: PN6728.45.C6Y6no.2
   "Arrested?" (Joe Palooka, Dec. 29, 1939) / by Ham Fisher.
   -- Summary: The police think Joe and Knobby are pulling a
   confidence game. -- Call no.: PN6728.J57F6 1939 v.1
   Batman : GCPD. -- New York : DC Comics, 1996. -- col. ill.
   ; 26 cm. -- GCPD = Gotham City Police Department. --
   Complete in 4 nos. -- Superhero genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: no.
   1-4. -- Call no.: PN6728.6.D3B26378 1996
   "Beware! the Ghosts Surround Me!" / Stan Lee, script ; Don
   Heck, art. 6 p. in Fantasy Masterpieces, no. 1 (Feb. 1966)
   ; reprinted from Strange Tales, no. 76 (Aug. 1959) ; also
   reprinted in Strange Tales Annual, no. 1 (1962) ; also
   reprinted in Vault of Evil, no. 19. -- Summary: A criminal
   finds a way to elude the police but is trapped in Limbo. --
   Data from George Olshevsky, and from Gene Reed via Grand
   Comics Database Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3F34no.1
   "Billy Blastoff" 3 p. in Pseudo Pstrips / by Art Vient.
   (Redlands, Calif. : Crystal Egg Productions, 1972). -- The
   story of how flower child Billy Blossoms is beaten by
   anticommunists and the police and becomes Billy Blastoff,
   the violent Weatherman. -- Call no.: PN6728.45.C7P75 1972
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Busy Lines!" (Society Sue, May 16, 1942) / by A. Samuel
   Milai. -- Summary: The detective calls the police about the
   murder, and before long Sue has the news. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "detectives"
   "But Why Didn't You Tell the Police that Carlos and His
   Gang Kidnaped You?"* (The Gumps, 1925) / Sidney Smith. p.
   126 in The Comic Strip Century (Kitchen Sink Press, 1995).
   -- Summary: Henrietta is afraid her reputation will be
   ruined. -- 16th in a sequence. -- Call no.: PN6726.C595
   C.R.S. = Détresse / Achdé ; scénarios, Achdé & Erroc. --
   Paris : Dargaud, 1993. -- 46 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. French comics. I.
   Achdé. II. Erroc. III. Dargaud Editeur. Call no.:
   PN6747.A19C2 1993
   "Cabby Turns Sleuth" (John Guido) 5 p. in New Heroic
   Comics, no. 49 (July 1948). -- Summary: Guido is a driver
   in Brooklyn whose cab is chosen by holdup men for a getaway
   car, in Sept. 1947. He crashes his cab into a fire hydrant,
   then helps the police find the robbers. -- Call no.:
   The Call of Duty : the Precinct. -- New York : Marvel
   Comics, 2002-2003. -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Published no. 1
   (Sept. 2002) - no. 5 (Jan. 2003). -- About police. --
   LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-5. -- Call no.: PN6728.7.M3C252
   "The Call of the Wild" / Gale. p. 707 in Cartoons Magazine,
   v. 17, no. 5 (May 1920). -- Cartoon about a telephone call
   to the police. -- Call no.: NC1300.C37v.17no.5
   Car 54, Where Are You? -- New York : Dell Publishing Co.,
   1962-1963. -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Published no. 1257
   (i.e., no. 1) (Mar.-May 1962) - no. 7 (Sept.-Nov. 1963),
   Cf. Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. -- First issue
   numbered in Four Color series. -- Issues 2-4 appear also as
   reprints. -- Humorous stories about New York City police.
   -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 2-3 (1962). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.D4C32
   "Carnada!"* (Fanfarria) / por Walt Ditzen. 1 p. in Hopalong
   Cassidy, no. 1 (Oct. 1952). -- A policeman catches a
   speeder, who is driving fast to accumulate fishing bait in
   his radiator grille. -- Back cover. -- Call no.:
   Choker / story, Ben McCool ; art/design, Ben Templesmith ;
   letters, Tom B. Long. -- Berkeley, CA : Image Comics,
   2010-2012. -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Complete in 6 numbers.
   -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Johnny Jackson has spent his
   years since being kicked off the Shotgun City police force
   running a deadbeat detective agency, so he jumps at the
   chance to rejoin the force. The catch is that, to keep the
   job, he will have to catch a low-life drug dealer who is
   selling a vampire drug to other low-lifes, put up with
   degradation at the hands of his drug-enhanced fellow
   officers, and escape the trap his boss has set for him. --
   Detective and horror genres. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1, 4-5. --
   Call no.: PN6728.8 .I5C47 2010
   "Chuck White, part 21" p. 18-25 in Treasure Chest of Fun &
   Facts, v. 2, no. 15 (Mar. 18, 1947). -- Begins: "A car sold
   by Chuck is involved in a serious accident. The police and
   F.B.I. have begun to close in on the stolen car racketeers,
   of whom Chuck is the innocent victim." -- "To be
   continued." -- Call no.: PN6728.1.P43T7v.2no.15
   Code of Honor. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 1997. -- col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- "To protect and serve the Marvel
   universe." -- Complete in 4 nos. -- Stories of police in
   the Marvel superhero milieu. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-4. --
   Call no.: PN6728.6.M3C57 1997
   "Collared for Love"* / Caz. p. 35 in Evergreen Review, no.
