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   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
Manhart, Mark--Miscellanea.
   Entry (p. 11) in The Who's Who of American Comic Books :
   1978 Yearbook / by Jerry Bails (Detroit, Mich. : J. Bails,
   1979-1980). -- Call no.: PN6725.B3 1978
   "The Club that Flubbed!" (Kathy) / Stan Lee. 1/2 p. in
   Kathy, no. 1 (Oct. 1959). -- Seventh story. -- Begins: One
   for all and all for one! No more dates. -- A manhaters
   club. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3K3no.1

Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)

See also
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   The Adventures of Spider-Man / adapted by Michael
   Teitelbaum ; based on the screenplay by David Koepp ;
   photography by Zade Rosenthal and Peter Stone. -- New York
   : Avon Books, 2002. -- 144 p. : col. ill. ; 20 cm. --
   "Based on the new movie!" -- Summary: "When a
   genetically-enhanced spider escapes from a laboratory cage
   and bites Peter Parker, his normal teenaged life is
   transformed. Suddenly, Manhattan has its own superhero, one
   that can climb walls, soar through the air, and shoot
   spider-webbing from his wrists. But danger lurks in the
   streets: the Green Goblin wants to take over the world. Can
   Spider-Man make the world safe? Or will the Green Goblin
   squash him like a bug?" -- Superhero fiction. -- Call no.:
   PS3570.E42A4 2002
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Bastard Samurai : Samurai Noir / conceived, co-written, and
   inked by Mike Avon Oeming ; written and co-created by Miles
   Gunter ; penciled, colored and co-created by Kelsey Shannon
   ; lettered by Ken Bruzenak. -- Orange, CA : Image Comics,
   2001. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- "Vol. 1." --
   Originally published as Bastard Samurai issues 1-3. --
   "Taking place in present day Manhattan, the story of
   Bastard Samurai focuses on Jiro, a killer at the top of his
   class at the KoZu sword school. The underground training
   camp in midtown takes in orphans and twists them into
   Bushido warriors used by the Yakuza in death matches staged
   across the city rooftops where Japanese businessmen gamble
   heavily on the always-fatal outcome." -- Organized crime
   setting. -- Call no.: PN6727 .O4B3 2001
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Between the Devil & Miles Davis / Lance Tooks. -- New York
   : NBM, 2005. -- 1 v. : ill. ; 23 cm. -- (ComicsLit) --
   (Lucifer's Garden of Verses ; v. 4) -- "The 4th and final
   volume in this quartet, bringing together all the elements
   that run through this series. Amo is a hardened journalist
   who smokes and drinks too much, though not nearly enough
   for her own taste. Assigned to profile the late jazz legend
   Miles Davis, she finds herself in a creative impasse. How
   does one approach such an "overly-written-about' artist
   from a fresh angle, and what's her opinion worth anyway in
   a world so fast unraveling? At her wit's end, she stumbles
   into the mysterous 'Smokeasy,' the only bar in Manhattan
   where adults are allowed to behave as such, and it is in
   that misty room that Amo falls under the spell of a
   mysterious bartender." -- Alternative genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6727.T58B4 2005
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "Manhattan"
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Bridge Cop" (A Police at Work Feature) 6 p. in Mr.
