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Rul de la Luna.
   Index entry (p. 622) in Historia de los Comics / J.
   Toutain, J. Coma (Barcelona : Toutain, 1982-1984?) -- Call
   no.: PN6710.H5 1982a
Rul de la Luna.
   Index entry (p. 455) in La Historieta Argentina : una
   Historia / Judith Gociol, Diego Rosemberg (Buenos Aires :
   Ediciones de la Flor, 2000). -- Call no.: PN6790.A7G6 2000
Rulah, Jungle Goddess.
   Index entry (p. 62) in Des Comics et des Hommes : Histoire
   Culturelle des Comic Books aux Etats-Unis / Jean-Paul
   Gabilliet (Paris : Editions du Temps, 2005). -- Call no.:
   PN6725.G32D4 2005
Rulah, Jungle Princess.
   Entry (p. 50) in The Collector's Guide : The First Heroic
   Age, by Jerry Bails (Detroit, Mich. : J. Bails, 1969). --
   Call no.: PN6725.B28 1969
Rulah, Jungle Princess.
   Entry (p. 382) in Comics Between the Panels / Steve Duin,
   Mike Richardson (Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Comics, 1998)
   -- Call no.: PN6707.D8 1998
Rulah, Jungle Princess.
   Entry (v. 3, p. 518) in Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de
   Héros et Auteurs de BD, by Henri Filippini (Grenoble :
   Glénat, 2000). -- Call no.: PN6707.F5 1998 v.3
Rulah, Jungle Princess.
   Index entry (p. 89) in Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels, by
   Roger Sabin (London : Phaidon, 1996). Call no.: PN6710.S24
Rulah, Jungle Princess.
   Index entry (p. 244, ill. 273) in Ron Goulart's Great
   History of Comic Books (Chicago : Contemporary Books,
   1986). Call no.: PN6725.G635 1986
Rule, Christopher.
   "A Giant Walks the Earth!" / pencils, Jack Kirby ; inks,
   Christopher Rule. 5 p. in Uncanny Tales, no. 7 (Dec. 1974)
   ; reprinted from Strange Tales, no. 70 (Aug. 1959). --
   Summary: Short lab assistant Wilbur Fiske works on a growth
   serum to gain normal height. The serum works too well, and
   he grows so tall his life is endangered when the air
   becomes too thin to breathe. -- Data from Roger Reus, Jerry
   Hillegas, Ramon Schenk et al. via Grand Comics Database. --
   Call no.: PN6726.4.M3U5no.7
Rule, Christopher.
   "Not Quite Human" / art, Christopher Rule. 4 p. in Strange
   Tales, no. 49 (Aug. 1956). -- Data from Bob Klein, Lou
   Mougin, Martin O'Hearn, et al. via Grand Comics Database.
   -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3S75m no.49
Rule, Christopher.
   "Test Pilot!" / pencils, Jack Kirby ; inks, Christopher
   Rule. 4 p. in Strange Tales, no. 68 (Apr. 1959). --
   Summary: Rocketship test pilot Ralph Preston, in the year
   2089, faces an oxygen leak caused by a collision, alien
   raiders, and other hazards. -- Pages numbered 1, 2, 3, 5.
   -- Data from Bob Klein, Lou Mougin, Martin O'Hearn, et al.
   via Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3S75
Rule, Christopher.
   "The World That Was Lost!" / pencils, Jack Kirby ; inks,
   Christopher Rule. 4 p. in Strange Tales, no. 69 (June 1959)
   ; reprinted in Tower of Shadows, no. 9 (Jan. 1971). --
   Summary: A old eccentric in a wheelchair hires a sea
   captain to take him to the spot where he believes the lost
   continent of Atlantis lies. When they reach their
   destination he reveals himself to be a merman and thanks
   the sailors for bringing him home before diving overboard.
   -- Characters are named Captain Jordan and Linus Vermeer.
   -- Data from Bob Klein, Lou Mougin, Martin O'Hearn, et al.
   via Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3S75
Rule, Christopher--Miscellanea.
   Entry (p. 228) in The Who's Who of American Comic Books, by
   Jerry Bails & Hames Ware (Detroit, Mich. : J. Bails,
   1973-1976). -- Call no.: PN6725.B3v.3
Rule, Christopher--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 22, 26, 29, 35) in From Girls to Grrrlz : a
   history of [female] comics from teens to zines, by Trina
   Robbins (San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 1999). -- Call
   no.: PN6725.R58 1999
Rule, Jeff.
   "Letters" p. 2, 28 in Comix Book, no. 3 (1975). -- Letters
   to the editor from John Savale, Heriberto Montes, Robert
   Crumb, Ron Sewell, Jeff Rule, Robert Browne, Clayton Ladue,
   Bill Griffith, Mark Estren, Byron Werner, Ross Pavlac,
   Wayne Harrington, Jim Siemens, Larry Twiss, and Walter
   Hanson. -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3C57no.3
The Rule / Tetsuya Yamamoto ; layout and translation by Adam
   Pasion and Tetsuya Yamamoto. -- Nagoya, Japan :
   BigUglyRobot, 2015. -- 32 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. -- Science
   fiction genre. -- Call no.: PN6790.J33 Y1525R813 2015
   "Mob Rule!" (Wyatt Earp) 4 p. in Wyatt Earp, no. 32 (Feb.
   1973). -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3W9no.32
Rule Books.
   "It's Nice to Play With Someone Who Knows the Rule Book!"*
   (Drabble, Apr. 3, 1992) / by Kevin Fagan. -- Summary: Dad
   kicks his ball out of the rough onto the fairway, because
   Rule #314 says it's okay if he's wearing a hat. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "golf"
Rule Books.
