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This list and its format originated with Manfred Vogel.  After his August 1997 version, he turned it over to me to continue.  Shortly after that Manfred died.  I would like this list to be a continuing memorial to him. 


In addition to record album, tape and cd covers, this list also includes poster art and comic book adaptations of music.  Cartoonist is defined broadly here and can include comic book or strip artists, caricaturists, editorial cartoonists, animators and animation, or gag cartoonists.  Tower Record's magazines Pulse and Classical Pulse have regularly showcased comics artists and used them as illustrators.  Justin Green has a regular comics strip on musical topics in Pulse.  Matt Madden, David Lasky, Adrian Tomine and Mark Zingarelli have done illustrations in them.  In addition, both magazines have regularly published a changing comic strip on their last page.  Tower Records (UK) has also used comics artists including Savage Pencil.  Personality Comics has published biographies of musicians and are not the first to do this as a Frank Sinatra one was done in the 1950s; none of these are included here.  Some non-musical comic books include record albums including Duplex Planet Illustrated #1, Scout #19 and Nexus V1 #3  This list is very weak on Japanese cartoonists.  Schodt noted in Manga, Manga, "In 1980, there were over 150 'animation' and 'comics' albums released in Japan.  Records linked with comics in Japan can be music or poems composed or performed by popular comic artists; dramatizations or musical interpretations of popular comic stories; or theme songs and background music from television animation, theatrical feature animation, and live action films based on comics (p. 147)."  Presumably the number has only increased since then.  Basta's website at hs Crumb, Ware, Wayno, Swarte and Meulen pictures.  An excellent index by L. Ronald de Klerk, "Record Covers drawn by Comic Artists," has more information on record album covers than is in this list and is available at   de Klerk's list also includes radio shows and children's record albums based on comics characters, a few of which have snuck in here.  Additions and corrections  (marked *) are very welcome.  Comics Stuff is an occasional publication showcasing aspects of comics collecting and indexing beyond the comic book and toy price guides. 

V/A = Various Artists, an anthology

OST = Original Sound Track



AB'AIGRE (Switzerland)

    LE BEAU LAC DE BALE "Be leu beuleu!" LP cover (1984)


Jessica ABEL (USA)

    BENDER "Chronic" 7" cover, insert comic (Sweet Pea Rec. 1993)



    BILL LA BOUNTY "Promised Love" LP cover (20th Century 1975)

    GRAND FUNK "All the Girls in the World Beware!!!" LP cover (Capitol 1974)

    THE MIGHTY GROUNDHOGS "Who Will Save the World?" LP cover (United Artists 1972)

    TRIXTER "Trixter" LP cover (MCA 1990)



    Scott ADAMS "The Dilbert Future" book on cassette tape (HarperCollins 1997)


ALEXIS (France)

    MARCEL DADI "Dadi's Picking Lights Up Nashville. Part One" LP cover (Cezame 1976)


Julian ALLEN

    BEATLES "She's leaving home" song adaption (in: The Beatles Songbook)


Michael ALLRED

    OST "Astroesque" (movie Allred directed; released?)

    THE GEAR "Son of Red Rocket 7" cd and booklet (Dark Horse 1998).  In addition to doing the artwork, Allred's a member of the band.


Tullio ALTAN (Italy)

    STRING BAND "Rava" LP cover (Soul Note 1984)


ALTEAU (France)

    KLASSE KRIMINALE "1985‑95 Orgoglio per le tue passioni" part of LP cover (Knock Out Rec. 1995)





    DINOSAUR JR. "Start Choppin!" EP (1992, Warner Brothers)

    DINOSAUR JR. "Where You Been" CD (1993 Sire/Warner Brothers)

    DINOSAUR JR. "Feel the Pain" CD single (1994 Warner Brothers)



    THE PIXIES  "Trompe Le Monde" CD


ARNO (France)

    THE HERBERTS "Oi! Generation" (1994)


Peter ARNO (USA)

    OST - JOHN RAITT, JANIS PAIGE, EDDIE FOY JR. & ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST "The Pajama Game" LP cover (Columbia 196?)



    BLIND BLAKE "Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker" CD cover design (Yahoo 1990)


Assman ONO (USA)

    THE JET BOYS "Get Out of My Girl" cover (Sympathy For The Record Industry 19??)


Claude AUCLAIR (France)

    ALAN STIVELL "Terre des Vivants" LP backcover (1981)



    ALICE COOPER "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" LP cover (with Tom Sutton) (El Topo 19??)



    THE ACCUSED "Some Facts About the Accused" tribute comic (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    THE ACTION SUITS "4 Track Mind" 7" cover

    THE ACTION SUITS "Before/Fun Flies" 7" cover

    THE ACTION SUITS "Fun Flies/Your Soft Light" 7" cover

    THE ACTION SUITS "Cancer Father" 7" cover

    THE BROOD "Knock on My Door, I'll Come Again" cover (Estrus 19??)

    D.I.Y. "Shake It Up" CD label art (Rhino 19??)

    THE NOMADS "I'm Out of It" 7" cover (Estrus 1994)

    SICK & WRONG "Hot Beef Injection" CD cover (Vagrant Rec.)

    *CHRIS SLUSARENKO "Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel" LP and CD artwork (2001)

    TAD "Wood Goblins" cover (Sup Pop 19??)

    V/A "Groin Thunder" cover (Dog Meat 19??)



    KRS‑ONE "Psychosonic Comic" song adaption comic book (Marvel 1994)

    THE RESIDENTS "Everybody Comes to the Freakshow" song adaption (in: "Freak Show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    THE RESIDENTS "Nobody Laughs When They Leave" song adaption (in: "Freak Show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    HEAL? album


BARU (France)

    PIERRE HANOT "Rock derive" LP cover (1982)


Edmond BAUDOIN (France)

     MADRID "Night Clubber" CD cover (Les Disques Serpentine 1998)



    album covers?


