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L'Inca, Figlio Del Sol.
   Index entry (p. 389) in Historia de los Comics / J.
   Toutain, J. Coma (Barcelona : Toutain, 1982-1984?) -- Call
   no.: PN6710.H5 1982a
The Inca Idol.
   Donald Duck and the Inca Idol [microform] -- Walt Disney
   Productions, 1951. -- 30 p. : col. ill. ; 68 x 177 mm. --
   (Wheaties-Walt Disney Set ; C-1) -- On one color microfiche
   by P.J. Iacovone. -- Funny animal genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6726.W47m 1950
Inca Legends.
   "The White God of Inca Legend"* (Senorita Rio) / art: Nick
   Cardy. 10 p. in Fight Comics, no. 23 (Jan. 1943). -- Data
   from Gene Reed via Grand Comic Book Database. -- Call no.:
   Film 15791 r.145
Inca Treasure.
   Index entry (p. 34, 57) in The Will Eisner Companion, by
   N.C. Christopher Couch & Stephen Weiner (New York : DC
   Comics, 2004). -- Call no.: PN6727.E35 Z5C6 2004
Inca Treasure.
   "Lost Treasure" 4 p. in True Comics, no. 50 (July 1946) --
   SUMMARY: Inca Treasure buried by pirate Captain Thompson on
   Cocos Island, is still there.
   k. Treasure. k. Inca Treasure. k. Thompson, Captain. k.
   Pirates. k. Cocos Island. Call no.: PN6728.1.P3T7no.50
"The Inca Treasure Cave"* (Senorita Rio) / by Morgan Hawkins ;
   art: George Evans. 8 p. in Fight Comics, no. 54 (Feb.
   1948). -- Data from Gene Reed via Grand Comic Book
   Database. -- Call no.: Film 15791 r.5

The Incal

The Incal / Alexandro Jodorowsky, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, co-creators ; Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, translators/editors. -- New York : Epic Comics, 1988. -- col. ill. ; 28 cm. -- (Epic Graphic Novel) -- Complete in 3 v., collecting the original six albums published in French. -- Science fiction genre. -- LIBRARY HAS: v. 1-3. -- Call no.: PN6747.G5I5 1988
Note: The first volume of The Incal appeared in English in Heavy Metal Present Moebius (HM Communications, 1981). -- Call no.: PN6747.G5A6 1981.

This series has not yet yielded to the structure of this index! Maybe never will. So spend some time with it. Other related titles include

and please scroll down after these summaries for yet more connected fragments.

Book One: "The Dark Incal."

Chapter One: "Crimson Circle Nights" 8 p. -- Summary: On the planet Ter 21, Private investigator John Difool is beaten and dropped toward the acid lake by thugs who want information he claims he doesn't have. The police rescue him, and he tells a story of being hired by a rich woman as a bodyguard, and being chased by a wolf-headed man named Kill Wolfhead. The police are also not satisfied with his story, but they let him go.

Chapter Two: "The Incal's Ball" 10 p. -- Summary: The secret that Difool has been guarding is that, before his beating, he met a group of mutants in the ventilation shafts. One of them gave him something called 'The Incal,' before it apparently died of wounds inflicted by pursuers. Inside its false body was an alien, which Difool recognized as a 'Berg.' Difool had hidden the Incal inside his pet/companion, Deepo (a concrete bird), and when he gets home Deepo has attracted a crowd and is preaching and doing miracles. A Berg commando unit arrives and shoots up the crowd looking for the Incal, then a force of armed mutants joins the fray, and then the police. In the confusion, Difool gets away but is kidnapped by the President's hunchbacks (a personal security team).

Chapter Three: "His High Ophidity" 11 p. -- Summary: Taken before the President, Difool is interrogated about the Incal but denies everything. He has swallowed it, though, and he begins to glow and vomits on the President's nice new body. The Incal gives him super powers. He escapes by stealing the President's aircar. Examining the Incal, he finds that it is alive. The Incal tells him that he needs to know himself better, and be transformed, and puts him on a funeral train for Techno City.