   "There's Nothing in the Rule Book Against Putting Like
   This"* (B.C., Sept. 22, 1988) / by Johnny Hart. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "golf clubs"
Rule Books.
   "When In Doubt About Whether or not it's an Unplayable Lie,
   Consult the Rule Book" (Real Life Adventures, Dec. 1, 2000)
   / by Aldrich & Wise. -- Summary: Someone is unconscious on
   his ball. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "lies"
"Rule, Brittania" / Mike Kidson. p. 5-7 in The Comics Journal,
   no. 158 (Apr. 1993). -- (Blood & Thunder) -- Letter on
   British comics. -- Call no.: PN6700.C62no.158
Rule of Darkness.
   Girl : Rule of Darkness / Kevin J. Taylor. -- New York :
   NBM, 2001. -- 48 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. -- (Amerotica) --
   Erotic and horror genres. -- Call no.: PN6727.T37G54 2001
The Rule of Death. -- strip-for-me.com ; e-merl.com, 2007- .
   -- ill. ; 21 cm. -- "Words, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey ;
   pictures, Douglas Noble." -- "The Rule of Death can be read
   every Friday at serializer.net." -- Alternative genre. --
   LIBRARY HAS: no. 1. -- Call no.: PN6737.N6R8
"Rule of Dumb."
   Mistaken Identity. -- Los Angeles, CA : Tokyopop, 2007. --
   95 p. : col. ill. ; 19 cm. -- (SpongeBob SquarePants) --
   (Cine-Manga) -- "From the hit show on Nickelodeon". --
   Contents: Once bitten ; That's no lady ; The thing ; Rule
   of dumb. -- Funny animal genre. -- Call no.:
   PN1992.77.S685M5 2007
The Rule of Law.
   Superman, Counter-Insurgency, and the Rule of Law / Peter
   B. Lloyd. -- 22 leaves ; 28 cm. -- "Comic Arts Conference,
   San Diego, July 2006." -- Includes bibliographical
   references (leaf 22). -- "This paper surveys Superman's use
   of force in the post-9/11 era." -- Call no.: PN6728.S8L55
The Rule of the Francophone Weekly.
   "Comic Media in Europe : The Rule of the Francophone
   Weekly" / by Paulette Carroll. p. 9-14 in The Comic Reader,
   no. 186 (Dec. 1980). -- (European Comics). -- Call no.:
"Rule of Thumb."
   Gun Dog Comics. -- Starkville, MS : Gun Dog Comics,
   Publishing Division, 1996. -- 32 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. --
   "One-shot special #1." -- "#1, January 1996." -- Contents:
   "Rule of Thumb" / written & illustrated by Eric Yonge. --
   Science fiction genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.6.G8G8 1996
Rule Violations.
   "I'm Not Growing Weeds, I'm Growing Weed"* (Pearls Before
   Swine, Dec. 28, 2009) / Stephan Pastis. -- Summary: Pig has
   violated a neighborhood lawn care rule by growing a weed,
   and goes to jail. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "lawn care"
Ruled by the Emperor Beast.
   "We Were Ruled by the Emperor Beast" / George Roussos, art.
   8 p. in My Greatest Adventure, no. 43 (May 1960). -- Data
   from Michael Tiefenbacher. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.N3M9no.43
   "Liontamer"* (Rugrats, July 16, 1998) / Gray & Ruler. --
   Summary: Spike is not quite ferocious enough for a good
   circus lion fantasy. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "lions"
"The Ruler of Earth!" 7 p. in Where Monsters Dwell, no. 25
   (Nov. 1973). -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3W49no.25
"Ruler of the Atom World" (Wonder Woman) / by Charles Moulton
   ; H.G. Peter, art. 14 p. in Wonder Woman, no. 21 (Feb.
   1947). -- Appearance of the Holliday Girls. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.1.N3W6no.21. Call no.: Film 15791r.44. Call no.:
   PN6728.1.N3W6m no.21.
"Ruler of the Bewitched Valley" (Batman) / script, Bill Finger
   ; pencils, Sheldon Moldoff ; inks, Charles Paris ; letters,
   Stan Starkman. 9 p. in Batman, no. 142 (Sept. 1961). --
   Data from Bill Wormstedt, Lou Mougin, Craig Delich, Martin
   O'Hearn, et al. via Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.:
The Ruler of the Land / author, Jeon Keuk-Jin ; illustrator,
   Yang Jae-Hyun. -- Houston, Tex. : ADV Manga, 2004- . --
   ill. ; 19 cm. -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Bi-Kwang Han, a
   girl-crazy swordsman, meets a fighter and agrees to help
   "him" find "his" grandfather, the best fighter of the
   Establishment School. The fighter is actually Hwa-Rin, a
   beautiful young woman disguised as a man. She carries the
   Sword of the Flowers, a treasure believed to be the key to
   finding her grandfather which must be kept out of the hands
   of her enemies. -- Kung fu genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: v. 1-2.
   -- Call no.: PN6790.K63 Y313R813 2004
The Ruler of the Land.
   Summer 2004 ADV Manga Previews Book : Free Previews. --
   Houston : ADV Manga, 2004. -- 1 v. : ill. ; 19 cm. --
   Contents: The ruler of the land ; Saint Marie ; Skyblade:
   sword of the heavens ; Gadirok ; Sweet & sensitive ;
   Prétear ; Desert coral ; Chrono crusade ; Jinki: extend ;
   Najica blitz tactics ; R² ; Apocalypse meow ; Those who
   hunt elves ; Full Metal Panic! -- Indicia title: ADV Manga
   Summer 2004 Sampler. -- Translated from Japanese or Korean.
