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"Spanish Comics : A Symposium" / edited (with introduction) by
   Ana Merino. p. 3-153 in International Journal of Comic Art,
   v. 5, no. 2 (Fall 2003). -- Contents: "Briefness in Spanish
   Comics: A Few Landmarks" p. 5-27 ; "The Evolution of
   Children's Comics in Spain" p. 28-49 ; "You Can Never Win:
   An Analysis of Comic Strips by the Spanish Cartoonist
   Peñarroya" p. 50-65 ; "Spanish Comics and Family" p. 66-84
   ; "Old Fashions for New Times: El Desencanto in Spanish
   Comics" p. 85-101 ; "The Graphic Humor Program of the
   General Foundation of the University of Alcalá" p. 102-109
   ; "Chumy Chúmez: The Work of José María González Castrillo"
   p. 110-118 ; "Cels Piñol : The Comics Fan and the Author"
   p. 119-137 ; "Between Avant-Garde and Commerciality : The
   Dichotomy of New Alternative Publishing Companies in Spain"
   p. 138-153 -- Call no.: PN6700.I54v.5no.2
"Spanish Comics and Family" / Anne Magnussen. p. 66-84 in
   International Journal of Comic Art, v. 5, no. 2 (Fall
   2003). -- (Spanish Comics : A Symposium) -- Sections on
   Enric Sió, Nazario, and Miguelanxo Prado. -- Includes
   bibliographical references and illustrations. -- Call no.:

Spanish Comics Artists

Spanish Comics Artists--Articles About.
   "Los Dibujantes Españoles en Francia" / por Henri Filippini
   ; traducción, I. Fontes. p. 53 in Bang!, no. 3 (Nov. 1970).
   -- Call no.: PN6700.B35no.3
Spanish Comics Artists--Articles About.
   "Notas a la Historieta Española de S.F." / F. Ureña. p.
   10-11 in Bang!, no. 3 (Nov. 1970). -- Includes an
   alphabetical list of Spanish artists of science fiction
   comics. -- Call no.: PN6700.B35no.3
"Spanish Comics Convention Scandalized by Live Sex
   Performance" / by Eric Reynolds. p. 15-17 in The Comics
   Journal, no. 243 (May 2002). -- (Newswatch) -- About the
   7th annual Granada Comics Festival (March 2002), where the
   awards were given out in a mock-terrorist attack. Peter
   Bagge and Lorna Miller are quoted. Includes photographs. --
   Call no.: PN6700.C62no.243
Spanish Comics for American Libraries.
   "¿Es un Pájaro? ¿Es un Avión? Es Supermán! : Spanish Comics
   for American Libraries" / Lucia Cedeira Serantes. p. 46-48
   in Young Adult Library Services ; v. 3, no. 4, Summer 2005
   : "Graphic Novel Issue". -- Call no.: PN6714.G7 2005

Spanish Comics Publishers

Spanish comics terminology.
   Index entry (p. 28) to Principes des Littératures Dessinées
   / Harry Morgan (Angoulême : Editions de l'An 2, 2003). --
   Call no.: PN6710.M57 2003

Spanish Comics Writers

Spanish Comics Writers--Articles About.
   "Guionista: Una Profesión con Problemas Encuesta" / por
   Antoni Segarra ; illustrated by Carlos Giménez. p. 14-22
   in Bang! no. 11 (1974). -- (Dossier Guiones y Guionistas ;
   1) -- Included are brief biographical paragraphs, done from
   questionnaires, for Spanish comics writers Antonio A.
   Arias, Carlos Bech, Felipe Hernández, Mariano Hispano,
   Andrés Martín, Victor Mora, Pedro Quesada, Armonía
   Rodríguez, Fernando M. Sesén, José Vidal, and Manuel Yáñez,
   with pictures of all but the last. -- Call no.:
Spanish Despots.
   "Sucre, Soldier of Freedom" 5 p. in Real Life Comics, no.
   20 (Nov. 1944). -- "Antonio Jose de Sucre : convinced that
   the courage of patriots was a match for the guns of empire,
   he led his troops against Spanish despots for sixteen years
   to bring Peru to its freedom." -- Cover title: "Sucre,
   President of Bolivia." -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N4R4no.20
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