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Information for Donors

The Comic Art Collection, especially the North American collection, has grown almost entirely through the generous donations of many collectors, publishers, and comics retailers.

Our collection is focused on published comic books (rather than archival items like original art or papers of cartoonists). We will gladly refer donors to other libraries that specialize in other collecting areas. The intent of this collection is to have available a picture of what the readers of comic books have been able to see over the years.

We encourge donations that include significant numbers in any of the following categories:

Donations of comics material can always be sent unannounced, and will never be thrown away or disrespected in any fashion. If we cannot use what you have sent we will find another library willing to accept the materials, and will forward the donation to them. If this cannot be done, materials will be sold in support of an endowment fund specifically earmarked for the Comic Art Collection.

However, particularly with large donations, we will reimburse your shipping costs ONLY if we have determined in advance through correspondence or telephone conversations that your collection is an important one to our program.

All donations will be answered with letters of acknowledgement, but the valuation of a donation for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

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Comic Art Collection
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