BEB DEUM (France)

    ALAIN BASHUNG "Passee le Rio Grande" LP cover (Barclay 1986)


*Jerry BECK (USA)

    INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Insane Clown Posse: The Pendulum" 12 issue comic book series, written by Jesse Leon McCann  (Chaos Comics 2000-)


Pedro BELL

    AXIOM FUNK "Funkronomicon" CD booklet (with Hayden) (Axiom/Island 1995)

    GEORGE CLINTON "Tapoafom" LP cover (with Everett/Onli) (Capitol 19??) ?

    FUNKADELIC "Tales of Kidd Funkadelic" LP cover (with Clinton) (Westbound 1976)

    FUNKADELIC "Hardcore Jollies" LP cover (Warner Bros. 1977)

    FUNKADELIC "One Nation Under A Groove" LP cover (Warner Bros. 1978)

    FUNKADELIC "Uncle Jam Wants You" LP cover (with Wildflower/Jones) (Warner Bros. 1979)

    FUNKADELIC "The Electric Spanking of War Babies" LP cover (Warner Bros. 1980)

    PARLIAMENT "Gloryhallastoopid" LP cover (with Loyd) (Casablanca 1979) ?? - actual credits are "Jerk of Art: Overton Loyd, Graphics: Gribbit!"

    PARLIAMENT, FUNKADELIC & P FUNK ALL STARS "Dope Dogs" CD booklet (Hot Hands 1995)



    record albums


Ted BENOIT (France)

    THE ANDREW SISTERS "Original Stars" LP cover (Capitol/ Pathe Marconi 1984)

    BILL BAXTER "La belle vie" LP cover (Virgin 1983)

    ELLE MORISA "La peau du leopard" EP cover (Flarenasch 1987)

    ORNICAR "Mais ou est donc Ornicar?" LP cover (IDA 1984)

    V/A "Rock frenesie" LP cover (Blue Moon 1989)


    IMPACT SUR LA BANANE "Tcha tcha tcha" EP cover (BS 1987)

    ULTRAMARINE "Programme Jungle" LP cover (Bloomdido 1985)

    V/A "Rock 94" LP cover (1984)


Dan BERGER (USA) [see]

    DOOM NATION "Fruit of Doom" cassette (1991)

    *DOOM NATION "Dog Day after Doom" CD cover (2000)

    *DOOM NATION "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Presents Merdude and Mondogecko #2" comic book (Archie 1993)

    *DOOM NATION "Doom Nation Comics #1" comic book (Numbskull Press)

    *DOOM NATION band flyers and posters


Jordi BERNET (Spain)

    CALLEJONES "Callejones" LP cover (Fonomusic 1990)



    JOHN ZORN "Spy vs. Spy" LP cover (Elektra 19??)

    STEEL TIPS "No. 3" EP cover (Red Music 1981)




Enki BILAL (France)

    GILBERT DEFLEZ "Je suis vivant, mai j'ai peur" LP cover (1974)

    GWENDAL "A vos desirs" LP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1977)

    IVY'S DAY "Ivy's Day" LP cover (1985)

    GERARD MANSET "Route Manset" (EMI 1996, France)

    SERGE RAFFY "Y'a un mystere" LP cover (Philips 1985)

    TRI YANN "Marzelle" LP cover (1988)

    ANNE VANDERLOVE "Anne Vanderlove" LP cover (Velia 197?)



    DANZIG "Thrall/Demonsweatlive" EP cover (19??)

    MOTORHEAD "The Best of Motorhead" LP cover (BMG 1991)

    *V/A "Heavy Metal 2000" 3 of 4 variant CD covers and a limited edtion cd-rom/comic book (Restless Records 2000)

    Drunken State ? (1990)

    First Offense ? (1988)


Michel BLANC‑DUMONT (France)

    GEORGE BRASSENS "George Brassens" LP cover (19??)

    LONG DISTANCE "Bluegrass" LP cover (Cezame 1977)



    THE ACCUSED "Eating Out with Martha Splatterhead" tribute comic (in:  "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    SKINYARD "Inside the Eye" cover (Cruze 19??)



    OUR AMERICAN COUSINS "One Wish Too Many" 45 cover


    THRILLSVILLE "Deadbeat / Sight / Dogface / Encore!!!" single (Monkey Head Music 1997)

    THIN WHITE ROPE "In the Spanish Cave" album cover

    THE CRAMPS "Bad Music for Bad People" album cover

    THE HELLGRAMMITES "The Hellgrammites" CD cover (Go Go Ahead Records, 2002)



    LOOSE CABOOSE "Caboose Ha Fe Move" CD? (1995)

    MARK HERSHLER "Out of the Darkness" CD (1997, Lil Shack)



    THE DRIFTERS "40 Greatest Hits"

    THE FINK BROTHERS "Mutants in Mega‑City One" EP cover (Virgin 1985)

    THE RESIDENTS "Harry the Head" song adaption (in "Freak show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    V/A "Beautiful Happiness" LP cover (SOUNDS & Shigaku 1988, UK)

     PRINCE "Prince: Alter Ego" comic book cover (DC Comics 1991)



    THE RESIDENTS "Wanda the Worm Woman" comic strip song adaption (in: "Freak show"/ Dark Horse 1992)


BONVI (Italy)

    JESTER BEAST "Poetical Freakscream" LP cover (1991)

    MAURIZIO VANDELLI "L'altra faccia de Maurizio Vandelli" LP cover (Ricordi 1970)


Francois BOURGEON (France)

    CABESTAN "Chants de marine traditionnelle" LP cover (Le Chasse‑Maree 1985)



    ROCKADILES ? (1983)



    Irving BERLIN "I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen" sheet music from "This Is The Army" show ("This Is The Army" Inc. 1942)



    Rob ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe" cd cover (1998)


Claire BRETECHER (France)

    GWENDAL "Joe cant's reel" LP cover (Pathe Marconi 1975)


Chester BROWN (Canada)

    Sook-Yin LEE "Wigs 'n' Guns" CD cover (Zulu 1996)


Thomas M. BUNK (Germany)

    AERA "Akataki" LP cover (Spiegelei/Intercord 1982)


Philip BURKE (USA)

    UNCLE FESTIVE cover (Bluemoon 19??)