   65 (Apr. 1969). -- Wordless strip (3 tiers). -- Summary: A
   woman has a policeman catch a man who lifted her dress and
   ran away, then hugs the miscreant. -- Call no.: folio
   "The Concept of a Stretch Limo was New to Stan" (Ballard
   Street, Aug. 1, 1997) / by Jerry Van Amerongen. -- Key
   words: Collisions, trucks, cement blocks, police,
   intersections. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "Stretch Limos"
   Contre-enquête / scénario, Philippe Brochard ; dessins,
   Alain Lascaux ; couleurs, Véronque Grisseaux ; Journal de
   la Gendarmerie, Albéric de Palmaert. -- Paris : Éditions
   Fleurus, 1987. -- 46 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm. -- (Horizons ;
   3) -- Cover title: Contre-Enquête et le Journal de la
   Gendarmerie. -- "Les auteurs tiennent à remercier le SIRPA
   et la Gendarmerie National pour leur précieuse
   collaboration dans la réalisation de ce ouvrage." --
   Educational genre, about police in France. -- Call no.:
   PN6747.L3135C6 1987
   Cops : The Job. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 1992. -- col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- Complete in 4 nos. -- About police. --
   Detective genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-4. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.6.M3C64 1992
   Cops in Tom's Drawings / Tom of Finland. -- Los Angeles, CA
   : Tom of Finland, 2000? -- 31 p. : all ill. ; 28 cm. --
   "For mature adults only!" -- Gay erotic drawings of police.
   -- Call no.: PN6790.F523 T6P56 2000
   "A Co-Worker Stays Very Focused" (Horrorscope, Aug. 26,
   1998) / Kelso & Kemp. -- Summary: Dog is staring at
   policeman's lunch. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "police dogs"
   "Dangerous Games" (Vengeance) / Chris Cooper, writer ;
   Reggie Jones, breakdowns ; Fred Harper, finishes. 8 p. in
   Marvel Comics Presents, no. 152 (Late Apr. 1994) -- (pt. 1
   of 4) -- Summary: The Big Game Posse, bored rich folks
   hunting humans for sport, kills police lieutenant Rebecca
   Taylor and incurs the wrath of Vengeance.
   k. Games. k. Big Game Posse. k. Posses. k. Boredom. k. Rich
   folk. k. Hunting. k. Sport. k. Police. k. Lieutenants. I.
   Cooper, Chris. II. Jones, Reggie. III. Harper, Fred. Call
   no.: PN6728.5.M3M23no.152
   "The Dean Should Be Showing Up Here Any Minute to Scold
   Us"* (Student Ghetto, July 1, 1999) / by Adam Miller. --
   Summary: It's the police that show up after their "latest
   stunt." -- Student life strip in the State News (East
   Lansing, Mich.). -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "police"
   Die Hard : Year One. -- Los Angeles, CA : Boom! Studios,
   2009- . -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with no. 1 (Aug.
   2009). -- About police. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1. -- Call no.:
   District X. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 2004- . -- col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with no. 1 (July 2004). -- About
   police in New York City. -- Superhero genre. -- LIBRARY
   HAS: no. 1. -- Call no.: PN6728.7.M3D5
   "Do We Have to Involve the Police?"* (Double Trouble, May
   18, 1993) / Glenn. -- Summary: Triana finds a dollar. Kiana
   gets off her pogo stick to say they have to turn it in and
   wait 30 days. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "pogo sticks"
   "Do You Suppose We Could Delay My Going Into the Hospital"*
   (Rex Morgan, M.D., Aug. 21, 1986) / Bradley and Edgington.
   -- Summary: Larry Felton introduces Tom, the police
   officer, to his wife Liz and to Rex. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "hospitals"
   "Don't Tase Me, Barn! : Modern Policin' Comes to Mayberry
   at Long Last" (The City, Oct. 11, 2007) / by Derf. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "tasers"
   "Dope Bust Bust"* / Caz. p. 74 in Evergreen Review, no. 84
   (Nov. 1970). -- Wordless sequence of nine drawings, in
   which two people using a water pipe are interrupted by a
   policeman, both reveal they are undercover police, and all
   three continue smoking. -- Call no.: folio AP2.E884no.84
   "Dragged Net!" / art: W. Elder. in Mad, no. 3 (Feb.-March
   1953). -- Notes: TV shows, Dragnet, police. -- Data from
   index in Mad #350 -- Reprint call no.: PN6728.2.E14M3a 1986
   "Dragged Net!" (Dep't: Crime) / art: W. Elder. in Mad, no.
   11 (May 1954) -- Notes: TV Shows, Dragnet, police. -- Data
   from index in Mad #350. -- Reprint call no.:
   PN6728.2.E14M3a 1986
   "Dream Police" / by Gerry Capelle. p. 80-83 in Heavy Metal,
   v. 3, no. 11 (Mar. 1980). -- Call no.: PN6728.H43v.3no.11
   "Dream Police" / by Capelle. p. 80-81 in Heavy Metal, v. 4,
   no. 1 (Apr. 1980). -- Call no.: PN6728.H43v.4no.1
   Dream Police / J. Michael Straczynski, writer ; Mike
   Deodato, artist. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 2005. -- 1 v.
   : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- (Icon) -- "No. 1, August 2005,
   published one shot." -- Fantasy and detective genres. --
   Call no.: PN6728.7.M3D72 2005
   "Encounter" 8 p. in Lolita 3 / Belore (New York: Nantier
   Beall Minoustchine, 1997). -- Summary: Lolita has fun with
   an architect in his attic studio, and then he accidentally
   knocks her out the window where she hangs naked from a
   balcony for the police, firemen, and a crowd to see. --
   Call no.: PN6777.B38L6 1994 v.3
   Especial de Policia. -- México, D.F. : Grupo Editorial Vid,
   . -- col. ill. ; 20 cm. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 2, 18
   1. Detective and mystery comic books, strips, etc. 2.
   Police--Comic books, strips, etc. 3. Mexican comics. I.
   Policia. II. Grupo Editorial Vid. Call no.: PN6790.M44E765
   "Esquina" (Condorito) p. 83 in Condorito de Oro, no. 75
   (Oct. 2001). -- 2 tiers. A policeman asks Condorito if the
   thief he was chasing turned the corner. -- Call no.:
   "Every Cop in the City is Looking Out for Sophie. We'll
   Find Her!"* (Judge Parker, Aug. 26, 1994) / LeDoux and
   Wilson. -- Summary: Abbey gives the police officer the
   number at Dr. Winston's office. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "lost kids"
   "Fair-Haired Boy!" (Mandrake the Magician, July 24, 1941) /
   by Lee Falk and Phil Davis. -- Summary: Grando hypnotizes a
   policeman, telling him that a "fat little guy with yellow
   hair" got away. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hypnotism"
   "Falsche Antwort!" p. 24 in Ein Fest für Rudi / Peter Puck.
   -- Summary (by M. Harbeck): Examples of how
   life-threatening posing the wrong question or giving the
   wrong answer can be (with German police, neo-nazis, Turkish
   gangs, women's movement, and psychopaths). -- Call no.
   PN6757.P77 F4 2006
   "Father" (Spawn) / story, Todd McFarlane ; art, Todd
   McFarlane, Greg Capullo ; special thanks to Kevin Conrad ;
   copy editor & letters, Tom Orzechowski ; color, Steve Oliff
   and Olyoptics. 22 p. in Spawn, no. 29 (Mar. 1995). -- "This
   story begins where we left Spawn at the close of the Angela
   miniseries, issue 3." -- SUMMARY: Spawn confronts child
   abuse when he is befriended by a small boy. The father is a
   respected church member and a policeman. Spawn tattoos the
   phrase "I beat my kids" all over the man's body, and tells
   him it will fade in a month if he is good, and Spawn
   leaves. The beatings start again and an older brother takes
   the father's gun and shoots him (summary by Mary Walker).
   -- Call no.: PN6728.6.I45S63no.29
   The Fish Police. -- Richmond, CA : Fishwrap Productions,
   1985- . -- ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with no. 1 (Summer 1985).
   -- Other title: Inspector Gill of the Fish Police. --
   Genres: Detective, funny animal. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1,
   3-11; v. 2, no. 5-14, 18-19. -- Call no.: PN6728.5.F53F5
   Fish Police. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 1992- . -- col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with no. 1 (Oct. 1992). -- Each
   issue also called: v. 2. -- Funny animal detective. --
   LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-6 (1992-1993). -- Call no.:
   Fish Police Special. -- Norristown, PA : Comico the Comic
   Co., 1987. -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Published no. 1 (July
   1987) only. -- Funny animal genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1.
   -- Call no.: PN6728.5.C6F52
   Flygsoldat : 113 Bom. -- Stockholm : Semic AB Förlags,
   1980? -- 187 p. : ill. ; 18 cm. -- (Serie-Pocket ; 87)
   1. Swedish comics. 2. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. I.
   Series. II. Semic AB Förlags. Call no.: PN6790.S94F55F55
   "Flying High" 8 p. in Lolita 2 / Belore (New York: Nantier
   Beall Minoustchine, 1995). -- Summary: Lolita applies for a
   job with a corporation. The initial sexual harrassment by
   the boss on the heliport atop the building is interrupted
   by an even higher boss, who fires the first boss and
   continues the harrassment while the police watch from
   another helicopter. -- Call no.: PN6777.B38L6 1994 v.2
   "41 Shots 10 Cents" / by Art Spiegelman. cover of The New
   Yorker, v. 75, no. 2 (Mar. 9, 1999). -- Summary: A New York
   City policeman is at an amusement park shooting gallery. --
   Call no.: AP2.N52v.75no.2
   La Fosa del Diablo / Alfonso Font. -- Barcelona : Norma
   Editorial, 1991. -- 46 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm. --
   (Colección CIMOC extra color ; no. 78) (Taxi ; 3) --
   SUMMARY: Action journalist Taxi gets a scoop on a clever
   drug-smuggling scheme, involvin g a crooked cop.
   1. Adventure story comics. 2. Spanish comics. 3. Detective
   and mystery comic books, strips, etc. 4. Journalism--Comic
   books, strips, etc. I. Font, Alfonso. II. Series (2). III.
   Norma Editorial. k. Action journalism. k. Scoops. k. Drug
   smuggling. k. Crooked cops. k. Police. Call no.: PN6777.F6
   F6 1991
   "A Fourth for Bridge"* (Ernie, Aug. 1, 1997) / Bud Grace.
   -- Summary: Sidney's not hustling, officer, he's from the
   American Society of Bridge Enthusiasts. -- Key words:
   Shuffling, police, jail cells. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55
   "Frankly, I Expect a Call from the Police Any Minute!"*
   (Judge Parker, Apr. 6, 1991) / Harold LeDoux. -- Summary:
   Sam takes Mrs. Duncan home and says the police will want to
   question Mark, and Mark has a hatchet meeting tonight. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hatchets"
   Gendarme Gédéon et l'Aérochien / Weissmüller. -- Paris :
   Futuropolis, 1987. -- Spine title: Gédéon et l'Aérochien.