Chapter Four: "Techno Technique" 6 p. -- Summary: John and Deepo find themselves heading for a machine that disassembles bodies for use in manufacturing robots and androids. Techno-City is controlled by something called the Dark Incal. John tries to escape, and gets the attention of the Techno-Pope, who plans a personal vivisection of John to remove the Bright Incal within him.

Chapter Five: "The Meta-Baron" 8 p. -- Summary: The Amok Queen, who seems to rule an area below the city, kidnaps the son of the Meta-Baron. To get his son back the bounty hunter must get John Difool for her within 24 hours. A riot begins in the city, and the Meta-Baron barely escapes in his ship, heading for Techno City and wondering what's so important about John Difool.

Book Two: "The Bright Incal."

Chapter One: "Ove Tenebrae" 7 p. -- Summary: Ceremonial extraction of the Incal from John Difool is about to begin, but first the Techno-Pope releases a 'shadow egg,' a large dark construct that will "seed the universe with darkness." Deepo is watching the ceremony from the rafters, trying to figure out what they're doing with his master.

Chapter Two: "Panic in the Internal Exterior" 8 p. -- Summary: Just as the dismemberment is about to begin, Deepo dives through the black ovoid that the Techno-Pope has suspended over his head like a halo. The ovoid, called a 'psycho-abdomen,' soon reforms, but in the confusion John and Deepo make it through a trap door into something called the 'Internal Exterior,' where they are soon threatened by a monster called the Cardioclaw. Meanwhile both Berg commandos and the Meta-Baron are approaching Techno City, and the Baron kills the Bergs.

Chapter Three: "Animah!" 8 p. -- Summary: By putting his faith in the Bright Incal, John is able to defeat the Cardioclaw and get the Dark Incal. With that, Techno City is destroyed. The president's advisors tell him to call the Emperoratrix for help. A woman visits John Difool in the wreckage of Techno City, and he gives her the Dark Incal without question. She says her name is Animah, and she leaves. In the snow outside, the Meta-Baron catches up with John and Deepo.

Chapter Four: "Neuraztenik Class Struggle" 8 p. -- Summary: The Amok Queen is leading a rebellion, and the Wolfhead is her general. The rebels attack the presidential palace with a nucleo-tactical weapon and seem to be winning. The president, who hasn't been taking it seriously, gets a call from the Emperoratrix. The Emperoratrix is a double person, both male and female. The Meta-Baron approaches with his apparently dead prisoner.

Chapter Five: "The Emperoratrix" 7 p. -- Summary: The Emperoratrix tells the President that the most serious problem is not the rebellion, nor an impending Berg invasion, but rather destroying the dark egg-shaped artifact that seems to be disturbing their sun. The Emperoratrix launches a space fleet to counter the Berg fleet. The Amok Queen refuses to return the Meta-Baron's son, whose name is Sunmoon, and orders them both killed and John Difool's body opened immediately. All three captives suddenly display superpowers and overpower the guards. The rebels led by Wolfhead break into the palace, but the President is dead. Actually the President has been re-cloned as a killing machine called the Necroprobe (with built in and constantly narrated holo-broadcasting on all human entertainment channels) and counterattacks.

Chapter Six: "The Acid Lake" 7 p. -- Summary: Wolfhead returns to the Amok Queen alone, and with all her guards defeated she says they must join forces with Sunmoon, the Meta-Baron, and John Difool. Difool reveals that he has given the Dark Incal to Animah, whom Sunmoon thinks of as his mother, and whom the Baron thinks of as the Queen of the Rats. It turns out that below the acid lake there is a world from which both Animah and the Amok Queen (who calls herself Tanatah) have come. The two women are sisters, and former guardians of the two Incals. The way below the acid lake is blocked, and the five humans and Deepo are caught in a whirlpool while trying to cross the lake to another entrance using the Baron's skiff as a raft.


The Incal 2

The Incal 2 Alexandro Jodorowsky, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, co-creators ; Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, translators-editors. -- 120 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm. -- New York: Epic Comics, 1988. -- (Epic Graphic Novel) -- A 3-page biography of Alexandro Jodorowsky, titled "Climbing the Holy Mountain," is provided at the end of this volume, which collects the third and fourth albums of L'Incal as published in French. The "books" are misnumbered Four and Five in headings. -- Call no.: PN6747.G5I5 1988 v. 2

Book Three: "That Which is Below."