Charles BURNS (USA)

    IGGY POP "Brick by Brick" LP cover (Virgin 1990, USA)

    IGGY POP "Candy" EP cover (Virgin 1990, USA)

    V/A "Sub Pop 200" cover (Sub Pop 1988, USA)

    *V/A "Sub Pop 9" cassette cover (Sub Pop, USA)

     *?? "Lubricated Goat" single cover (Sub Pop, USA)


John BYRNE & Tom Palmer  (USA)

    JOE SATRIANI "Surfing With the Alien" LP cover (Relativity Records 1987, USA)


Max CABANES (France)

    MARCEL DADI LP cover (19??)

    FABRIS & ROSSI LP cover (19??)



    EFFIGES "45 rpm"? (1982)



    NUCLEUS "Jam on Revenge" LP cover (Sunnyview 1984)



    MULE cover (Touch & Go 19??)



OST - Original Broadway Cast  "Li'l Abner" LP cover (Columbia 1956)

*RIVINGTONS "Kickapoo Joy Juice" (Liberty) - based on Capp strip; any artwork by him?


CARLOS (Belgium)

    VUILE MONG EN ZIJN VIEZE GASTEN "Bommerskonten" LP cover (19??)

    VUILE MONG EN ZIJN VIEZE GASTEN "Vuile Mong & Zijn Vieze Gasten" LP cover (19??)



    RUMBLEFISH "Coppola"? comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).



    V/A "Casper: A Spirited Beginning Soundtrack" CD (EMI‑Capitol 1997)


*Daniel CEPPI (Switzerland)

        LE BEAU LAC DE BALE "Tout ça pour des prunes"" CD cover (1995)


Steven CERIO

    DRAGIBUS "O Dragao Magico" 7" single (Popo Claasic Collection 1998)

    V/A "Discotrama Vol. 1 & 2 (Le Dernier Cri 199?) - Cerio plays with his band Little Lettuce on Vol. 2.



    Jimmy Carl BLACK "Pachuco Cadaver" cd cover with minicomic (1995)


Yves CHALAND (France)

    L'AFFAIR LOUIS TRIO "Chic Planet" LP cover (19??)

    V/A "Cocktail Party‑Herta" LP cover (Pathe Marconi 1984)


CHAUZY (France)

    THE SHIFTERS "Lazy and Some Kind of Crazy" LP cover (19??)



    THE HOOD "Cooler Than Thou" LP cover (Les Disques du Crepuscule 1987)

    OST "The Legend of Jesse James" LP cover (1980)


*Frank CHO (USA)

    G-SPOT cd cover (199?)

    SELF‑TITLED "Not for Distribution" CD cover (Recurve Records 2001; see


Nicole CLAVELOUX (France)

    ARLETTE MIRAPEU "L'esprit qui Vole" LP cover (Arc en Ciel 1987)

    MAX RONGIER "Qu'est‑ce qu'il n'y a?" LP cover (Arc en Ciel 1983)

    STOMU YAMASH'TA "Red Buddha" LP cover (Barclay 1972)


Serge CLERC (France)

    CARMEL "Bad Day" EP cover (London 1983)

    CARMEL "Willow Weep for Me" EP cover (London 1983)

    CARMEL "The Drum is Everything" cover (1984)

    CARMEL "More, More, More" EP cover (London 1984)

    BOB CLIFFORD AND THE HEPCATS "Hot Rocks" LP cover (Honeymoon 1978)

    COMATEENS "Late Night City" EP cover (Call Me 1981)

    THE FLESHTONES "Speed Connection" LP cover (IRS 1985)

    JOE JACKSON "Big World" LP cover (A&M 1986)

    EDDY MITCHELL "4LPS (Coffret)"LP cover (Barclay 1976)

    SUGAR RAY FORD "Exotic Hotshots" LP cover (Mankin 1984)

    V/A "Juke Box Hits Vol.2" LP cover (Underdog 1982)



    VICTOR BANANA "Split" LP cover (1988)

    VICTOR BANANA "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" CD cover (19??)

    LA BREA STOMPERS "Funzo's Knuckle Room" cover (19??, Athens, GA)

    CHEATER SLICKS "Destination Lonely" LP cover (Dog Meat 1991)

    THEE HEADCOATS "Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats! (Already)" LP cover, lettering (Sub‑Pop 1990)

    LABREA STOMPERS "Funzo's Knuckle Room" (DB Records, Athens, GA, 1993)

    *BOB MOSS "Folknik"cd cover (Soundco Records 2002)

    RAUNCH HANDS "Raunch Hands" LP cover (Payday 1987)

    RUBE RUBEN "Shmendrick" 45 single

    JACK SCRATCH ? set of 4 or 5 7" singles (Crypt Records 1991)

    NEIL SMYTHE "Refrains" CD cover/back cover/interior art (Neil Smythe 19??)

    THE SUPERSUCKERS "The Smoke of Hell" cover (Sup Pop 19??)

    URGE OVERKILL "Supersonic Storybook" LP backcover (Touch & Go 1991)

    V/A "Beat of the Traps" LP cover (1991?)

    V/A "The Ernest Noyes Brookings Song Collections Vol. 2" CD cover

    V/A "Jungle Exotica" CD cover (Strip CD) ?

    V/A "Las Vegas Grind Pt.2" CD cover (Strip 199?)

    V/A "Las Vegas Grind Pt.4" LP cover (Strip)

    V/A "The John Peel Sub‑Pop Sessions: 1989‑1993" cover (Sub Pop and Strange Fruit, 19??)