   -- 48 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. -- (Collection Gros Nez) -- Police
   characters -- Call no.: PN6747.W3935G4 1987
   "The Golden Curse Deaths"* (The Spectre) / Jerry Siegel,
   script ; Bernard Bailey, art. 10 p. in More Fun Comics, no.
   61 (Nov. 1940) ; reprinted in Golden Age Spectre Archives,
   no. 1 (2003). -- Summary (by Craig Delich): Detective Jim
   Corrigan is given orders to hunt down and arrest the
   Spectre for doing such a good job rounding up the criminal
   element of Center City and making the police look bad. --
   Appearances of Clarice Winston, Wayne Grant, and Gustaf
   Gilroy as a villainous Spectre. -- Data from Gene Reed, Lou
   Mougin, Pat Lang & Bob Hughes via Grand Comics Database. --
   Call no.: folio PN6728.N333N4m no.61
   "Good News" / Moebius. 2 p. in Moebius 1/2 (Anaheim, CA :
   Graphitti Designs, 1991). -- Summary: Tony reads in the
   newspaper that he and Margaret are quits; he murders her
   and the police find him by reading it in the newspaper. --
   Originally in Hara-Kiri in 1963 or 1964. -- Call no.:
   PN6747.G5M6213 1991
   Gotham Central. -- New York : DC Comics, 2003-2006. -- col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- Published no. 1 (early Feb. 2003) - no. 40
   (Apr. 2006). -- Superhero and detective genres, about
   police. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-24 (2003-2004) -- Call no.:
   "Guardians of the Law!" (Danger! Men at Work) 4 p. in Real
   Fact Comics, no. 4 (Sept./Oct. 1946). -- "All over the
   country, in a thousand and one ways, policemen risk their
   lives daily to protect you and your home." -- Call no.:
   Harry the Cop / written by Brian McDonald ; illustrated by
   Wayne Cash. -- San Jose, CA : Slave Labor Graphics, 1992.
   -- 32 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. I. McDonald, Brian.
   II. Cash, Wayne. III. Slave Labor Graphics. k. Cops. Call
   no.: PN6728.6.S55H3 1992
   "Harzack" / Moebius. 2 p. black and white in Moebius 0
   (Milwaukie, OR : Dark Dark Horse Comics, 1990). -- Summary:
   A character urinates on the ground, and police arrive and
   attempt to arrest him; urine engulfs the police car and the
   character runs behind a large rock, where another character
   is defecating. Story without words. -- Call no.:
   PN6747.G5M6 1990
   "He Parked in a No Parking Zone"* (Overboard, Dec. 25,
   2010) / Chip Dunham. -- Summary: One of the mouse policemen
   has tasered Santa Claus. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "tasers"
   "Hello, Police? Give Me the Art Theft Section"* (Dick
   Tracy, Oct. 7, 2000) / Dick Locher ; Mike Kilian. --
   Summary: The art dealer goes in the back of his shop to
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   of missing boys, and the girls don't know where the boys
   are, because it's Woman-Hating Week. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.F675F6 1939 v.2
   "High Death!" 5 p. in He-Man, no. 2 (July 1954). -- (A True
   "He-Man" Adventure) -- Summary: A circus aerialist is on a
   high bridge planning a suicide jump, and a policeman climbs
   up to talk her down. "You're young! You're pretty! You've
   got everything to live for!" Then another aerialist comes
   along and tries to kill them both. -- Call no.:
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   reproduced on p. 70-71 of Golf in the Comic Strips, ed. by
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   Barney is chased by police, and ends up on a golf course
   where a golfer bounces a ball off his head for a hole in
   one. -- Call no.: PN6726.G595 1997
   "Hollywood Eye" / by François Rivière, J.L. Bocquet and
   Philippe Berthet ; translation by Dick Hansom. p. 1-8 in
   Aces, no. 2 (June 1988). -- Begins: "Having arrived too
   late at the scene of a Beverly Hills murder he'd been
   unwittingly drawn into, Hippolyte Fynn takes up the case of
   the screenwriter turned stiff. A routine run-in with the
   police and a poolside chat convince him that he's on the
   right track. A track that takes him back to the past..." --
   "To be continued." -- Call no.: PN6738.A215no.2
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   Boudoiron & Kness ; Critical mass / story, Louis, art and
   colors, Arnaud Boudoiron, editing, Louis & Arnaud
   Boudoiron. -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Husks,
   fifteen-foot-tall biomechanical suits that are an
   anatomical addition to a pilot's body, are used by a
   special squad of the BMRI police brigade in Paris. They are
   in charge of investigating the most dangerous criminals of
   their time. -- Science fiction genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6747.B623H813 2010
   "I Believe Knox is Headed to the Lockup, and So are You!"*
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   Knox break Gerald Hamilton's legs, but the police already
   have Knox. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "arrests"
   "I Did Shout for Help, but the Tide of Battle Suddenly
   Changed in My Favor, Thank You!" / Geo. Price (copyright
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   the door, she's holding a whip or poker. -- Call no.:
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   gun, a man at the remains of the hotel is rebuffed by the
   police. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "guns"
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   Africa, Buz and Kitty check into the Hotel La Belle without
   luggage or passports, and the clerk is suspicious. -- Call
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   "I Was Going to Tell You You Lost a Hubcap on that Last
   Speed Bump"* (The Humble Stumble, Aug. 4, 2006) /
   Schneider. -- Summary: A policeman (Officer Coverly) pulls
   him over and he confesses to a couple of infractions. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hubcaps"