Chapter One: "The Psycho-Rats" 9 p. -- Summary: John Difool, Deepo, the Meta-Baron, Sunmoon, Kill Wolfhead and and an unconscious Tanatah are delivered by the whirlpool into an enormous garbage pit full of rats. The more fear they feel, the larger and more dangerous the rats become, as Animah explains when she comes to greet them. They must leave right away, because the Necroprobe is looking for them.

Chapter Two: "The Great Garbage Dump" 14 p. -- Summary: Animah and Difool join the power of the two Incals to close the acid whirlpool on the pursuing Necroprobe. Animah says they must reach the sun core, a source of light shining over the garbage. A storm comes up and the fugitives take refuge in an old container, and once again Animah and Difool combine powers to awaken Tanatah, then to levitate their container when Garbage Eaters attack. Reaching a tower below the sun core, they find it guarded by a maze, then a gateway that requires that the characters make peace with each other before they may enter. A round of apologies gets them on the way just before the Necroprobe, now called the Necrorobot, reaches them.

Chapter Three: "The Planet of Gold" 12 p. -- Summary: The Berg invasion is under way, and a dark ovoid has killed a sun. The imperial parliament is in session on the Planet of Gold, arguing about these things, when a small spacecraft crashs into the chamber. The craft brings Kamar Raimo, spokesman for the colonies. He shows the remains of a sun destroyed by a Shadow Egg, and points the finger of blame at the Technos. The Emperoratrix believes him and calls the guard, but a traitor orders the guards to kill the Emperoratrix. The magnate Iman Horlog assumes power, and banishes Raimo and his six crewmembers to a prison planet called Aquaend.

Chapter Four: "The Crystal Forest" 10 p. -- Summary: Back inside the planet Ter 21, the seven fugitives have reached the sun core. Aided by a group of "ageless guardians," they pass through a mirror into a forest of singing crystals. Touching one of the crystals will create a sound that puts humans to sleep, and Deepo gets curious and touches one. While they sleep, the Necro-Robot, now changed into a tank called the Necro-Panzer, blasts its way through the mirror and starts destroying the forest. This wakes the seven, who make their way to another gate and power it up, with Sunmoon in the center of it.

Chapter Five: "The Portal of Transfiguration" 9 p. -- Summary: The seven are transported into another space and time, where two large pyramids await the presence of the Incals in order to combine and become a starship, with Sunmoon as the mind and controller of it. The assembly of the ship brings them back to their own universe, and the Necro-Panzer crashes near them, now reduced to nothing but a holo camera still broadcasting on all the holovid channels of human space. John Difool uses it to tell everyone that the Empire is dead, and to leave their apartments and seek the light. They leave in their starship. -- A previous translation of this chapter appears in Heavy Metal, v. 8, no. 3 (June 1984) as "The Door of the Transfiguration." (Call no.: PN6728.H43v.8no.3)

Book Four: "That Which is Above."

Chapter One: "Vitavil H2O" 15 p. -- Summary: On the planet Aquaend, Kamar and his crew are met by friendly humans who ride large jellyfish and have built a city fortress under the water, called Vitavil H20. The Emperoratrix is there, and reveals that the Emperoratrix killed in the parliament chamber was a clone. Meanwhile John Difool and friends attack a Shadow Egg, and find that all they can do is shatter it into more Shadow Eggs, and that it is made of anti-matter. Sunmoon and the Incals head for Aquaend because the Incals say there is something there that can combat the Shadow Eggs.

Chapter Two: "The Medusa Strategy" 11 p. -- Summary: The suncore of Ter 21 explodes and the guardians are dispersed about the surface of the planet, while the garbage overflows up into the cities forcing the population to the surface during a Berg invasion. Garbage eaters take over the city. On Aquaend, the crews of Kamar Raimo and John Difool meet and join forces. The Incal can mutate the giant medusae (jellyfish) into weapons against the Eggs, and soon they are herding wild ones into pens.

hapter Three: "Come Forward!" 15 p. -- Summary: The Incal has decided to drop John Difool on the Berg homeworld to fight in the 5,000 year games and impregnate their queen, and the Meta-Baron trains John in combat using a training robot. One hundred thousand mutated medusae take off across the galaxy to fight the 10,000 Shadow Eggs. Difool uses the remains of the President to broadcast the news that the Emperoratrix is still alive, and thus foment rebellion against the Technos. John Difool wins the game on the Berg homeworld, with the help of the starship and crew miniaturized and planted inside him.