    Eddie Lee Sausage "Shut Up Little Man" CD cover.  (Eddie Lee Sausage 1992)



    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE "After Bathing at Baxters" LP cover (19??)



    V/A "Songs In The Key Of X:..."The X‑Files" CD cover and booklet  (Warner Brothers 1998)


    FETISH 69 "Purge" CD cover (Community/IRS 1996)

    V/A "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ‑ O.S.T" LP backcover (QDK Media 1991)



    THE ACTION SUITS "Glazed Donuts/Andy the Android" single (Spot On! 1997)



    BAD RELIGION "American Jesus" 7" cover (Sympathy for The Record Industry 1993)

    BOSS HOG concert poster (19??)

    CHURCH OF SATAN concert poster (19??)

    DAVE & DEKE concert poster (19??)

    FRANKENSTEIN concert poster (19??)

    GAS HUFFER concert poster (19??)

    GREEN DAY concert poster (19??)

    THE LAZY COWGIRLS "Teenage Frankenstein" 7" cover (Sympathy for The Record Industry 1993)

    L7 "Everglade" 7" cover (Slash Rec. 1992)

    FOO FIGHTERS concert poster (1996)

    MONOMEN "Skin & Bones" 7" cover (Sub Pop 1992)

    MONOMEN "Bent Pages" CD cover (Estrus 1993)

    MINISTRY concert poster (1996)

    NO FX "I Heard They Suck Live!" LP cover (Fat Wreck Chords 19??)

    ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT concert poster (19??)

    SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS concert posters (19??)

    SUPERNOVA concert poster (19??)

    V/A "Estrus Gearbox" cover (Estrus 19??)

    *V/A "MTV The Return of the Rock" CD (2000)

    VOODOO GLOW SKULLS concert poster (19??)


Richard CORBEN (USA)

    HEAVENS GATE "Livin' in Hysteria" LP cover (Steamhammer 1991)

    MEAT LOAF "Bat out of Hell" LP cover (Epic 1977)

    JIM STEINMAN "Bad for Good" LP cover (Epic 1981)



    "Who Will Save The World?" lettering



    PRINCE "Prince: Alter Ego" comic book (DC Comics 1991)


Guido CREPAX (Italy)

    BIX BEIDERBECKE "The Legendary Bix 1927" LP cover (Odeon/Carisch 1957)

    ENZO CERAGIOLI "Festa de ballo Nr.2" LP cover (Carisch/MCA 1957)

    GARYBALDI "Nuda" LP cover (CBS 1973)

    MASSIMO RANIERI "Per una donna" LP cover (1975)

    V/A "Organ Jazz" LP cover (Ricordi 1958)


Robert CRUMB (USA)

    BEAU HUNKS "The Beauhunks Play the Original Laurel & Hardy Music" CD cover (Basta Audio-Visual 199?)

    *BEAU HUNKS "Saxophone Soctette" CD cover (Basta Audio-Visual 199?)

    BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY "Cheap Thrills" LP cover (CBS 1968)

    BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY "Kozmic Blues" logo (CBS 1969)

    BIG JOHN WRENCHER "Maxwell Street Alley Blues" CD cover (Blue Sting 1992)

    BLIND BOY FULLER "Truckin' My Blues Away" LP cover (Yazoo 1978)

    Bo CARTER "Red Hot Blues" LP cover (Yazoo 1978)

    Robert CRUMB AND HIS CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS LP cover lettering & design (Blue Goose 1974)

    Robert CRUMB AND HIS CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS "Number 2" LP cover  (Blue Goose 1976)

    Robert CRUMB AND THE CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS "Number 3" LP cover design & lettering (Blue Goose 1978)

    Robert CRUMB AND HIS CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS "Party Record" LP cover (Red Goose 1978)

    Robert CRUMB AND HIS KEEP‑ON‑TRUCKIN' ORCHESTRA "River Blues" LP cover lettering & design (Ordinary Records 1972)

    Gerard DOLE "Co Co Colinda" CD cover (Playasound 1992)

    The GOOD TONE BANJO BOYS "Ducks Yas Yas" LP cover (Good Tone 1972)

    The HOKUM BOYS "You Can't Get Enough of That Stuff" LP cover (Yazoo 1975)

    Earl HOOKER "There's a Fungus Amung Us" LP cover (Red Lightnin 1972)

    Dave JASEN "Rompin' Stompin' Ragtime" LP cover (Blue Goose 1974)

    The KLEZMORIN "Streets of Gold" LP cover (Arhoolie 1978)

    MEMPHIS JUG BAND "Compilation" LP cover (Yazoo 1979)

    The OTIS BROTHERS LP cover (Flying Crow Rec. 1982)

    Charlie PATTON "King of the Delta Blues" CD cover (Yazoo 1991)

    Les PRIMITIVES DU FUTUR "Cocktail d'amour" EP cover (Media Sept 1987)

    *Les PRIMITIVES DU FUTUR "World Musette" CD cover (Sketch 2000)

    Alan SEIDLER "The Duke of Ook" LP cover (Blue Goose 1974)

    Diane TELL "Marilyn Montreuil" CD backcover (Columbia 1991)

    UKULEKE IKE (Cliff Edwards) "I'm a Bear in a Lady's Bodouir" LP cover  (Yazoo 1974)

    V/A "Crumb ‑ Original Movie Soundtrack" CD cover (Rykodisk)

    V/A "Crumb: The Musical ‑ Soundtrack" CD cover (Shel‑Tone)

    V/A "Rave From the Grave" LP cover (Union Pacific 1972)

    V/A "Please Warm My Weiner" [sic!] LP cover (Yazoo 1973)

    V/A "Harmonica Blues" LP cover (Yazoo ca. 1976)

    V/A "History of Jazz" LP cover (Yazoo 1982)

    *V/A "That's What I Call Sweet Music: American Dance orchestras of the 1920s" (EMI Songbook 1999)

     *V/A "Gay Life in Dikanka ‑‑ Robert Crumb's Old Time Favorites" CD and booklet (Bakhall [Sweden] 2000)


Jari CUYPERS (Finland/Germany)

    FRITZ KIDS "Tanz auf dem Vulkan" EP cover & booklet (Eigelstein/ Teldec 1980)



    DAME DARCY "Devil Made Her Do It" 7"/song illustration booklet (19??)