   "I Wish Super Heroes Existed in Real Life!"* (Off the Mark,
   Oct. 1, 2001) / Mark Parisi. -- Summary: Rescue workers,
   firefighters, police, volunteers, doctors and nurses are
   listed as superheroes, in response to the Sept. 11, 2001
   terrorist strikes. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "superheroes"
   "I'll Send a Motorcycle Escort With You"* (Big Chief Wahoo,
   July 24, 1941) / by Saunders and Woggon. -- Summary: The
   police are looking for a old lady driving alone, but when
   Granny Tuttle tells them Minnie-Ha-Cha (in a state of
   "nervous collapse") is her sick granddaughter. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "escorts"
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   man in the clink for hunting dinosaurs out of season. --
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   "I'm Being Stalked. I Believe He's a Plastic Surgeon"
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   drawn as unattractive, is talking to a policeman. -- Call
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   Spacemasters were trying to make a bank deposit; when the
   police catch one of them he gets away by switching on his
   P.O.G. Harness (Power Over Gravity), and he drops a letter
   for the bank. -- Call no.: AP101.C32v.7no.68
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   (Minx) -- Summary (from SkyRiver): As they continue their
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   pursuit by a police officer, a lack of money for art
   supplies, and internal disagreements. -- Teen humor genre.
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   here. -- Summary: The police are looking for Willie, who
   broke out of jail, and Mamie says she can supply
   fingerprints from Bluepoint's neck. -- Call no.: folio
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   "Just Before Milt Had a Chance to Spout his Harebrained
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   Summary: Milt is up on a soapbox with a saucepan on his
   head, when a policeman points to the 'curb your dogma'
   sign. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "dogma"
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   all ill. ; 21 cm. -- Story without words; advertising
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   and he leaves wearing one of their uniforms. -- By Tom of
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   Abernathy is teaching his dog Monty to heel. -- Call no.:
   oversize PN6726.K52A2
   "The Levantine Group"* (Modesty Blaise, 8839) / by Peter
   O'Donnell ; drawn by Romero. -- Appeared July 30, 1997 in
   Detroit Free Press. -- Summary: No need to call the police,
   we'd be stuck in red tape for days; this is the team hired
   to kill Carol before she can inherit. -- Call no.:
   PN6726f.B55 "Red Tape"
   "A Loan" (Joe Palooka, Dec. 28, 1939) / by Ham Fisher. --
   Summary: Joe and Knobby ask at the bank for a loan, and the
   loan officer calls the police. -- Call no.: PN6728.J57F6
   1939 v.1
   "The Man from Harlem" / by Guido Crepax. p. 42-47 in Heavy
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   Polly to go to the police for her own protection. At
   Lincoln's girl's suggestion, Polly left and, on her way to
   the police, was followed by a gangster." -- Call no.:
   "Man with a Badge!" / John Forte. 6 p. in Justice, no. 42
   (Jan. 1954). -- Begins: "Vicious, lawless killers truck at
   night, laughing at the police and daring them to do
   something about it! The only one in their way was a man
   they all knew and who knew them, a man they grew up with,
   who spoke their language, but with this one difference: he
   was a Man with a Badge!" -- Takes place in New York City's
   Lower East Side, in 1930, and the hero is Timothy J.
   Mahoney. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.M3J8no.42
   "Maracas" (Memín) / argumento de Yolanda Vargas Dulché ;
   dibujó, Sixto Valencia. 32 p. in Memín, no. 11 (1983). --
   SUMMARY: Carlos, Ricardo and Ernesto eat in a Chinese
   restaurant. Memín goes home to get some maracas, figuring
   that no cabaret will let them in because they are so young.
   Memín plans to pretend they are musicians. The white boys
   sing, however badly, and Memín holds it together with his
   natural rhythm. Meanwhile, Carlos's mother Isabel
   ("Chabela") is in a tough underworld cabaret talking about
   how she hates her life and how her husband abandoned her
   when he got rich, though Carlos doesn't know this.
   Eventually the four friends arrive at the same
   establishment and find Chabela fighting off a drunk
   customer. The man hits her and Carlos wades in, knocking
   him down. The man pulls a gun and tries to shoot Carlos,
   but Isabel gets between them and is shot. Carlos throws a
   bottle and apparently kills the man. Isabel is not badly
   hurt and tells her son to run before the police get there.
   -- Call no.: PN6790.M44M433no.11
   Mr. M / writer, David Hine ; pencilers, David Yardin, Lan
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   Mr. Punch and the Police / by Christopher Pulling. --
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   Cartoons and humor about police. -- Call no.: PN6175.P8
   "The Moat"* (Andy Panda) 8 p. in New Funnies, no. 98 (Apr.
   1945). -- Summary: Charlie Chicken notices muddy water in
   the pipes, so Andy opens a pipe and floods the basement.
   They go outside to find the water main and shut it off, but
   end up digging all the way around the house before they
   accidentally break the main pipe. They end up with a moat,
   so they build a drawbridge. The mailman falls in, then two
   policemen, and a law librarian finds a law from the year
   1591 against moats. By the time research is done and the
   police return, Andy and Charlie have filled in the moat.