   District Attorney, no. 14 (Mar./Apr. 1950). -- Begins: "A
   bridge cop's story? I could tell you a hundred of them,
   after 22 years guarding Manhattan bridges. Sergeant Peter
   Dreska is the name." -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N3M5no.14
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Fighting Bill : William O'Dwyer" 6 p. in It Really
   Happened, no. 9 (June 1947). -- Begins: "Sure, friend,
   someday you too can be a governor, a senator, or a
   president! The sky's the limit! Bill O'Dwyer helped build
   the towers of Manhattan with his own two hands. Today, he's
   top man of the whole shebang, idol of millions!" -- Call
   no.: PN6728.1.W5 I8no.9
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   G. I. Joe : Special Missions Comic Book. -- Chicago, IL :
   Devil's Due Publishing, 2006. -- 48 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
   -- "Issue 1, February 2006." -- Spy genre. -- Cover title:
   G.I. Joe Special Missions Manhattan. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.7.D4G235 2006
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   A Hat, a Bat, Manhattan : a minicomic for Hallowe'en 2010 /
   by Allegra Bishop. -- Satisfactory Comics, 2010. -- 16 p. :
   ill. ; 70 x 108 mm. -- Format is poetry on versos facing
   full-page illustrations on rectos. -- New wave genre. --
   Call no.: PN6728.55.S285H3 2010
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "History is What You Make of it" (New Warriors) / Fabian
   Nicieza, writer ; Robert Walker, pencils ; Scott Koblish,
   inks. 8 p. in Marvel Comics Presents, no. 159 (Late July
   1994) -- (Smells Like Teen Spirit ; pt. 1 of 5) -- Summary:
   The New Warriors meet Dr. Yesterday in a Manhattan museum.
   k. Dr. Yesterday. k. Yesterday. k. Manhattan. k. Museums.
   I. Nicieza, Fabian. II. Walker, Robert. III. Koblish,
   Scott. Call no.: PN6728.5.M3M23no.159
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "In Manhattan, They Play for Keeps" (Paladin) / Don
   McGregor, writer ; Tom Sutton, artist. 18 p. in Marvel
   Premiere, no. 43 (Aug. 1978)
   1. Soldiers of fortune--Comic books, strips, etc. I.
   McGregor, Don. II. Sutton, Tom. III. Paladin. k. Manhattan.
   k. Playing for Keeps. k. Keeps. Call no.:
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Index entry (p. 122) in The Comic-Book Book, ed. by Don
   Thompson & Dick Lupoff (Krause Publications, 1998). -- Call
   no.: PN6725.T5 1998
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Index entry (p. 1, 65, 150, 153, 160) to The Fleischer
   Story / by Leslie Cabarga (New York : Nostalgia Press,
   1976) -- Data from Don Markstein. Call no.: NC1766.U52F593
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "It's Fun to Live in Manhattan!" / Pete Friedrich. p. 21-23
   in Rip Off Comix, no. 24 (Fall 1989). -- "Pete moved to
   California earlier this year. See why, in this piece
   extolling the wonders of life in the Big Apple!" -- Call
   no.: PN6728.45.R5R5no.24
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Life at the Top" / by Eric Drooker. cover of The New
   Yorker, v. 70, no. 28 (Sept. 12, 1994). -- Summary: Shows a
   crowd of pedestrians in Manhattan, in suits, with
   briefcases, on stilts. -- Call no.: AP2.N52v.70no.28
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Maximum Boy, Starring in The Hijacking of Manhattan / by
   Dan Greenburg ; illustrations by Greg Swearingen. -- New
   York : Scholastic, 2001. -- 85 p. : ill. ; 20 cm. --
   (Maximum Boy) -- "A little apple paperback." -- Summary
   (from OCLC): Just an ordinary kid, Max Silver touched some
   radioactive space rocks in a museum and now can do things
   other kids can't--like fly. Max finds it's not easy being a
   superhero, especially when his father is determined to beat
   him at armwrestling, his mother wants him in bed on
   time--and the president wants him to save Manhattan. --
   Superhero fiction. -- Call no.: PS3557.R379H5 2001
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Mayhem Over Manhattan!" (Avengers) 20 p. in The Avengers,
   no. 55 (Aug. 1968) -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3A87no.55.