    DAME DARCY WITH THE COCKTAILS "Aardvark"7"/song illustration booklet  (19??)



    GAS GIANTS "From Beyond the Back Burner" CD cover (Atomic Pop Records 1999)



    Siniestro Total "Policlmnico Miserable" cover (19??)



    6 FAT DUTCHMEN LP cover (RCA 1958)

    BOB AND RAY "A Stereo Spectacular" LP cover (RCA 1958)

    BROTHERS FOUR "Try to Remember" LP backcover (Columbia 1965)

    BY THE WAYWARD BUS "The Prophet" EP cover (RCA 1968)

    THE BUNCH LP cover (RCA 1966)

    ARCHIE CAMPBELL "Have a Laugh on Me" LP cover (RCA 1966)

    RANDY CARLOS & HIS ORCHESTRA "Makin' Whoopee Cha Cha" LP cover (RCA 1958)

    JOHNNY CASH "Everybody Loves a Nut" LP cover (Columbia 1966)


    MYRON COHEN "This is Myron Cohen" LP cover (RCA 1972)

    BEN COLDER "Wine, Women & Song" LP cover (MGM 19??)

    THE COWSILLS "The Best of The Cowsills" LP cover (MGM 1968)

    FLOYD CRAMER LP cover (RCA 1977)

    CRAZY OTTO "Plays Crazy Tunes" LP cover  (MGM 1963)

    CUTTIN' UP "The Johnny Otis Show" LP cover (Epic 1970)

    THE DELLS VS THE DRAMATICS LP cover (Cadet 1974)

    MILTON DELUGG "Music for Monsters" LP cover (Epic 196?)

    JIMMY DICKENS "The Bird of Paradise" (Columbia 1965)

    DAVID FRYE "Radio Free Nixon" LP cover (Elektra 1972)

    GRAND OLE OPRY STARS LP cover (RCA‑Camden 1974)

    GUESS WHO "The Greatest of the Guess Who" LP cover (RCA 1977)

    PHIL HARRIS EP cover (RCA 1960)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Life Can Be Miserable" LP cover (RCA 1959)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Zany Songs of the '30s" LP cover (RCA 1961)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Songs My Mother Never Sang" LP cover (RCA 1961)

    HOMER & JETHRO "At the Convention" LP cover (RCA 1962)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Go West" LP cover (RCA 1963)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Any News from Nashville?" LP cover (RCA 1966)

    HOMER & JETHRO "The Old Crusty Minstels" LP cover (RCA 1966)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Nashville Cts" LP cover (RCA 1967)

    HOMER & JETHRO "Country Comedy" LP cover  (RCA‑Camden 1971)

    DON IMUS "In the Morning" LP cover (RCA 1972)

    DON IMUS "One Sacred Chicken to Go" LP cover (RCA 1973)

    DON IMUS "1200 Hamburgers to Go" cover (19??)

    JAZZTONE MYSTERY BAND LP cover (Jazztone 1957)

    JONATHON AND DARLENE EDWARDS "Sing Along with Jonathon and Darlene

        Edwards" LP cover (RCA 1962)

    SPIKE JONES EP cover (RCA 1958)

    SPIKE JONES "Thank You, Music Lovers!" LP cover (RCA 1960)

    THE MAD SHOW LP cover (Columbia 1965)

    CHARLIE MANNA "The Rise and Fall of the Great Society" LP cover (Verve 196?)

    RAY MARTIN" The Sound of Sight" LP cover (London 196?)

    VAUGHN MEADER "Have Some Nuts" LP cover (Verve 1963)

    GENE MOSS "Dracula's Greatest Hits" LP cover (RCA 1964)

    THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS "Today" LP cover (Columbia 1964)

    THE OHIO EXPRESS "The Best of The Ohio Express" LP cover (Buddha 196?)

    PIERCE & CONRAD "Monster Rally" LP cover (RCA 1959)

    JERRY REED "The Uptown Poker Club" LP cover (RCA 1973)

    JERRY REED "Texas Bound and Flyin' " LP cover (RCA 1980)

    SAILCAT "Motorcycle Mmama" LP cover (Elektra 1972)

    V/A "Beer Barrel Polka Party" LP cover (RCA‑Camden 1974)

    V/A "Dick Clark Presents Radio's Greatest Uncensored Bloopers" LP cover (Atlantic 1984)

    V/A "Funny , You Don't Look It" LP cover (RCA 1966)

    V/A "Many Happy Returns of the Day" LP cover (MGM 1963)

    V/A "Olden Golden Goodies" LP cover (RCA 1963)

    V/A "The Happiest Girl in the World" LP cover (Columbia 1961)

    V/A "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ‑ O.S.T." LP cover (1964)

    WHITE TRASH "White Trash" LP cover (Elektra 1991)

    JONATHAN WINTERS "Mad, Mad world" LP cover (Verve 1964)

    SHEB WOOLEY "Big Ben Strikes Again" LP cover (MGM 1967)

    SHEB WOOLEY "Harper Valley PTA" LP cover (MGM 1968)

    SHEB WOOLEY "Spoofing the Big Ones" LP cover (MGM 1963)

    SHEB WOOLEY "The Best of Ben Colder" LP cover (MGM 1963)

    ZACHARIE'S MONSTER GALLERY LP cover (Crestview 1960)



     "DC Comics Super Heroes: Attack of the Elementals" cassette



    CUB "Betti‑Cola" cover (Mint Records 199?)