   The tap water is still muddy. -- Call no.:
   Mobile Police Patlabor / story & art by Masami Yuki. -- San
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   parts of 6 numbers each. -- Science fiction genre. -- ill.
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   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. Undercover
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   Co. k. Squads. Call no.: PN6728.3.D4M57
   "Moroccan Heat" 10 p. in Lolita 3 / Belore (New York:
   Nantier Beall Minoustchine, 1997). -- Summary: Marga and
   Lolita are sunning themselves on a Moroccan beach when two
   young men with a camel find them. After vigorous sexual
   activity has ceased, the Moroccan police come to take their
   turn, but Marga and Lolita tie the police up. -- Call no.:
   PN6777.B38L6 1994 v.3
   "Mother Park" / story, Roger McKenzie ; art, Jose Ortiz. p.
   23-32 in Creepy, no. 104 (Jan. 1979). -- "All he wanted to
   do was play and all the computerized, electronic park
   wanted to do was let him. The park loved him and wanted to
   protect him from those nasty policeman. Oh, but it's not
   nice to fool Mother Park!" -- About an amusement park. --
   Call no.: PN6728.3.W3C7no.104
   "A Motor Comedy" / Arthur Gill. p. 16 in BOP (The Boy's Own
   Paper), Christmas 1903. -- Four captioned panels in which
   two policemen think they'll catch an automobile and get a
   promotion, but instead catch a boy in a soapbox car. --
   Call no.: AP201.B6 Christmas 1903
   "The Murder Mirror!" / Morris Weiss, art. 6 p. in Weird
   Wonder Tales, no. 9 (Apr. 1975) ; reprinted from Marvel
   Tales, no. 104 (Dec. 1951). -- Summary: A man kills an old
   man for his chest containing a magic mirror. The mirror
   produces a reflection which steals and kills for him, but
   when police catch up with him the blood of his latest
   victim is on his hands. He tries to convince the police
   that the reflection committed the crime, but to no avail.
   -- Data from Lou Mougin, Dan Kocher, Terry Watkins, Tony R.
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   Murph / J.T.C. -- Ontario, CA : Chick Publications, 1999.
   -- 24 p. : ill. ; 72 x 127 mm. -- Religious minicomic about
   Christian salvation. -- About a policeman. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.C47M8 1999
   "My Cheating Heart" 9 p. in My Secret Marriage, no. 20
   (Jan. 1956). -- Summary (by Tatum Walker): Feeling
   unfulfilled with her boring boyfriend Larry, Lois decides
   to take an exciting new job and meets a dashing, charming
   man named Jeff. Unlike Larry, Jeff is a smooth talker and
   she falls into a routine of champagne-filled dancing dates
   with him. One day Larry visits her and proposes marriage.
   Lois is ambivalent, confused by juggling two such opposite
   men. One night she realizes she has left her ring at work
   and makes a midnight attempt to recover it. In the dark
   office Lois stumbles upon a group of foreigners up to some
   fishy business. They catch her as she is phoning Larry for
   help, and out walks Jeff, and suddenly she realizes he's a
   spy. In order to shut her up, they plan her murder. Larry
   breaks in with a swarm of policemen in the nick of time to
   save the day. Lois decides Larry is the type of man she
   wants to marry. -- Call no.: PN6734.M9no.20
   "Northwest Mounties" p. 28-33 in Real Heroes, no. 5 (July
   1942). -- "The world's most spectacular police force
   brought peace to Canada's wild and woolly west." -- Call
   no.: PN6728.1.P3R4no.5
   "Nothin' Here but This Rubber Glove, Inspector"* (Inspector
   Wade : The India Rubber Man, 1935) / by Edgar Wallace ;
   Lyman Anderson. -- Strip numbered "3." -- Summary: The
   police catch the mysterious boat. -- Call no.: oversize
   PN6726.K52A22 1972
   "OK, Remember, I've Been With You All Evening Long" (Mother
   Goose & Grimm, May 16, 2007) / by Mike Peters. -- Summary:
   The police are at the door. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Officer, Call a Cop!" (The Nebbs, July 16, 1942) / by Hess
   ; W. A. Carlson. -- Summary: Policemen come with a warrant
   charging Rudy with trespassing, but the arrest is
   interrupted. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "arrests"
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   "Other CBLDF Notes" p. 12 in The Comics Journal, no. 182
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   Tyrone Cards and Comics (St. Petersburg, Fla.) visited by
   police because of Naughty Bits. -- Call no.:
   Out of the Blue : A Graphic Novel / Zin Annuar, Sazali Bin
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   -- Subject: Police in Singapore. -- Call no.: PN6790.S552
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   "Paul Parr's Amnesia"* (Doll Man) 12 p. in Doll Man, no. 32
   (Feb. 1951). -- Summary: A trusted American scientist is
   convinced by spies that he's really an enemy named Ivor.
   Doll Man gets captured, and Elmo brings the police. -- Call
   no.: Film 15791r.81
   "The Phony Space Police"* (Star Pirate) / art: Murphy
   Anderson. 7 p. in Planet Comics, no. 51 (Nov. 1947). --
   Villains Rawn, Brac, and Lud all introduced; introduction
   of Dr. Jorge Nels and Zandra Nels. -- Data from Lou Mougin
   via the Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
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   Police Academy. -- New York : Marvel Comics, 1989- . --
   col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- (Star Comics) -- Title from indicia.