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   New York Mon Amour / Jacques Tardi, Benjamin Legrand,
   Dominique Grange. -- Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books,
   2012. -- 82 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm. -- "Quartet of
   dark and violent stories set in the crumbling New York City
   of the early 1980s." -- Contents: Cockroach killer / by
   Benjamin Legrand and Jacques Tardi ; It's so hard-- / by
   Dominique Grange and Jacques Tardi ; Manhattan / by Jacques
   Tardi ; Hung's murderer / by Dominique Grange and Jacques
   Tardi. -- Call no.: PN6747.T3N4 2012
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "One Head Too Many!" / script by Stan Lee ; art by Bill
   Everett. p. 1-7 in Marvel Masterworks presents Atlas Era
   Menace (New York : Marvel Publishing, 2009) ; reprinted
   from Menace, no. 1 (Mar. 1953). -- Begins: "Your Name is
   Lou Briggs. You live in a plain, furnished room in an
   ordinary apartment house in upper Manhattan!" -- Call no.:
   PN6728.2.M3M43 2009
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Public Works / Brian Wood, writer ; Riccardo Burchielli,
   artist ; introduction, Cory Doctorow. -- New York : DC
   Comics, 2007. -- 119 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- (DMZ ; 3)
   -- (Vertigo) -- "Originally published in single magazine
   form as DMZ 13-17." -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Matty Roth,
   aspiring photojournalist, continues his one-man mission to
   report on the war behind the war-- the struggle of the
   civilians caught in this no-man's-land during the Second
   American Civil War. He's gone deep undercover, posing as an
   unskilled worker to infilitrate the ranks of Trustwell,
   Inc., the winner of a lucrative no-bid contract to rebuild
   Manhattan. Of course he suspects there is more to the
   situation than meets the eye, but is he prepared for
   exactly what he might find, or how far he needs to go to
   find it? -- War genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.D16P8 2007
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Resistance / writers, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray ;
   artist, Juan Santacruz. -- San Diego, Calif. : IDW
   Publishing, 2009. -- ca. 200 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   "Manhattan, as you know it, is underwater. The government,
   in an effort to maintain the delicate balance between a
   growing population and dwindling food supplies, regulates
   childbirth rates in the few remaining cities. Those born
   illegally are hunted down and killed by lifeless
   corporate-sponsored machines programmed to perform the
   dirty work of their makers. The media embraces this law.
   The people embrace this law. The only opposition comes from
   those children whose lives are forfeit the moment they
   exist. What were once deadly street gangs have evolved into
   revolutionaries fighting for the basic human right to
   live." -- Science fiction genre. -- Call no.: PN6777.S33R4
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Robot Death Over Manhattan" (Skull Squad) / by Ace Atkins
   ; art: Matt Baker. 6 p. in Wings Comics, no. 53 (Jan.
   1945). -- Title from cover .-- Data from Lou Mougin via The
   Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "Secrets of Man-Hattan Island" (Doom Patrol) / Ken Steacy,
   artist ; Grant Morrison, writer ; Daniel Vozzo, colorist ;
   John Workman, letterer ; Tom Peyer, editor. 2 p. in Doom
   Patrol, no. 53 (Mar. 1992). -- Data from Gene Reed & John
   Bullough, via Grand Comic-Book Database. -- Call no.:
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Strongman / writer, Charles Soule ; artist, Allen
   Gladfelter. -- San Jose, CA : SLG Publishing, 2009. -- 1 v.
   : ill. ; 22 cm. -- Summary (from publisher's web site via
   SkyRiver): "Imagine the Dark Knight if Batman had been a
   Luchador. Tigre, a masked Mexican wrestler, was huge in
   Mexico in the 70s as a crime-fighting movie star. These
   days, he's 65 and drunk, living in Manhattan. When a
   beautiful woman begs him to stop an organ trafficking ring,
   the old warrior decides to take one last, epic shot at
   redemption." -- Detective genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6727.G557S75 2009
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   The Supernaturalists / Patrick Neighly, story ; Jorge
   Huefemann, art. -- Mad Yak Press, 2004. -- 158 p. : col.
   ill. ; 23 cm. -- Summary: "Flappers, speakeasies, and the
   living dead? A killer stalks the streets of 1926 Manhattan.