   -- Call no.: PN6790.J32A2 2004
Ruler of the Sea.
   "Sir Francis Drake : Ruler of the Sea" 11 p. in Real Life
   Comics, no. 2 (Dec. 1941). -- "From cabin boy to admiral,
   from England around the world, the stirring tale of the man
   who defeated the Spanish Armada." -- Call no.:
"Ruler of the Unicellular Universe"* (Stuart Taylor) / art:
   Nick Cardy. 8 p. in Jumbo Comics, no. 20 (Oct. 1940). --
   Villains Gegin (who dies) and Limpy are introduced. -- A
   cover title, "Treasure of the Ancient Mandarin." has
   nothing to do with this story. -- Data from Lou Mougin via
   The Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.1.F5J8m no.20
Ruler of the Universe.
   "Sivana's Miniature Menace" (The Marvel Family) 11 p. in
   The Marvel Family, no. 34 (Apr. 1949). -- Begins: "Can it
   be that the mighty Marvel Family is blundering and helpless
   against a miniature Sivana! Such is the hope of the evil
   scientific genius as he launches a new scheme to become
   rightful ruler of the universe." -- Call no.:
Ruler of the World.
   "Shah Jahan : Emperor, Soldier, Master Builder" p. 1-31 in
   Amar Chitra Katha, no. 642 (1979, 2010 printing). --
   (Bravehearts) -- Summary from back cover: "Prince Khurram
   was a favourite of his grandfather, Emperor Akbar, who saw
   in the young prince a reflection of himself. Akbar was not
   mistaken. Khurram proved himself to be a brave soldier, an
   able commander and an excellent strategist. He was
   certainly the natural heir to his father, Jahangir, who
   recognising his qualities gave him the title of Shah Jahan
   or Ruler of the World. But his stepmother, Noor Jahan, had
   other plans." -- Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.642
Ruler of Zog.
   "Voyage to the Planet Zog"* (Capt. Nelson Cole) / art:
   Malcolm Kildale (p. 10-15). 15 p. in Planet Comics, no. 2
   (Feb. 1940). -- Cole becomes "Torro" in this story with
   magic clothing and whip; introduction of the Ruler of Zog;
   villain is a two-headed giant (introduced and dies). --
   Begins: "Captain Cole, I want you to take a" -- Science
   fiction genre. -- Data from Lou Mougin, Henry Steele, Hames
   Ware, Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. via the Grand Comics Database
   Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.F5P55m no.2
"The Ruler Without a Planet!" (Supergirl) 9 p. in Adventure
   Comics, no. 410 (Sept. 1971). -- Call no.:


See also
   "Birbal the Wise : The Adventures of Akbar's Favourite
   Minister" / script, Kamala Chandrakant ; illustrations, Ram
   Waeerkar ; editor, Anant Pai. 31 p. in Amar Chitra Katha,
   no. 545 (1979, 2010 printing) ; also printed in Amar Chitra
   Katha Special Issue, no. 7 (1994). -- (Fables & Humour) --
   Summary from back cover: "Every ruler needs a friend like
   Birbal, faithful, intelligent and blessed with a wonderful
   sense of humour. Birbal dealt with every tricky situation,
   every palace intrigue, and every demand of his petulant
   queen with characteristic aplomb. His gentle tact gave him
   a unique advantage: he became the all-powerful Akbar's
   alter ego. With wisdom to match his wit, he soon had both
   friend and foe under his spell." -- Contents: "The Wicked
   Barber" p. 1-9 ; "Begum Reconciled" p. 10-15 ; "The Dearest
   Object" p. 16-21 ; "Birbal's Visit to Burma" p. 22-31 --
   Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.545
   "The Creatures from the Bottomless Pit!" / art, Steve
   Ditko. 5 p. in Strange Tales, no. 68 (Apr. 1959). --
   Summary: A man descends in a bathysphere into a pit and
   finds a waterless cavern beneath occupied by elves banished
   long ago because they stole the magic ball that kept
   Atlantis safe from the waves. They offer to make the man
   ruler of humans if he returns them to the surface world. --
   Data from Bob Klein, Lou Mougin, Martin O'Hearn, et al. via
   Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3S75 no.68
   "The Golden Ruler"* (Marmaduke Monk) / Hal Lockwood. 7 p.
   in Monkeyshines Comics, no. 20 (May 1948). -- Call no.:
   "The Historic City of Delhi : a Tale of Power and Passion"
   / script, Luis M. Fernandes ; illustrations, Arvind
   Mandrekar ; editor, Anant Pai. p. 1-31 in Amar Chitra
   Katha, no. 696 (1983, 2010 printing). -- (Bravehearts) --
   Summary from back cover: "Down its 1000-year-old recorded
   history, Delhi was razed and built several times. The city
   played host to many rulers like the Chauhans, the Slave
   kings, the Khiljis, the Tughlugs, the Mughals and the
   British. It suffered the brutalities of numerous invaders.
   Each ruler and each invader left his own special mark on
   the psyche of this great city. The historic city of Delhi
   presents a palette of colourful influences that truly
   reflects the composite culture of India." -- Call no.:
   PN6790 .I54A5no.696
   "The Horror of the Seas" (Captain America) / script, Stan
   Lee? ; art, Al Avison. 20 p. in Captain America Comics, no.