   -- Began with no. 1 (Nov. 1989). -- Has also volume
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   -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-2.
   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. I. Series. Call no.:
   "Policiadurías" 1 p. in Grandes Detectives, no. 1 (July
   1956). -- Gag cartoons about police. -- Call no.:
   "Policías" (Condorito) p. 58 in Condorito de Oro, no. 75
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   suspected drunken driver has been drinking by smelling his
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   "Purge!" / story, Bruce Bezaire ; art, Jose Ortiz. p. 43-50
   in Creepy, no. 73 (Aug. 1975). -- "Meet Obed Black. A cop
   with a mean streak. A police officer endowed with the
   powers of a judge, jury and executioner, sworn to rid the
   world of naughtiness. And Obed Black is about to have a
   very bad day!" -- Call no.: PN6728.3.W3C7no.73
   "¿Quién Era?" (Condorito) p. 94 in Condorito de Oro, no. 74
   (Aug. 2001). -- A policeman tries to roust Condorito from
   under a truck stopped in traffic, thinking he's trying to
   repair it. Actually he's just been run over. -- Call no.:
   "A Real Problem" (Alley Oop, Oct. 4, 1950) / by V.T.
   Hamlin. -- Summary: Alley contemplates his next move, now
   that King Richard has been taken by the police. -- Call
   no.: folio PN6728.A43F6 1937v.7
   "Return to the Nightmare World!" (Dr. Strange) / script,
   Stan Lee ; plot and art, Steve Ditko ; letters, Artie
   Simek. 8 p. in Strange Tales, no. 116 (Jan. 1964) ;
   reprinted in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics, no. 6 (Dec.
   1966). -- Summary: Nightmare has discovered the ability to
   capture humans and bring them to his world for study while
   they sleep. The police ask for Dr. Strange's help to
   discover why a rash of people are unable to awaken. -- Data
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   Sam & Max, Freelance Police : Special Color Collection /
   written and illustrated by Steve Purcell. -- New York :
   Epic Comics, 1992. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   Originally published: 1987-1990. -- Contents: Beast from
   the cereal aisle ; Terror on the tanbark ; Monkeys
   violating the Heavenly Temple ; Let's play fizzball ; Night
   of the gilded heron-shark ; Getting along in the joint ;
   The magic of clumsy, amateurish animation ; Night of the
   cringing wildebeest ; The damned don't dance ; Ponderings
   of the ages ; Fair wind to Java. -- Funny animal and
   detective genres. -- Call no.: PN6727.P83S3 1992
   Sam and Max, Freelance Police Special. -- Norristown, PA :
   Comico, 1989- . -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with no. 1
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   1. Funny animal comics. 2. Detective and mystery comic
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   its grip, its will enforced by a horde of super-powered
   thugs. The police are helpless and the superheroes are
   dropping one by one. Then Dragon, a powerful amnesiac
   mutant with green skin and a fin on his head, joins the
   police force and gives justice a fighting chance. --
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   exploration for minerals, and As You Like It, when the
   police arrive. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "Shakespeare"
   "Seeing Double" (Superman, July 26, 1941) / by Jerry Siegel
   and Joe Shuster. -- The police dash up to the roof and see
   two Superman, the real one and Lippy Jenks the imitator.
   Meanwhile, Coker has missed his chance to shoot his darts.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "imitators"
   "Seep No More!" (A Crime SuspenStory) / George Evans. 7 p.
   in Shock SuspenStories, no. 8 (Apr./May 1953). -- Begins:
   "I wondered if Mrs. Monahan had called the police. Mrs.
   Monahan was my landlady. I lived on the top floor of her
   rooming house, paid $18 a week for one room." -- Call no.:
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   rounds thinking that nothing interesting ever happens in
   the neighborhood, while two aliens are conducting a life or
   death struggle on the rooftops. -- Data from Roger Reus,
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   Granddaughter"* (Big Chief Wahoo, July 25, 1941) / by
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   offers to help the "weak old lady," but Granny Tuttle sends
   him away, then carries Minne-Ha-Cha into the cottage at
   Cape Shad. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "weakness"
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   -- Summary (from OCLC): Thaddeus Bach, a young police
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   are corrupt. When he refuses to do things their way, they
   kill him and his family, but he comes back for revenge--as
   Space Ghost. -- Superhero genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 2, 4.