Georganne DEEN (USA)

    PHIL ALVIN "Unsung Stories" cover (Slash 19??)



    BULIMIA BANQUET "Party My Colon" LP cover (Flipside 1989)

    *CHRIS SLUSARENKO "Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel" LP and CD artwork (2001)



    album covers for Crypt Records


Bob DeMOOR (Belgium)

    THE MACHINE "A World of Machines" LP cover (EMI 1982)


DENIS (France)

    DENNIS' TWIST "Dennis' Twist" part of LP jam cover (Vogue 1988,


    DENNIS' TWIST "Toutes les Larmes du Ciel" (1988)

    PHILIPPE GUYOT "Les Yeux Cernes" (1986)


Dianne DiMASSA (USA)

    TRIBE 8 "Snarkism" LP cover (Alternative Tentacles 1996)



    THE HERBERTS "Oil Generation" (1994)


Hendrik DORGATHEN (Germany)

    V/A "Dancemania" LP cover (BMG 1991)



    THE EXCEPTIONS "Flowering Scrunch" 7" cover (Icon, 19??)

    THE EXCEPTIONS "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Exceptions" CD cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Icon 19??)

    THE EXCEPTIONS "Five Finger Discount" cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Jump Up! ‑pending)

    RADON 7" (Ms. Cake)

    V/A "American Ska‑Thic" CD cover (Jump Up! 19??)

    V/A "American Ska‑Thic 2" CD cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Jump Up! 19??)

    V/A "Death of American Ska‑Thic" cover (Jump Up! 19??)

    V/A "Mash It Up 93" CD cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Bib 19??)

    V/A "Mash it Up vol 3" CD cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Bib 19??)

    V/A "Mash it Up vol 4" CD cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Bib ‑pending)

    V/A "Mashin' Up the Nation" 12" lp cover (Harvard Square 19??)

    V/A "Mashin Up the Nation" CD cover (collects LP with vol 2) (Bib ‑2nd release 19??)

    V/A "Return of American Ska‑Thic" cover (w/Sarah Dyer) (Jump Up! ‑pending)


Michael DOUGAN (USA)

    TRAILER PARK EP cover (Twintone/Sin 19??)


Chantale E. DOYLE (Canada)

    CUB "Box of Hair" cover (Mint Records 1996)



    BUT ALIVE "Bis jetzt ging alles gut" LP cover

    FAITH NO MORE cover (1995)

    FALSE PROPHETS "Invisible People" cover



    ANTHRAX "State of Euphoria" LP backcover (Island 1988)

    THE BEARS "The Bears" LP cover (Primitive Man 1987)

    BOB & RAY "Bob & Ray: The Two & Only" LP cover

    *Bob BOOKER and George FOSTER "Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts" LP cover (Musicor 1968)


Philippe DRUILLET (France)

    AGRESSOR "Neverending Destiny" LP cover (Noise International 1990)

    PIERRE BACHELET "Pierre Bachelet" cover (1995)

    BLACK SUN "Black Sun" LP cover (IPG 1978)

    GRAIL "Grail" LP cover (Barclay 197?)

    JIMI HENDRIX "Electic Ladyland" LP cover (Barclay 1975)

    RICHARD PINHAS "East‑West" LP cover (CBS 1980)

    SORTILEGE "Metamorphose" LP cover (Steamhammer 1984)

    ROD STEWART "Grail" cover (19??)

    IGOR WAKHEVITCH "Docteur Faust" LP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 19??)


"DUCKMAN cartoonists" (i.e. they did the Duckman animation, but I don't know their names)

    ACCIDENTAL ORCHESTRA (made up of the Duckman cartoonists) "Allegro Absurdito" (Tone



Sarah DYER (USA)

    THE EXCEPTIONS "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Exceptions" CD cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Icon 19??)

    THE EXCEPTIONS "Five Finger Discount" cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Jump Up! ‑pending)

    V/A "American Ska‑Thic 2" CD cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Jump Up! 19??)

    V/A "Mash It Up 93" CD cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Bib 19??)

    V/A "Mash it Up vol 3" CD cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Bib 19??)

    V/A "Mash it Up vol 4" CD cover (w/Evan Dorkin) (Bib ‑pending)

    V/A "Return of American Ska‑Thic" cover (w/Evan Dorkin)  (Jump Up! ‑pending)


Kevin EASTMAN and Peter LAIRD (USA)

    V/A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (SBK

Records 1990) [Soundtrack is based on their comic, but does not have artwork by them.]



    TANTRA "Il macumba" EP cover (Carrere 1983)



    Stan FREBERG ?



    THE BEAT "Just Can't Stop It" cover (19??, UK)

    THE JAZZ BUTCHER "A Scandal in Bohemia" LP cover (Glass 1984)


Doug ERB (USA)

    D.I.Y "Starry Eyes" CD label art (Rhino 19??)



    GEORGE CLINTON ? cover (with Bell/Onli) (Capitol 19??)


F'MURR (France)

    HENRI, PAUL, AGNES ET LEON "L'Escargot" LP cover (L'Escargot 1976)


Wallace H. FAX (USA)

    album covers



    PARADISE LOST "Lost Paradise" LP cover (Peaceville 1990, UK)



    REM "Monster" liner notes featured character Migraine Boy as did t-shirts and promo book


Jacques FERRANDEZ (France)

   ALEX GRILLO QUINTET "A table!" LP cover (Sorcerer 1984)

FILIPS (France)

    THE NEEDLES "Need Some Action" LP cover (Lux‑Noise 1988)



    BIG SNIFF "Experiment" CD cover/backcover (Do It! Rec. 1993)

    BIG SNIFF "We're Only in it for The $" 7"cover (Mint Tone Rec. 1993)

    THE TOASTERS "NY Beat" cover (Moon Rec. 1985?)