   16 (July 1942). -- Villain The Hooded Horror is introduced;
   also introduced are the Sea People and their ruler. -- Data
   from Lou Mougin and Tony R. Rose via Grand Comics Database
   Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.M3C3m no.16
   "The Land of Thule, part 3" (Cotton Carver) / Gardner Fox,
   script ; George Newman, art. 6 p. in Adventure Comics, no.
   41 (Aug. 1939). -- Introduction of Elara, Ruler of Loma ;
   appearance of Kothe ; villainess Scarlet Seeress (Sacla) is
   introduced and dies. -- Adventure story genre. -- Data from
   Bob Cherry, Gene Reed, Lou Mougin, et al., via Grand Comics
   Database Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N3A3m no.41
   "Loneliness is a Tomato's Wet Dream, chapter 2" (Ultimato)
   / Warren Greenwood ; Von X. 10 p. in Zero, no. 2 (1975). --
   "Last issue we saw the Ultimato shanghaied away to a planet
   ruled by vegetables, called Fondue. The planet's ruler, the
   Eggplant Supreme, has sent our hero back into Fondue's past
   to learn of its history!" -- Call no.: PN6728.45.Z4Z4no.2
   "Maximinus, Emperor of Rome : Titanic Tyrant" 4 p. in Real
   Life Comics, no. 54 (Oct. 1950). -- Begins: "The rise of
   Imperial Rome is remembered through the deeds of her
   greatest rulers, immortals like Caesar, Hadrian and Marcus
   Aurelius. But even more dramatically, the collapse of a
   mighty empire was foretold in the career of the eight-foot
   tall despot who ruled as Maximinus, Emperor of Rome." --
   Call no.: PN6728.1.N4R4no.54
   "The Robot Rulers of Midville" 8 p. in House of Mystery,
   no. 139 (Dec. 1963). -- Begins: "They came from nowhere,
   and for a time, they were the greatest thing that ever hit
   the little town!" -- Call no.: PN6728.2.N3H6no.139
   "Sher Shah : Able Statesman, Brave Warrior" / script, Dolly
   Rizvi ; illustrations, H.S. Chavan ; editor, Anant Pai. p.
   1-32 in Amar Chitra Katha, no. 746 (1979, 2010 printing).
   -- (Bravehearts) -- Begins: "Farid, who later earned the
   title of Sher Shah and became one of the greatest rulers of
   medieval India, was the son of Hasan, an Afghan estate
   owner of Sasaram." -- Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.746
   "Tales from the Upanishads : Tales of Peace and Wisdom" /
   script, Dev Nadkarni ; illustrations, Souren Roy. 30 p. in
   Amar Chitra Katha, no. 649 (1987, 1997 printing). -- (Epics
   & Mythology) -- Summary from back cover: "The word
   Upanishad literally means 'sit down near' for the student
   had to sit close to the teacher to receive instructions.
   Perhaps, what brought the two still closer were the stories
   the Guru narrated. These stories provided a meaningful
   context for the topics under discussion. They also
   demonstrate that in those days knowledge was not the
   monopoly of any select group. Thus Janashruti, the ruler of
   the land, approaches the cart driver Raikva, with
   humuility, to seek the highest truth." -- Contents:
   "Shvetaketu" ; "Raikva the Cartman" ; "When the Devas were
   Humbled" ; "The Bold Beggar." -- Subtitle, series and
   summary from 2010 printing. -- Call no.: PN6790
   "The Tyrant Ruler of Atlantis!" (Aquaman) 12 p. in Aquaman,
   no. 14 (Apr. 1964). -- Aqualad and Mera appear. --
   Transcribed "Tyrant King of Atlantis" by Gene Reed. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.3.N3A7no.14
   "White Raja : The First White Ruler of Sarawak" (James
   Brooke) p. 19-26 in Real Heroes, no. 1 (Sept. 1941)
   I. The First White Ruler of Sarawak. k. Brooke, James,
   1803-1868. k. White Rulers. k. Rulers. k. Sarawak. Call
   no.: PN6728.1.P3R4no.1
   "Yayati" / retold from the Mahabharata ; script, Subba Rao
   ; illustrations, Souren Roy. 31 p. in Amar Chitra Katha,
   no. 637 (1978, 1997 printing). -- Introduction begins: "In
   Hindu mythology, Yayati, the son of Nahusha, is depicted as
   one of the wisest and noblest rulers of the times."  --
   Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.637
Rulers of Earth.
   Godzilla : Rulers of Earth. Volume 1 / Chris Mowry ;
   artist, Matt Frank. -- San Diego, Calif. : IDW Publishing,
   2013. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- "Originally published
   as Godzilla: Rulers of Earth issues #1-4." -- Horror genre.
   -- Call no.: PN6728.G56R8 2013
Rulers of Earth.
   Godzilla : Rulers of Earth. Volume 3 / written by Chris
   Mowry ; art by Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow. -- San Diego :
   IDW Publishing, 2014. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   Summary (from OCLC): With many monsters now inhabiting a
   new home, peace seemingly descends on Earth. Little does
   humanity realize that the greatest danger now lurks under
   the waves. It all leads to the most cataclysmic monster
   battle of the ages! -- Horror genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.G56R803 2014
Rulers of Earth.
   Godzilla : Rulers of Earth. Volume 4 / Chris Mowry ;
   artists, Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow. -- San Diego : IDW
   Publishing, 2014. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Summary
   (from OCLC): A mysterious Russian industrialist offers to
   rid the world of giant monsters with his new Mechagodzilla
   units and Angurius is first on the list. But will the new
   fleet of weaponized robots be enough to stop Godzilla when
   he returns? And will Godzilla be strong enough to battle
   the newly-created Mecha-King Ghidorah? It's a war of the
   machines with Godzilla and Angurius caught in the middle!