   But as detective Edgar Drake races against time to solve an
   impossible crime, he finds himself on the wrong side of the
   law. Unusual suspects, unforseen allies and a mysterious
   socialite eventually point to a truth more horrifying than
   anything he could have imagined." -- Includes vampires. --
   Detective and horror genres. -- Call no.: PN6727.H77S8 2004
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   "The Sweatshop, 1994" / by Sue Coe. p. 229-233 in The New
   Yorker, v. 70, no. 36 (Nov. 7, 1994). -- Summary: Drawings
   done while visiting garment shops in Manhattan, with state
   investigators. -- Key words: Garment industry. -- Call no.:
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Tag / Brian K. Vaughan, writes ; Tony Harris, pencils ; Tom
   Feister, inks ; introduction by the Wachowski Brothers. --
   La Jolla, CA : Wildstorm Productions, 2005. -- 1 v. : col.
   ill. ; 26 cm. -- (Ex Machina ; bk. 2) -- Originally
   published in single magazine form as Ex Machina #6-10. --
   "Retired super-hero and current New York City mayor
   Mitchell Hundred makes the most controversial decision of
   his political career. As the mayor's administration deals
   with the fallout, a supernatural terror stalks the subways
   beneath Manhattan. What connection does this mysterious new
   threat have to Hundred's past as the heroic Great Machine?"
   -- Superhero genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.E86T3 2005
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Truly Madly Manhattan / Nora Roberts. -- New York, :
   Silhouette Books, 2003. -- 475 p. ; 18 cm. -- Two complete
   novels, the first of which is about a comics writer: "Local
   Hero: His trade was creating heroes, but comic book writer
   Mitch Dempsey had never seen himself as one. But something
   about Hester Wallace, the shy single mom who moved in
   upstairs, made him long to protect, honor and love her
   forever." -- Call no.: PS3568 .O243T7 2003
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Ultimatum / by Brian Michael Bendis ; artist, Stuart
   Immonen. -- New York : Marvel Publishing, 2009. -- 1 v. :
   col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- (Ultimate Spider-Man ; v. 22) --
   "Magneto has issued his Ultimatum to the world and
   unleashed a tidal wave upon Manhattan that triggers a new
   epoch in the history of civilization. In the center of the
   maelstrom are New York City's most gallant defender and the
   family and friends that live and die beside him. This is
   the story of Aunt May, Mary Jane, Kitty Pryde, J. Jonah
   Jameson and the hero that looms over all their lives as
   they bear witness to the end times of the Ultimate
   Universe." -- Contains the final issues of the Ultimate
   Spider-Man series. -- Superhero genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.A5U422 2009
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   Welcome to the Zone / by David Chelsea. -- Northampton,
   Mass. : Kitchen Sink Press, 1995. -- 94 p. : ill. ; 22 x 22
   cm. -- Horror/science fiction comic that takes place in
   Manhattan. -- Call no.: PN6727.C475W4 1995
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
   The Whole World's Crazy / Jimmy Gownley. -- New York :
   Atheneum, 2009. -- 168 p. : col. ill. ; 23 cm. -- (Jimmy
   Gownley's Amelia Rules! ; #1) -- Summary (from SkyRiver): A
   collection of comic stories featuring nine-year-old Amelia,
   who has moved from Manhattan to a small town in the wake of
   her parent's divorce, and her fourth-grade friends, the
   Gathering of Awesome Super Pals, otherwise known as
   G.A.S.P. -- Funny kid genre. -- Call no.: PN6727.G655W47
"Manhattan" / Jacques Tardi ; translation A. Spiegelman & F.