    THE TOASTERS "Ska‑Boom!" cover (Moon Rec. 1987?)

    THE TOASTERS "New York Fever" cover (Moon Rec. 1992)

    V/A "Ska‑Face" cover (Moon Rec 19??)

    V/A "Spawn of Skarmaggedon" cover (Moon Rec. 1995)



    THE ACCUSED "Martha Goes Shopping" tribute comic (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever

Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Golden Birdies" comic strip song adaption (in: "Slutburger" #3/ Drawn & Quarterly Publ. 1992)

    James BROWN "Startime" CD boxed set



    "Planet of Love" cassette (1990)

    "Songs of Conscience" (Rainbow 1981)


Gerry FOTH (Germany)

    WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM "Life Is a Comic‑Strip!" LP cover, comic booklet (Heartbeat 1990)



    album covers for Ambassador Records 1967-1968



    DUST "Dust" LP cover (19??)



    MOLLY HATCHET "Molly Hatchet" LP cover (CBS Epic 1978)

    MOLLY HATCHET "Flirtin' with Disaster" LP cover (CBS Epic 1979)

    MOLLY HATCHET "Beatin' the Odds" LP cover (CBS Epic 1980)

    Jonathan WINTERS ?

    V/A "The Gauntlet ‑ O.S.T" LP cover (19??)



    *V/A "Golden Throats Volume Two: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!" cover (Rhino 1991)

    *V/A "Golden Throats 3: Sweet Hearts Of Rodeo Drive" cover (Rhino 1995)



    Six album covers in 1982



    THE ACCUSED "Martha Splatterheads Maddest Stories Ever Told" LP cover  (w/R.K.Sloane) (We Bite 1988)

    THE ACCUSED "Martha's House of Horrors" tribute comic book (in: "Martha  Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    V/A "Howl #3" 7" label art (Howl 1989, Germany)



    V/A "Beast Presents: D.J. Mix 2000" (Simitar Entertainment 1999)


GEIER (Germany)

    NORMAHL "Biervampir" LP cover (AM‑Music 1988)



    EURYTHMICS comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).


GIACON (Italy)

    Michael JACKSON "Thriller" comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).



    JETHRO TULL "Too Old to Rock'n'Roll, Too Young to Die!" LP cover, cover comic (Crysalis 1976)

    KULA SHAKER "K" CD booklet design  (Sony Music 1996)

    RUTHLESS RAP ASSASSINS "Killer Album" part of LP cover collage (EMI 1990)

    V/A "Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior" LP cover (RCA/BMG 1989)


*Gibrat (France)

    JACKS "Smiles" CD cover (Fines Lames Productions 2000?; see



    THE JOINT CHIEFS "Fat & Busy" CD cover (Indie prod. 1993, USA)

    SAD PYGMY "Sometimes Nightmares" 7" sleeve (Lazy Squid Rekkids 1993, USA)

    V/A "12 From Texas" CD insert (Sound Virus 1992, USA)

    V/A "Risk is Just a Part of the Game" CD cover & art direction [including a tiny, full color comic] (Lazy Squid Rekkids 1994,USA)

    JOHNNY CASH "Give my love to Rose" comic strip adaptation in True Artist Tales, 5/27/98.


Jean"Moebius" GIRAUD (France)

    GUY BEART "Futur, fiction, fantastique" LP cover (Disques Temporel 1977)

    MARCEL DADI "Dadi's Folks" LP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1973)

    MARCEL DADI "La Guitare a Dadi" LP cover (1974)

    JIMI HENDRIX "Are You Experienced?/Axis: Bold as Love" LP cover (Barclay 1975)

    LUCID BEAUSONGE "Fugeur" LP cover (RCA 1983)

    EDDY MITCHELL "7 colts pour Schmoll" LP cover, cover comic (Barclay 1968)

    OGOUN FERRAILLE LP cover (197?)

    V/A "Dr. Heavy & Mr. Hard" cover (1992)



    STING "Sting, Segni, Parole Musica" (Sting, Signs,Words, Music) book with comic strip interpretations of songs (Rizzoli-Milano Libri 1990).


Annie GOETZINGER (France)

    GUY BEART "Porte‑bonheur" LP cover (WEA 1982)


*Basil GOGOS (USA)

    MISFITS "American Psycho"

    ROB ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe" (Geffen Records 1998)

    ROB ZOMBIE "The Words and the Music of Frankenstein" (Zombie A Go‑Go 1999)


Daniel GOOSSENS (France)

    BLACKAYA "Zinno" LP cover (Who's that beat? 19??)


GOTLIB (France)

    MARCEL DADI "La guitare a Dadi 3" LP cover (Transatlantic 1973)

    MARCEL DADI "Best of Dadi" LP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1988)



    SELF-TITLED "Eight Songs Short" CD cover (Self-Titled 2000; online at‑titled.html)


Stuart GRAIS (USA)

    BENDER "Chronic" 7" backcover (Sweet Pea Rec. 1993)



    DEEP PURPLE "The Battle Rages On" CD cover (1993)

    HUMBLE PIE album cover?

    JETHRO TULL "A Passsion Play" album cover

    Jon LORD ? CD booklet art (1999?)



    COCKPIT "Sick and Tired" cover (Mudflap 19??)