   -- Horror genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.G56R804 2014
Rulers of Earth.
   Godzilla : Rulers of Earth. Volume 5 / story by Chris Mowry
   and Matt Frank ; written by Chris Mowry ; art by Matt Frank
   and Jeff Zornow. -- San Diego : IDW Publishing, 2015. -- 1
   v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Originally published as
   Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, issues #17-20. -- "When debris
   from a battle in space arrives on Earth, it awakens ancient
   monsters and Godzilla is caught in the middle! Meanwhile,
   Mothra is attacked by Battra, who will not stop until
   Mothra and Infant Island are destroyed! But while Godzilla
   squares off against Ebirah and Megaguirus, a new threat
   arrives on Earth and it may signal the end of the monsters
   as well as our planet." -- Science fiction and horror
   genres. -- Call no.: PN6728.G56R805 2015
Rulers of Earth.
   Godzilla : Rulers of Earth. Volume 6 / story by Chris Mowry
   and Matt Frank ; written by Chris Mowry ; art by Matt Frank
   and Jeff Zornow. -- San Diego : IDW Publishing, 2015. -- 1
   v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Originally published as
   Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, issues #21-25. -- Horror and
   science fiction genres. -- Call no.: PN6728.G56R806 2015
Rulers of India.
   Great Rulers of India / editor, Anant Pai. -- Mumbai : Amar
   Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd, 2009. -- ca. 160 p. : col. ill. ; 25
   cm. -- (Amar Chitra Katha 5-in-1 ; v. 1012) -- Contents:
   Krishnadeva Raya ; Ashoka ; Chandragupta Maurya ; Samudra
   Gupta ; Harsha. -- Biographical genre. -- Call no.: PN6790
   .I54 A5G72 2009


See also Laws
   "A Sangre Fría" p. 45-55 in Kraken, by Antonio Segura and
   Jordi Bernet (Barcelona : Toutain Editor, 1984). --
   Summary: Dante is in the sewers with some new recruits and
   one of them has dunked the radio. An alert comes through,
   about a terrorist and a hostage in their area, but the
   message is garbled. Proceeding to the scene with the
   recruit and a sergeant, they find a man and woman
   struggling over a gun. The woman cries for help, so they
   kill the man. Then the radio starts to work and they
   realize she's the terrorist, and she has a gun still. With
   the recruit and the sergeant both shot, she runs out of
   bullets. The woman taunts Lieutenant Dante, saying he would
   never shoot a woman in cold blood because it's against the
   rules. The sergeant uses the last of his strength to lift
   his gun and shoot her himself, and then dies not knowing
   that there are two bullets in her body. -- Call no.:
   PN6777.S45K7 1984
   "According to the Rules, You Can Lift It One Club Length
   Away"* (Gasoline Alley, copyright 1936) / by Frank King.
   reproduced on p. 68 of Golf in the Comic Strips, ed. by
   Howard Ziehm (General Publishing Group, 1997). -- Summary:
   Doc's ball lands at the feet of a traffic cop, as he drives
   his golf ball across the country. -- Call no.: PN6726.G595
   All the Rules have Changed : More Cartoons / by Ted Rall.
   -- Auburn, Calif. : Rip-Off Press, 1995. -- 94 p. : ill. ;
   28 cm. -- Political cartoons. -- Call no.: PN6162.R3 1995
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Boxcar Benny Has Strict Business Rules" (Boxcar Benny) 1
   p. in Captain Marvel Jr., no. 43 (Oct. 1946)
   I. Boxcar Benny. II. Strict Business Rules. k. Business
   Rules. k. Rules. Call no.: Film 15791 r.95
   "Carts Aren't Allowed?"* (Peanuts, Aug. 9, 1984) / Schulz.
   -- Summary: Sitting in a shopping cart, Snoopy learns the
   tournament rules. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "golf carts"
   "Coke with Hamburger and 7-Up with Fish Sticks"* (Pardon My
   Planet, July 3, 2004) / by Vic Lee. -- Summary: Kids have
   culinary rules too. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "fish sticks"
   "Dad the Dictator"* (Zits, July 29, 1997) / Jerry Scott &
   Jim Borgman. -- Key words: Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler,
   Nikita Khrushchev, heads of state, under my roof, rules.
   Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "Dictators"
   "Do I Have to Remember Everything?"* (One Big Happy, July
   3, 2004) / Detorie. -- Summary: Ruthie explains the rules
   to James in great detail, and then he asks what they are
   playing. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "play"
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   "Although it may not seem so today, wresting is a time
   honored sport, as clean and dignified as any other. There
   are still some who follow the rules. One such is Jim
   O'Brian. -- Includes 3 1/2 pages of wrestling instruction.
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   "Metal Woods? Why, the Very Expression is an Oxymoron"*
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   Flash, Blue Beetle, Dr. Polaris, The Shark, Booster Gold,
   Dr. Light, Tasmanian Devil and Fire come together to form a
   version of the Justice League.
   k. Rules. k. Superman. k. Power Girl. k. Flash. k. Blue
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   Chinatown! During your visit, be sure to stop by Count D's
   pet shop, where love and dreams are sold in the form of
   mythical creatures-- but not without a catch. The buyer
   must adhere to a set of rules, which if broken, may result
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   regulations and had to move out for some freedom, then got
   stifled by child-support payments and had to move back in.
   Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "Parents"
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Rules for Drawing Caricatures. Spanish.