Chapter Four: "Royal Wedding" 9 p. -- Summary: As his reward for winning the 5,000 year games, John Difool must impregnate the Berg queen. She takes the form of Animah to encourage him, and plans to disintegrate him afterwards. In lieu of disintegration he offers her the Incal, if she will first help him destroy the Technos, which they do. Meanwhile the medusae are having success against the Shadow Eggs.

Chapter Five: "Virus Tenebrae" 7 p. -- Summary: When John Difool sees Animah again, the Berg queen is jealous and disintegrates him anyhow. The Incal is able to reconstitute him. The problem of the Great Darkness remains, however, and the Emperoratrix has been infected by a psycho-virus.


The Incal 3

The Incal 3 Alexandro Jodorowsky, Jean "Moebius Giraud, co-creators ; Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, translators-editors. -- New York: Epic Comics, 1988. -- 96 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm. -- (Epic Graphic Novel) -- Collects the fifth and sixth albums of L'Incal as published in French. -- Call no.: PN6747.G5I5 1988 v. 2

Book Five: "The Fifth Essence"

Chapter One: "Inhuman!" 13 p. -- Summary: A medusa comes and chases the dark plasma away from the Emperoratrix, but that's only a temporary solution. The Incal says that the Technocentror is the key to finding and stopping the Great Darkness. John Difool travels to the War Star to see the Technocentror, and Raimo takes the Medusa with the remains of the Emperoratrix to the parliament to appeal for help against the Darkness. Darkness reclaims the Emperoratrix, and in the War Star the Technos figure out that the Incal is inside John Difool and begin a painful extraction process.

Chapter Two: "I Have Seen It As It Truly Is!" 21 p. -- Summary: The imperial fleet successfully captures the War Star after the Incal and crew shut down its computers, but then everything goes dark. It seems the Technocentror has gotten to the core and intends to escape through subspace. Sunmoon destroys the subspace launcher, then battles the Great Darkness itself, breaking a barrier that will allow the enemy future access to the entire universe.

Chapter Three: "The Dreaming Galaxy" 11 p. -- Summary: Back at the seat of government, politicians are debating when the dark Emperoratrix breaks into the chamber. Sunmoon becomes a double person, male and female, and defeats the Emperoratrix. The politicians proclaim him/her the new master of the galaxy, now called the "Patmah." The universe only has 22 days to defeat the Great Darkness, but the Patmah/Incal has a plan. All humans must go into a sleep called the "theta dream," and to help them the former president's head turns up, still connected to all channels of the human holovid network. A media star from Ter 21 contacts them, by the name of Diavaloo, and soon people are falling asleep in droves. The Incal says, though, that 78 billion people in the Berg galaxy have still not gone to sleep.

Chapter Four: "78 Billion in 1" 15 p. -- Summary: John Difool returns to the Berg galaxy to find that 78 billion inhabitants are humans who look like him, called Jondiffs. The Jondiffs are not receptive to the idea of going to sleep to save the universe, and they don't believe he wasn't hatched from an egg like all of them, until they see his navel.

Chapter Five: "Cut 'Em!" 7 p. -- Summary: John Difool is sentenced to public castration by the Jondiffs, and time is running out. Deepo convinces the queen to rescue him, and she convinces them all to join the theta dream.

Chapter Six: "The Circles of Nightmare" 23 p. -- Summary: Returning the Incal to the sun core of Ter 21, Sunmoon channels the energy of all the theta dreamers, but soon all of the seven are struggling against their own monsters. Only John Difool keeps his equanimity and helps the others to overcome their nightmares. Then all but John sacrifice their lives to get him to the heart of the darkness, and what he finds is light. The light is named Orh, the creator of their time and space, who had sent the Incal, his son, to banish the darkness in the human soul. Orh uncreates the universe, then recreates it and tells John he must remember. The last scene is the same as the first, with John Difool falling toward the acid lake.