   Mouly ; lettering by John Workman. p. 7-14 in Raw, v. 1,
   no. 1 (Fall 1980). -- Call no.: folio PN6728.R27no.1
   Index entry (p. 76) to Understanding Comics, by Scott
   McCloud (New York : HarperCollins, 1994) -- Reference to a
   story by Tardi. -- Call no.: PN6710.M39 1994
"Manhattan"* (Stuart Taylor en Historias Sobrenaturales) / por
   Curt Davis. 5 p. in Selva, no. 16 (Feb. 1954). -- Call no.:
   Entry (p. 772) in De la Historieta y su Uso, 1873-2000 /
   Jesús Cuadrado (Atlas Español de la Cultura Popular ; v. 1)
   -- (Madrid : Ediciones Sinsentido, 2000). -- Entry for a
   Spanish publisher. -- Call no.: PN6775.C8 2000
Manhattan (Ship)
   "The Hand that Held the Dagger!" 5 p. in Navy Tales, no. 4
   (July 1957). -- Summary (by Shayna Sherman): Sunday,
   December 7th, 1941. The United States Navy is at Pearl
   Harbor and Japanese planes attack. Later Captain Eben Marsh
   and Able Seaman George Conley are side-by-side in hospital
   bunks, wondering if they and their ship, the Manhattan,
   will ever fight again. Eventually the ship is patched up
   and so are they. They rejoin the fleet, but still with some
   doubts. Very soon they win a battle against the Japanese
   fleet, and in the process regain faith in themselves and
   their ship. Pearl Harbor is avenged! -- Call no.:
Manhattan art scene.
   Index entry (p. 204) to Comic Book Rebels / ed. by S.
   Wiater and S.R. Bissette. New York : D.I. Fine, 1993. Call
   no.: PN6725.C69 1993
Manhattan Beach, 1957 / Hermann, artist ; Yves H., writer. --
   Celje, Slovenia : SAF Comics, 2003. -- 54 p. : col. ill. ;
   30 cm. -- Detective genre. -- Call no.: PN6747.H43M313 2003
"A Manhattan Dialogue Between David Levine and Victor Navasky"
   / Kent Worcester. p. 38 in The Comics Journal, no. 270
   (Aug. 2005). -- (Newswatch : Journal Datebook) -- Call no.:

Manhattan Ghosts

Manhattan Ghosts / Alfredo Castelli, script ; Giancarlo Alessandrini, art ; Hazim Kacic, translation ; Reed Chaval, dialogue -- Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, 1999. -- (Martin Mystery ; 4) -- Note: Diana seems to be Martin's girlfriend; reference is made to the Excalibur case. -- 148 p. -- Call no.: PN6768.M3313 1999 v.4

Summary: An inventor named Mr. Henry has been working at the intersection of magic and electronics, and has come up with a flat-screen television which gets all channels, plus opens a gateway to another dimension. Later in the story he compares his work to a fortuneteller's crystal ball, the magic mirror in Snow White, and an animated golem. His patent application is denied on the basis of his technical drawings, although the set functions perfectly as a TV. Next a man named Tom Jones comes to visit Martin Mystery. His girlfriend Janet has disappeared, and he thinks it has to do with a strange television set from a junk shop. Martin doesn't take it seriously until he notices Jones's address, which is in the same building in which he had to put down an outbreak of unfriendly cartoon character poltergeists sometime earlier. Characters shown in the flashback include Mr. Clean, Popeye, and Pac-Man. Mystery tries to contact Jones, but is unable to do so. That night, during a broadcast re-run of Ghostbusters, Diana sees Mr. Jones walking across the screen during a commercial. Martin, Diana and Java visit Jones's apartment. He isn't there, though the mysterious TV set is sitting there tuned to static. Martin turns the set off and takes it with him. Fooling around with the static channel, they briefly see Jones calling for help. Next we see Mr. Henry, in a new apartment, completing his latest invention, a personal computer. In it he has programmed a game, "Henry vs. the Patent Office People." The game works well until the villains, walking in lines like Space Invaders, cross the dimensional barrier, blow up his apartment, and almost kill Henry. Martin finds Henry in the hospital, and while Henry is explaining, a full-scale invasion of Manhattan by Space Invaders type ships begins. Machines of all types stop working or become hostile to humans. The invasion proceeds to the hospital and zaps Henry and Mystery into the other dimension. In the other dimension, Martin and the inventor meet up with Tom and Janet. Tom Jones has figured out how to move around in the dimension, which works on principles described by Edwin Abbott in his book Flatland. It's like a book, and they can punch their way to previous or later pages. They manage to find the page where Tom appeared on network TV, and hold up a sign for Diana and Java, asking them to tune Henry's strange set to the static channel so they can escape. It begins to work, but they are pursued by the patent office characters. Martin pulls out his ray gun and begins to zap back at them, and a big scoreboard in the sky shows the game to all Manhattan: Invaders vs. Terrestrials. Martin wins the game, and before it can reset they jump out of the television set and destroy it. They run to Henry's apartment, and Henry does an incantation to close the main gate between dimensions. A big sign glows in the sky for awhile: Game Over.