   Principios de la Caricatura : Seguidos de un Ensayo Sobre
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"Rules for Picking Up Girls on the Beach"* (9 Chickweed Lane,
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   address her with respect, #2, never call her "Ma'am." --
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Rules for Teenagers.
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   -- "The desire for a normal teenage life haunts the
   overworked and under-appreciated Mi-Roo. While most girls
   her age are carefree and boy-crazy, she is bound to the
   grueling gigs of student, homemaker and full-time
   babysitter to her siblings. With a mother who's mostly
   missing-in-action and a twin brother who's best at doing
   nothing, Mi-Roo is trapped in a constant balancing act of
   housework and homework. But she's no superhero: it's going
   to take more than a little determination to stay in control
   of this whirlwind!" -- LIBRARY HAS: v. 1. -- Call no.:
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The Rules of Being a Woman : an Adult Colouring Book / by Nic
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   Originally published in single magazine form as JLA 77-82.
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   galaxy, and must decide whether to get involved. Then they
   find themselves caught between a metahuman commune and the
   federal government, again forced to decide. -- Superhero
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Rules of Engagement.
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   Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are both brilliant billionaires
   with dark secrets. One is a criminal mastermind, the other
   dedicates his life to battling crime as the Dark Knight,
   Batman. But when both men go after the same government
   defense contract, they also find themselves sharing an
   assailant, a killer robot, designed by Wayne Enterprises.
   How did one of Batman's own creations turn against him? To
   solve this mystery, the world's greatest detective must
   dive into a world of industrial espionage, murder and
   political manipulation as he uncovers an attempt to take
   over the United States. Will Batman survive when matched
   against a mind as brilliant and cunning as his own?" --
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"The Rules of Engagement."
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   Engagement. by Zak Mucha. -- Includes bibliographical
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   SkyRiver): "The gripping story of a young boy's
   transformation from bullied 'outsider' to true manhood.
   Clinical social worker Zak Mucha offers the anchoring
   non-fiction essay, explaining in detail what the reader has
   just experienced." -- Children's book format. -- Call no.:
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Rules of Good Behaviour.
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   printing). -- (Fables & Humour) -- Summary from back cover:
   "The next time you feel inclined to bend the rules of good
   behaviour, think of the characters that people these jolly
   Jataka tales. Light-hearted lessons in morality, these
   tales keep us chuckling as lies, greed and hypocrisy take a
   severe beating. The very common, very human lust for a
   gleaming necklace, or a tasty meal, or ever more riches has
   never seemed quite so foolish." -- Contents: "The Queen's
   Necklace" p. 1-15 ; "The Greedy Fisherman" p. 16-22 ; "The
   Greedy Hawker" p. 23-30 -- Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.714
Rules of Language.
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Rules of Love / by Erica Sakurazawa. -- Los Angeles, Calif. :
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   Yuki N. Johnson; English adaptation, Lori Millican." --
   "Explicit content parental advisory." -- "Taku is a total
   player and a sometimes-gigolo who has a little black book a
   mile thick. But when he meets a shy girl named Chizu who
   falls head over heels for him, he tries his hardest to
   change his playboy ways. The Rules of Love depicts Taku and
   Chizu's bittersweet summer of love." -- Romance genre. --
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The Rules of Love--Miscellanea.
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The Rules of Love--Reviews.
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Rules of Order.
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   the Barbary coast, under the bright gray skies." -- Call
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Rules of Water Safety.
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"Ruleta" (Condorito) p. 26 in Condorito de Oro, no. 75 (Oct.
   2001). -- 2 tiers. The count's friend says he should play
   the number of her age on the roulette wheel. -- Call no.:
   Obras Completas / Alberto Breccia ; historietas con guiones
   de Carlos Trillo y Versiones de Juan Sasturain. -- Buenos
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   una historia original de Carlos Trillo ; narraciones de
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Rulia 046.
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   the river, the defendants demand a jury trial. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.F675F6 1939 v.2
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Ruling Class.
   The Face of the Ruling Class / George Grosz ; introduction
   and notes by Frank Whitford. -- London : Allison & Busby ;
   distributed in the USA by Schocken Books, 1984. -- 65 p. :
   ill. ; 21 cm. -- Translation of: Das Gesicht der
   herrschenden Klasse. -- Call no.: NC1509.G78A4 1984
Ruling Class.
   The Little Peasant Rants Against the Ruling Class :
   Editorial Cartoons / by Jeff Smith. -- Columbus, Ohio? :
   Jeff Smith, 2004. -- 8 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. -- "No. 2." --
   Contents: Don't scratch my car! ; Come back, Colin Powell!
   -- Political genre. -- Call no.: PN6727.S5835L502 2004
Ruling Class.
   "Shivaji" / retold by B.R. Bhagwat ; artwork, Pratap
   Mulick. 32 p. in Amar Chitra Katha, no. 564 (1993). --
   "During the seventeenth century, the Mughals reigned
   supreme over Northern and Central India. In the Deccan
   endless battles went on between other kings like Adil Shah
   of Bijapur and chiefs like the Nawab of Janjira. The common
   man suffered at the hands of the officers as well as the
   marauding Khans and Sardars. Even the zeal of such fighting
   races as the Rajputs had been suppressed by centuries of
   slavery under Mughal rule. Many of them had become mere
   puppets, holdings posts of honour under their royal
   masters. At such a period was Shivaji born. He was the son
   of an incredibly brave father and a wise and loving mother.
   These two and a teacher named Dadoji were the moulding
   influences on Shivaji's character. The boy showed an
   uncommon understanding of the happenings around him. The
   wicked deeds of the ruling class made him angry and
   restless. The flame of freedom burnt in the little boy's
   heart. He collected around him a band of devoted followers
   and as they grew up they swore to throw off the yoke of
   alien rule. How Shivaji carried out his ambitious plans
   with success, is told in pictures in the following pages."