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Incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
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Le Incarnazioni a Fumetti di Fantômas.
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See also the adventure album The Secret of the Incas
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Incendiary Devices.
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"El Incendio" 2 p. text in Grandes Detectives, no. 23 (May
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   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "A Bottle of Incense, a Whiff of the Past!" / Francis
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   the Eryx battle, the council held a huge banquet for the
   troops who had fought in that war. During the festivities,
   Salammbo, the daughter of Hamilcar, appeared. She was
   lovely; swirls of incense surrounded her as she spoke to
   the men and captivated each and every one of them,
   especially two. Of these, one was Narr'Havas, a Numidian
   prince; the other, a nameless yet legendary tribal leader."
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   22nd in a sequence. -- Call no.: PN6726.C595 1995v.1
"Incensed Reaction" (Mickey Rat) 1 p. in Mickey Rat, no. 2
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   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "I Sure Hope Daddy Warbucks Doesn't Lose His Incentive"*
   (Berry's World, Aug. 28, 1993) / Jim Berry, with apologies
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Incentive System.
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   "I Think It's Meat Loaf"* (Arlo & Janis, Oct. 18, 1997) /
   Johnson. -- Summary: Schroeder remembers to tell Arlo that
   he gets a free bust if he buys a piano. -- Key words:
   Peanuts, incentives. -- Call no.: PN6725 f.B55 "Peanuts"
   "No-Outs, Bases-Loaded, Score-Tied Jam"* (In the Bleachers,
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   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "incentives"
Incertain Silence--Reviews.
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Incertain Silence--Reviews.
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   (Dupuy, Berberian & Rozen) ; Guerilla Avortée ; Incertain
   Silence (François Ayroles) ; Les Quatres Fleuves (Fred
   Vargas & Edmond Baudoin) ; Week-End avec Premeditation
   (Pierre Wazem & Tom Tirabosco) ; Persepolis (Marjane
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   Frankensten Encore et Toujours (Baladi) ; Viva Pâtamâch!
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"Incest!" / Grass Green. 11 p. in Bizarre Sex, no. 1 (1972)
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   Setsuna so mixed up? Despite his attempts to be noble,
   he'll fight anyone anytime; he ignores all authority; and
   he harbors feelings for his sister that can only be
   described as incestuous. Why is he such a mess? The reason
   may be found with two demons from the underworld and their
   enemy, an insane angel who is distributing an insidious
   computer game called Angel Sanctuary." -- LIBRARY HAS: v.
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Incest Story.
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Incest in the Marvel Family.
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Inch-High Detective.
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Inch High Private Eye--Miscellanea.
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   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "A Square Inch of Land"* (Uncle Scrooge) 8 p. in Walt
   Disney's Uncle Scrooge, no. 14 (June/Aug. 1956) -- SUMMARY:
   Scrooge wins a square inch of land, right over a prairie
   dog's hole; and the little critter has oil on his feet.
   I. Uncle Scrooge. k. Inches. k. Land. k. Prairie Dogs. k.
   Oil. Call no.: PN6728.2.D4U5no.14
   "They Meant to Say It's a Game of Hours"* (Shoe, Aug. 29,
   1981) / MacNelly. reproduced on p. 121 of Golf in the Comic
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   who remarks that golf is a game of inches. -- Call no.:
   PN6726.G595 1997
Inchly the 3rd.
   Index entry (p. 67) in The Will Eisner Companion, by N.C.
   Christopher Couch & Stephen Weiner (New York : DC Comics,
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"Inchon, the Invasion that Shocked the World" / Joe Maneely. 6
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Inchworm Press.
   Casper : a Spirited Beginning / adapted by Amy Edgar ; from
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Inchworm Press.
   Casper Meets Wendy / adapted by Amy LaRoche from the
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   Press, 1998. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. -- Funny ghost
   fiction. -- Call no.: PN6728.C33L28 1998
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