This summary is from European Comics in English Translation (Jefferson, NC : McFarland & Company, 2002). Used with permission.

"Manhattan Madness" (City Slicker Bob & Fred Astaire) / Gail
   Burwen. 6 p. in Cloud Comics, no. 2 (1972). -- Call no.:
"Manhattan Maniac"* (Stuart Taylor, Weird Stories of the
   Supernatural) / by Curt Davis. 5 p. in Jumbo Comics, no. 87
   (May 1946). -- Summary: A visit to Ivan the Terrible in
   1569 A.D. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.159
Manhattan Nightclubs.
   100% / written and illustrated by Paul Pope; tones by Paul
   Pope and Lee Loughridge ; lettered by John Workman. -- New
   York : DC Comics, 2009. -- 1 v. : ill. ; 27 cm. --
   (Vertigo) -- Originally published in single magazine form
   as 100% 1-5. -- Summary (from SkyRiver): Juggles three
   separate but interconnected stories that revolve around a
   downtown Manhattan nightclub catering to demimonde habitues
   including artists, erotic dancers (whose internal organs
   are projected onto viewscreens for the ultimate voyeuristic
   kick), prizefighters, barmaids, and busboys. -- Alternative
   genre. -- Call no.: PN6727.P55 O36 2009
Manhattan Project.
   Fallout : J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and the
   Political Science of the Atomic Bomb / Jim Ottaviani,
   Janine Johnston, Steve Lieber, Vince Locke, Bernie
   Mireault, and Jeff Parker. -- Ann Arbor, MI : G.T. Labs,
   2001. -- 239 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. -- "A story of the
   Manhattan Project and the price J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo
   Szilard, and we all paid for the atomic bomb." -- Written
   by Jim Ottaviani. -- Includes bibliographical references
   (p. 233-236). -- Call no.: QC773.3.U5 O78 2001
Manhattan Project.
   Index entry (p. 84) in The Will Eisner Companion, by N.C.
   Christopher Couch & Stephen Weiner (New York : DC Comics,
   2004). -- Call no.: PN6727.E35 Z5C6 2004
Manhattan Project.
   "The National Athletic Commission"* (Magno and Davey) /
   Rudy Palais. 8 p. in Four Favorites, no. 22 (Mar. 1946). --
   In imitation of the innocent-sounding name "Manhattan
   Project," the new commission is in charge of building a
   better atomic bomb powered by plutonium. -- Call no.: Film
The Manhattan Projects. -- Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, Inc.,
   2012- . -- col. ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began with #1 (March
   2010), per Grand Comics Database. -- Cover title: MP : the
   Manhattan Projects. -- Science fiction genre. -- LIBRARY
   HAS: no. 8, 10-11 (2013). -- Call no.: PN6728.8 .I5M33
Manhawar / texte de Pecqueur ; dessins de Formosa. -- Paris :
   Dargaud, 1984. -- 48 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm. -- (Légendes
   du Chevalier Cargal) -- (Histoires Fantastiques) -- Call
   no.: PN6747.P4M35 1984
   Entry (v. 14, p. 17) in Who's Who : the Definitive
   Directory of the DC Universe (New York : DC Comics,
   1984-1987). -- Call no.: PN6725.W475 1984 v.14
   The Frank Book / by Jim Woodring ; introduction by Francis
   Ford Coppola. -- Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics Books,
   2011. -- 351 p. : chiefly ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm. --
   Summary (from publisher via SkyRiver): "Frank is a generic
   anthropomorph who lives in a world of mysterious and
   dangerous beauty. Propelled by forces beyond his control,
   including his own unquenchable curiosity, he finds himself
   in one bizarre escapade after another, frequently involving
   the loathsome Manhog or the power-hungry Whim. Luckily,
   Frank has a protector and ally in the form of his feisty
   godling companion, Pupshaw." -- Funny animal and fantasy
   genres, stories without words. -- Call no.: PN6727.W625F74
   Weathercraft / Jim Woodring. -- Seattle, Wash. :
   Fantagraphics Books, 2010. -- 1 v. : ill. ; 25 cm. -- "A
   Frank Comic." -- Summary (from publisher's website via
   SkyRiver): Frank has only a brief supporting appearance in
   Weathercraft, which actually stars Manhog, Woodring's
   pathetic, brutish everyman (or everyhog), who had
   previously made several appearances in 'Frank' stories (as
   well as a stunning solo turn in the short story
   'Gentlemanhog'). -- Story without words, in the fantasy and
   funny animal genres. -- Call no.: PN6727.W625W4 2010
"Manhole Cover"* (Dirty Duck) 1 p. in The Dirty Duck Book / by
   Bobby London (San Francisco, Calif. : Company and Sons,
   1971). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.C6D5 1971
Manhole Guards.