   -- Begins: "It was the 19th day of February in the year
   1630." -- Call no.: PN6790.I54A5no.564
Ruling Classes.
   Artifice. Maximum (In)security / Jean David Morvan, writer
   ; Philippe Buchet, artist ; translation by Joe Johnson. --
   New York : NBM, 2005. -- 46, 46 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   (Wake ; 6-7) -- Original titles: Sillage 6: Artifices, and
   Sillage 7: Q H I. -- "In Artifice, feisty human agent Navee
   falls on a planet persecuted by a ruling class with little
   regard for life. She faces her coldest rival ever. In
   Maximum (In)security, she is given the task of dismantling
   a ring trafficking in planets but to do so she must
   retrieve Rib'Wund, a mercenary she worked with already, out
   of a maximum security prison filled with ultra violent
   inmates. We also get to find out how she got those white
   bands across her body." -- Science fiction genre. -- Call
   no.: PN6747.B79S50613 2005
Ruling Classes.
   "In Ancient Times, the Ruling Class Decorated Their Cities
   with Beautiful Art and Sculptures Capturing the Popular
   Stories of Their Societies"* (Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles,
   Mar. 3, 2010) / by Neil Swaab. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
Ruling Classes.
   "Sargasso Slavery"* (Airboy) 15 p. in Airboy Comics, v. 7,
   no. 7 (Aug. 1950) -- SUMMARY: With Tex and Candy Calhoun,
   Airboy "lands" in the Sargasso Sea out of curiosity, and
   the three are enslaved by a ruling class that values
   ugliness over beauty. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.259
Ruling Gotham City.
   "The Brain that Ruled Gotham City!" (Batman) 12 p. in
   Detective Comics, no. 210 (Aug. 1954). -- Appearance of
   Robin. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.270
Ruling in Hell.
   Star Trek : Khan : Ruling in Hell / written by Scott &
   David Tipton ; art by Fabio Mantovani. -- San Diego, Calif.
   : IDW Publishing, 2011. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   "Originally published as Star Trek : Khan : Ruling in Hell
   issues #1-4" -- "When the most infamous villain in Star
   Trek history is last seen in the Original Series episode
   "Space Seed," Khan Noonien Singh's an elegant, proud
   warrior-king. When he's next seen in Star Trek II: The
   Wrath of Khan, he's a grizzled maniac, twisted by loss and
   an unquenchable thirst for revenge. What has happened
   between these two points in time to so radically alter what
   seemed to be an unbreakable will?" -- Science fiction
   genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.S73K47 2011
Ruling Schools.
   "We Rule the School" / Mark Smith & Paul Maybury. p. 32-36
   in Put the Book Back on the Shelf : a Belle and Sebastian
   Anthology (Image Comics, 2006). -- Call no.: PN6726.P83
Ruling the Earth.
   "The Giant Who Once Ruled the Earth" (Mark Merlin) / Jack
   Miller, story ; Mort Meskin/George Roussos, art. 13 p. in
   House of Secrets, no. 71 (Mar./Apr. 1965) -- Data from
   Michael Tiefenbacher.
   I. Miller, Jack. II. Meskin, Mort. III. Roussos, George.
   IV. Mark Merlin. k. Ruling the Earth. k. The Earth. Call
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Ruling the Earth.
   "Hatar"* (Ajax the Sun Man) 9 p. in Doc Savage Comics, v.
   1, no. 3 (Feb. 1941). -- Begins: "I'm Hatar, and one day
   I'll rule the entire stupid Earth!" -- Data from Lou
   Mougin, Gary Watson & Leonard Wolinsky via Grand Comics
   Database Project. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.176
Ruling the Earth.
   Princes of Darkness / Geoff Johns, David Goyer, writers ;
   Leonard Kirk, Don Kramer, Sal Velluto, pencillers ; Keith
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   -- "Originally published in single magazine form in JSA
   46-55." -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Three of the JSA's
   deadliest foes have joined forces to systematically destroy
   the team on their way to ruling the Earth. With the Justice
   Society members divided, can they possibly prevail? --
   Superhero genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.J83P7 2005
Ruling the Earth.
   "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" / Allan Asherman. 2 p.
   text in Tor, no. 3 (Sept./Oct. 1975). -- Article and
   photographs from a Warner Bros. film. -- Data from Bob
   Klein and Ramon Schenk via Grand Comics Database. -- Call
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Ruling the Earth.
   When Ponies Ruled the Earth. -- Champaign, IL : Bevson
   Enterprises, 1987. -- 8 p. : ill. ; 14 cm. -- "Copyright
   Brian K. Morris 1987". -- New wave minicomic. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.55.B43W48 1987

Ruling the World

Ruling the World.
   "Buttockheads Rule the World" / Steven Appleby. p. 42-43 in
   AARGH! (Northampton, England : Mad Love, 1988). -- Benefit
   comic for Organisation for Lesbian and Gay Action. -- Call
   no.: PN6736.A2 1988
Ruling the World.
   Doomwar. -- New York : Marvel Worldwide, 2010. -- col. ill.
   ; 26 cm. -- (Marvel Limited Series) -- Complete in 6 nos.