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   to tiny size. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "diamonds"
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   human bodies!" -- Call no.: PN6728.3.W3C7no.50
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   Perico, June 27, 1977) / by David Torrez. p. 12 in El
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   tries to disguise his accent, and meows at a policeman. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "accents"
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   Summary: Two policemen find a dead bird. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "organ donors"
   "They're Registered with the Police as Dangerous Weapons"*
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   Mawsquaw's hands are registered, not for karate but for
   cooking. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "cooking"
   "This is a Handicapped Car"* (Shoe, July 19, 1991) /
   MacNelly. -- Summary: A policeman warns Cosmo away: 'That's
   a handicap space, pal.' -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Tiamotti!" / art by Liberatore ; written by Stefano
   Tamburini. p. 61-67 in Video Clips (New York : Catalan
   Communicatons, 1985). -- Summary: Psychic probes around the
   city detect subversive thoughts, so that the thinkers can
   be eliminated. Each probe is connected to a policeman, who
   is welded to a machine gun. The policemen can only shoot if
   the probe detects mental subversion, however, and the
   protagonists try to defeat the system by not thinking about
   what they are doing. -- Call no.: PN6767.L5V5 1985
   "Torchy is Questioned by the Police"* (Chuck White and His
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   "Transportes Colectivos" (Condorito) p. 27-28 in Condorito
   Gigante, no. 550 (2001). -- There's a bus strike. Condorito
   and Garganta de Lata get the idea of carrying people on
   their backs to make money. At the end of the day, Garganta
   has made money, but all Condorito's passengers were police,
   students, or other people with free passes. -- Call no.:
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   (=v. 7, no. 4) (Jan. 1954). -- Begins: "He was a runt whose
   hatred for the police was a constantly growing cancer in
   his heart, but the law has sure cure for kill-crazy little
   rats like..." -- Call no.: PN6728.1.P7J8no.58
   "Underdress"* / Caz. p. 84 in Evergreen Review, no. 79
   (June 1970). -- Wordless sequence of 9 drawings, in which a
   man looks under a woman's dress, and then reports her to
   the police for undressing. -- Call no.: folio AP2.E884no.79
   "Veer Savarkar : He Fought for Human Dignity and Freedom" /
   script, Subba Rao ; illustrations, Ram Waeerkar ; editor,
   Anant Pai. p. 1-32 in Amar Chitra Katha, no. 678 (1984,
   2010 printing). -- (Bravehearts) -- Summary from back
   cover: "The prison of Kala Pani was the destination for
   many Indian freedom fighters. Scores of revolutionaries
   were exiled to this dreaded cellular prison which was in
   Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. Veer Savarkar was one of
   them. Hounded by the police from London to Marseilles and
   then to India, he faced the most trying situations in his
   untiring effort to fight British rule. But even the despair
   and darkness of Kala Pani did not dim his courage. Veer
   Savarkar found the most unique ways to motivate his prison
   mates and keep their belief alive in an independent India."
   -- Contents: "Veer Savarkar in the Andamans" p. 1-15, 19-32
   ; "Kala Pani (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)" (fact feature)
   p. 16-17 -- Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.677
   Vigilantes del Camino. -- México, D.F. : Tepeyac Editores,
   . -- ill. ; 14 cm. -- "Patrulleros de caminos en acción!"
   -- Police stories. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 42, 157 (1984-1988).
   -- Call no.: PN6790.M44V52
   "Visible Means of Support"* (Moon Mullins, 1928) / Frank
   Willard. p. 148 in The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper
   Comics, ed. by Bill Blackbeard and Martin Williams
   (Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1977).
   -- 21st in a sequence of 57 dailies reprinted here. --
   Summary: A police man is running Willie in for vagrancy,
   and Willie wants to show him Mamie as his visible support.
   -- Call no.: folio PN6726.S5 1977
   "We Should Be More Careful About the Neighbors" / Moebius.
   2 p. in Moebius 1/2 (Anaheim, CA : Graphitti Designs,
   1991). -- Summary: A man hires the Angel Gabriel as a hit
   man, and the police find out about it. -- Originally in
   Hara-Kiri in 1963 or 1964. -- Call no.: PN6747.G5M6213 1991
   "We're the Fuzz"* (Zits, July 31, 1997) / Jerry Scott & Jim
   Borgman. -- Summary: Teenagers' conversation stops when
   grownups look into the room. -- Key word: Police, parents.
   Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "Fuzz"
   "The Wheat from the Chaff"* (The Fabulous Furry Freak
   Brothers) / Gilbert Shelton. 1 p. in Yellow Dog, v. 2, no.
   2 (no. 9/10) (Apr. 1, 1969). -- Starts with Fat Freddy
   cooking a meal of Italian food, and ends with him giving
   two policemen the Official Junior Peaceman Salute. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.45.P7Y4no.9/10
   "Where'd You Learn to Make an Omelet Like That?"* (Judge
   Parker, July 10, 1987) / Harold LeDoux. -- Summary: The
   police are following a limo, while Becky cooks for Sam. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "cooking"
   "Why Take Pictures of Your Mother? Can't We Just Get Some
   from the Police?" (The Lockhorns, July 22, 1997) / Hoest &
   Reiner. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "mug shots"
   "You Want My Bloodhound to Help Track It Down?" (Grandpa
   Zeke, Mar. 11, 1991) / by James Esmer. -- Summary: A
   policeman tells Grandpa Zeke, who is holding an elephant on
   a leash, that an elephant is missing from the circus. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "elephants"
   "Your Hatch Was Unlocked!"* (Crankshaft, July 20, 1991) /
   Batiuk & Ayers. -- Summary: The kid gets into the car and
   unlocks the door, after Ed and the police couldn't do it.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hatches"
   Your Michigan State Police Coloring and Fun Book / created
   by Michigan Department of State Police Operations Division,
   Juvenile Unit ; illustrations by Susan D. Pope. -- Lansing,
   MI : Distributed as a public service by State
   Representative Terry Geiger, 1995. -- 14 p. : chiefly ill.
   ; 28 cm. -- "Rev. 9/93". -- Call no.: HV8145.M5Y6 1995
   You're Under Arrest! / Kosuke Fujishima, story & art ; Alan
   Gleason & Toren Smith, translation. -- Milwaukie, OR : Dark
   Horse Comics, 1995-1996. -- ill. ; 26 cm. -- Complete in 8
   nos. -- Characters: Police. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-8. --
   Call no.: PN6790.J33F824Y6 1995
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