   "Ed Veshecco, Manhole Guard" / by David Greenberger ; art
   by Josh Neufield. p. 28-29 of "Lumpen Goes Comix" in Lumpen
   : the Comics Issue (Lumpen, v. 5, no. 5 (Sept. 1996). --
   Call no.: AP2.L89v.5no.5


   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Drum Major"* (Pierre) p. 35 in Treasure Chest of Fun and
   Fact, v. 13, no. 1 (Sept. 12, 1957). -- Summary: Pierre
   falls into a manhole while leading the band. -- Silent
   strip. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.P43T7v.13no.1
   "Moveable Manhole"* (Ali) / Marvin Townsend. p. 35 in
   Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact, v. 19, no. 11 (Jan. 30,
   1964). -- Wordless strip. -- Inside back cover. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.1.P43T7v.19no.11
   "Moveable Manhole"* (Ali) / Marvin Townsend. p. 48 in
   Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact, v. 27, no 6 (May 1972). --
   Silent strip. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.P43T7v.27no.6
   "Now All I Have To Do Is Get Some Dirt to Fill It In!"*
   (Lancelot, Feb. 19, 1971) / Coker-Penn. -- Summary: Cyrano
   drops his bone into a conveniently open manhole. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "manholes"
   "Play Your King!"* (Moose Miller, May 2, 1985) / by Bob
   Weber. -- Summary: Moose shouts advice into a manhole. --
   Call no.: oversize PN6726.K52A2
   "Why Did You Date That Big Hippo For?"* (Harold Teen, Nov.
   30, 1941) / Carl Ed. -- Summary: Susie Q's date ends up
   down a manhole. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "manholes"


See also
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "Bronco Bustin' Buster" (Buster Bunny) p. 24-30 in
   Children's Digest, no. 58 (May 1956) ; reprinted from
   Buster Bunny, no. 10 (1951). -- Begins: "Well, Buster, here
   we are out west, where men are men!" -- Call no.:
   "C'mon Dog, Be a Man an' Gimme It!"* (Li'l Abner, June 16,
   1937) / by Al Capp. -- Summary: Abner pretends he doesn't
   want the ticket so the dog will give it to him, but the dog
   disappears. -- Call no.: folio PN6728.L5F6 1937v.1
   "Croquet is Dangerous, Too"* (Tillie the Toiler) 1 p. in
   Tillie the Toiler, no. 106 (1940). -- 6th of 51 strips in
   this issue. -- Begins: Quiet, Mac. Now take football.
   There's a man's. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.D4T5no.106
   Heart Transplant / Andrew Vachss ; Frank Caruso ; Zak
   Mucha. -- Milwaukie, Or. : Dark Horse Books, 2010. -- 99 p.
   : col. ill. ; 26 x 34 cm. -- Includes essay: The Rules of
   Engagement. by Zak Mucha. -- Includes bibliographical
   references. -- Summary (from publisher's website via
   SkyRiver): "The gripping story of a young boy's
   transformation from bullied 'outsider' to true manhood.