   -- Summary (from SkyRiver): The royal family of Wakanda is
   unseated by a group of conservative dissidents in a coup
   funded and organized by Dr. Doom. Having unlocked the
   mystical properties of the rare and precious metal
   Vibranium, Doom's political maneuvering gains him access to
   the world's largest store of the metal and the source of
   unlimited magical power. The royal family will require the
   help of Marvel's best-- the X-Men, Fantastic Four and
   Deadpool-- to stop Doom before he unlocks the power to rule
   the world. -- Superhero genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: no. 1-3. --
   Call no.: PN6728.8.M3D6 2010
Ruling the World.
   "The Hand that Shocks the Cradle Rules the World" (Metal
   Men) / Pasko, story ; Staton, art. 17 p. in Metal Men, no.
   53 (Aug./Sept. 1977). -- Data from Gene Reed. -- Call no.:
Ruling the World.
   Planetary/The Authority : Ruling the World / writer, Warren
   Ellis ; penciler, Phil Jimenez ; inker, Andy Lanning ;
   colorist, Laura DePuy ; letterer, Ryan Cline. -- La Jolla,
   CA : WildStorm Productions, 2000. -- 48 p. : col. ill. ; 26
   cm. -- Superhero genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.P553R8 2000
Ruling the World.
   "The Plotters!" / art by Sheldon Moldoff. p. 250-252 in
   Marvel Masterworks presents Atlas Era Menace (New York :
   Marvel Publishing, 2009) ; reprinted from Menace, no. 10
   (Mar. 1954). -- Begins: "You are a sociologist and mankind
   is your special field of study! You lead a team of
   underground workers bent on finding a way to overcome the
   people of the strongest nation in the world! For once that
   nation falls, the others fall, and then you rule the
   world!" -- A story about ants. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3M43
Ruling the World.
   "Some People Think They Need to Rule the World"* (James,
   Nov. 22, 2000) / Mark Tonra. -- James has simpler goals. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "goals"
Ruling the World.
   "Ultron-7: He'll Rule the World!" (Fantastic Four) 10 p. in
   Fantastic Four, no. 150 (Sept. 1974). -- Call no.:
Ruling the World.
   "The Yellow Claw Strikes!" (The Yellow Claw) / Joe Maneely.
   6 p. in The Yellow Claw, no. 1 (Oct. 1956). -- Begins:
   "Using an old curio shop in the Chinatown section of San
   Francisco as a front, America's greatest menace set up
   headquarters and began preparations for a selfish campaign
   of sabotage and intrigue, with the ultimate rule of the
   world as his long-range goal!" -- Call no.:
Ruling the World.
   "You Rule the World!" / Norman Dog. 4 p. in Anarchy Comics,
   no. 4 (1987). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.L3A5no.4
"Ruling Upholds Creator Rights for Electronic Reproduction" /
   Flora Worley. p. 20 in The Comics Journal, no. 217 (Nov.
   1999). -- (News Watch) -- About legal implications of
   publication on compact disks, particularly Totally Mad. --
   Call no.: PN6700.C62no.217
Rulito, el Gato Atorrante.
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   PN6790.A7G6 2000
Rullier, Laurent.
   Le Balade des Clampins / texte, Laurent Rullier ; dessin,
   Stanislas Barthélémy ; couleurs, Dominique Thomas. --
   Genève : Les Humanoïdes Associés, 2004. -- 48 p. : col.
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Rullier, Laurent.
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   (Dossier Yann) -- On the use of history in La Patrouille
   des Libellules. -- Call no.: PN6745.S36no.83
Rullier, Laurent.
   Le Manchot de la Butte Rouge / texte, Laurent Rullier ;
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   -- Genève : Les Humanoïdes Associés, 2003. -- 48 p. : col.
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Rullier, Laurent.
   The Road to Cao Bang / Rullier & Stanislas. -- Hollywood,
   CA : Humanoids ; New York : DC Comics, 2004. -- 100 p. :
   col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- (By the Numbers ; bk. 1) --
   Translation of: La Route de Cao Bang. -- "Natacha Ruck &
   Ken Grobe, translation." -- War genre, about the Vietnam
   War, 1961-1975. -- Call no.: PN6747.S75V50213 2004
Rullier, Laurent.
   La Route de Cao Bang / dessin, Stanislas ; scénario,
   Rullier. -- Genève : Alpen Publishers, 1992. -- 48 p. :
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   2) -- Setting: Vietnam war, Cao-Bàng (Vietnam), 1950. --
   War genre. -- Call no.: PN6747.S75V502 1992
Rullier, Laurent.
   Trafic en Indochine / texte, Laurent Rullier ; dessin,
   Stanislas Barthélémy ; couleurs, Dominique Thomas. --
   Genève : Les Humanoïdes Associés, 2003. -- 47 p. : col.
   ill. ; 30 cm. -- (La Vie de Victor Levallois ; tome 1) --
   Adventure story genre, about Vietnam, beginning in 1948. --
   Call no.: PN6747.S75V5 2003
Rullier, Laurent.
   "Zwendel in Indo-China" (Victor Vallet) / tekst, Rullier ;
   tekeningen, Stanislas. p. 4-7 in Sjosji, nr. 3 (26 Jan.-2
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Rullier, Laurent--Miscellanea.
   Entry (v. 2, p. 798) in Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de
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Rulloni, Mario.
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   (Coleccion del Raton Sudaca ; 1) -- "Basado en el libro
   cinematografico 'Hotel Palace' de Jorge Gomez y Mario
   1. Detective and mystery comic books, strips, etc. 2.
   Argentine comics. I. Rulloni, Mario. II. Zweig, Pablo. III.
   Gomez, Jorge. IV. Hotel Palace. V. Una Aventura de Mr.
   Livingstone. VI. Series. Call no.: PN6790.A73R8T5 1990
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