   Clinical social worker Zak Mucha offers the anchoring
   non-fiction essay, explaining in detail what the reader has
   just experienced." -- Children's book format. -- Call no.:
   folio PS3572.A33H4 2010
   "I'll Bet He's Seething Inside Though"* (Fred Basset, Apr.
   27, 1967) / by Alexander Graham. reproduced on p. 115 of
   Golf in the Comic Strips, ed. by Howard Ziehm (General
   Publishing Group, 1997). -- Summary: Fred's mistress has
   beaten his master at golf, and he takes it 'like a man.' --
   Call no.: PN6726.G595 1997
   "The Man with Two Faces!" (Kent Blake) 5 p. in Kent Blake
   of the Secret Service, no. 5 (Jan. 1952). -- Summary: The
   little Balkan country of Holtzenburg is rich in plutonium
   and a supplier to U.S. "atomic research."  The dictator is
   leaning toward the left recently, and that threatens the
   supply of plutonium. An opponent in an upcoming election,
   Tolstan Fernack, wants U.S. guided democracy. Blake finds
   that the dictator has married a communist wife, and that
   "all his manhood, his guts, are gone."  Kent convinces him
   to buck up, but his wife then kills him. A scheduled speech
   to the people is given by an impersonator, who announces
   his retirement and urges the people to vote for Tolstan
   Fernack. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3K4no.5
   "Robert Sailor and Barbara Standish in He's a Man" p.
   125-129 in Dirty Little Sex Cartoons (Los Angeles, Calif. :
   Argyle Books, 1972). -- A Tijuana Bible reprint. --
   SUMMARY: Robert proves he's not a "fairy".
   I. He's a Man. k. Homosexuality. k. Fairies. k. Manhood. k.
   Tijuana Bibles. Call no.: PN6726.D43 1972
   Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage : the Graphic
   Novel / adapted by Wayne Vansant. -- New York : Puffin
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   -- (A Byron Preiss Book) -- Summary (from OCLC): During his
   service in the Civil War, a young Union soldier matures to
   manhood and finds peace of mind as he comes to grips with
   his conflicting emotions about war. -- War genre. -- Call
   no.: PN6727.V38S74 2005
   "The Test of Manhood"* (Wambi) / art: Henry Kiefer. 8 p. in
   Wambi the Jungle Boy, no. 12 (Summer 1951). -- Introduction
   of Mogo and his tribe. -- Data from Lou Mougin & Bob Klein
   via The Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
   "That's Our Daughter, Harold"* / H. Payne (copyright 1990).
   p. 41 in Battered Husbands (Redondo Beach, CA : H. Gregory
   Associates, 1991). -- Editorial cartoon on women in the
   military. -- Summary: Harold is telling a soldier, whom he
   calls "son," how being in the Korean War made a man of him.
   -- Call no.: PN6231.H8G74 1991
   "To Beat the Drums of Masculine War!!"* (Geech, Jan. 11,
   1992) / Bittle. -- Summary: Artie wants to reclaim his
   manhood, and is asked if Vera will let him. -- Call no.:
   PN6726f.B55 "Reclaiming"
   "Today I am A Man" p. 58-59 in Sex in Comics, v. 3 / by
   D.H. Gilmore (San Diego, Calif. : Greenleaf Classics, 1971)
   -- A Tijuana Bible reprint. -- Call no.: PN6714.G5 1971 v.3
   "Warrior Retreat"* (Cathy, Nov. 13, 1991) / Cathy
   Guisewite. -- Summary: The boss says he needs to "run
   bare-chested through the forest, beat on drums and feel
   what it is to be a man again," and he has a room at the
   Ramada Inn. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "retreats"
   "Yes, Ask Father" (Freckles and His Friends, Mar. 23, 1946)
   / by Blosser. -- Summary: Lard and Freckles feel like saps,
   and go to ask Freckles' dad how long it will take to become
   men and put women in their places; they find Pop unhappily
   wearing a dress while his wife pins the hem. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.F675F6 1939 v.2
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