    BELAIRS "The BelAirs" LP cover (Iloki 1989)

    BIRDMEN OF ALCATRAZ "Birdmen of Alcatraz" LP cover (1987, Italy release only)

    Fred BLASSIE "King of Men" single (1977)

    Jackson BROWNE "Late for the Sky" LP cover (Asylum 1974)

    Jackson BROWNE "The Pretender" LP cover (Asylum 1976)

    Corky CARROLL "Skateboard Bill" single (Heavy Records  1977)

    THE CHALLENGERS "Surfing with the Challengers" LP cover (Vault 1963)

    THE CHALLENGERS "Surf's Up" LP cover (Vault 1965)

    COLD BLOOD "Cold Blood" LP cover (San Francisco Records 1969)

    CHRIS DARROW/MAX BUDA "Eye of the Storm" LP cover (Takoma 1981)

    THE CULT "Soldier Blue"

    THE CULT "Wildflower" single (Warner 1987)

    Bob DYLAN and THE GRATEFUL DEAD "Dylan and the Dead" LP and cassette covers (Columbia 1989)

    THE EAGLES "On the Border" LP cover (Asylum 1974)

    TOULOUSE ENGELHARDT "Tollousions" LP cover (Briar Records 1975)

    ODEN FONG "Oden: Come the Chlidren" LP cover (Asaph 1979)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Aoxomocoa" LP cover (Warner Bros. 1969)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Here Comes the Sunshine" single (Grateful Dead Records 1973)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Wake of the Flood" LP cover (Grateful Dead Records 1973)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Steal Your Face" LP cover (Grateful Dead Records 1976)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been" LP cover (Warner 1977)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Reckoning" LP cover (Arista 1987)

    GRATEFUL DEAD "Without a Net" LP cover (1990) last album cover before he died August 1991

    Larry GROCE "Junkfood Junkie" single (Peacible Records  1975)

    HONK "Five Summer Stories" LP cover (Grannite 1972)

    HOSANNA "Hosanna" LP cover (Maranatha Music 1979)

    Robert HUNTER "Tales of the Great Rum Runner" LP cover (Round 1974)

    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE "2400 Fulton Street" LP cover (RCA 1987)

    Paul JOHNSON "The Lord is the Light in Me" single (Surfside 1981)

    Paul JOHNSON "Escape to Reality' cassette (Hep Cat 1984)

    Paul JOHNSON "Electric Guitar" cassette (Hep Cat 1985)

    Paul JOHNSON and THE PACKARDS "California" cassette (Frontline 1987)

    Kerry LINGREN "Time Line" LP cover (1984) 

    Linn COUNY "Proud Flesh Soothseer" LP cover (Mercury 1968)

    MAD RIVER "Mad River" LP cover (Edsel/Demon Records 1970)

    MAN "Slow Motion" LP cover (United Artists 1974)

    DARRELL MANSFIELD BAND "The Vision"LP cover  (A&S 1983)

    DARRELL MANSFIELD BAND LP cover "Revelation" (1985)

    MARANATHA "Maranatha Current!" LP cover (Maranatha Music 1979)

    Jack MARSHALL "My Sun, the Surf Nut" LP cover (Capital 1960)

    Jack MARSHALL "Oldies, Goldies and Woodies" LP cover (Vault 1964)

    MUSTARD SEED FAITH "Sail on Sailor" LP cover (Maranatha Music 1975)

    NEUTRONS "Black Hole Star" (United Artists 1974)

    THE PACKARDS "Pray For Surf" LP cover (Surfside 1980)

    QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE "Quick Silver Messenger Service" LP cover (Capital 1970)

    QUICKSILVER "Peace by Piece" LP cover (Capital 1988)

    RANK STRANGERS "Rank Strangers" LP cover(Pacific Arts 1977)

    SCHON AND HAMMER "Schon and Hammer" LP cover (Columbia 1982)

    SEA HAGS "Sea Hags" (late 80s)  (not sure if this was ever released)

    STEPPENWOLF "Monster" LP cover (Dunhill/ABC 1972)

    Lloyd THAXTON with THE CHALLENGERS " Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfing with the Challengers" (Vault)

    TULSA "The Outsiders"  LP 

    TUUSET "The Ceyleib People" LP cover (Vault)

    UNDERGROUND ALL STARS "Extremely Heavy"

    WEST COAST LOVE‑IN "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy" LP cover (Vault 1967)

    Neil YOUNG "On the Beach" LP cover (Reprise 1974)

    V/A "Water to Wine" LP cover (Ministry Resource Center 1982)




    V/A "Simpsons Sing the Blues" cover (1996)

    V/A "Songs In The Key Of Springfield" (1997)

    V/A "The Simpsons: The Yellow Album" CD cover (1998)

    *V/A "Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons" (1999)



    HOT TUNA "Yellow Fever" lp cover (Grunt Records 1975)



    M.O.D. "Gross Misconduct" LP cover (Megaforce Rec/Caroline 1989)



    TOM PAXTON "One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters" LP cover (Flying Fish 19??)


*Johnny HART (USA)

    The FOUR FRESHMEN "Live at Buler University" CD cover (Creative World Records 1986)



    YUMMY "Elegante" CD cover (1998)

    and about 50 flyers for small NYC bands possibly to be collected into a book.


Rene HAUSMAN (Belgium)

    LES PELETEUS "Les peleteus" LP cover (Alpha 1974)



    HIGH BLACK CHAIRS cover (Dischord 19??)



    LP covers for RCA



    HELPER "Supercatchy!" CD cover (Reverb 1997)


HERGE (Belgium)

    BRUNO BASTA "Paperboys Are Millionaires!" LP cover (EMI 1981)

    GASOLIN "Gasolin" LP cover (CBS 1971)



    CHEMICAL PEOPLE "The Right Thing" LP cover (Cruz 1990)

    THROWING MUSES "Limbo" CD cover (Ryoko 1996)



    D.I.Y. "This Modern World" CD label art (Rhino 19??)

    DR. KNOW "The Best of Dr. Know" LP cover (Ghetto Way 1986)

    MICHELLE SHOCKED "Captain Swing" LP cover (Mercury/Polygram 1989)

    STALAG 13 "In Control" CD cover (Lost & Found Rec. 1993, Germany)



    COMIC CUTS "Lots of Fun For Everyone" LP cover (Old Bean 1985)


*Derek Hess (USA)

    R.L. BURNSIDE "A Ass Pocket of Whiskey" CD cover (Fat Possum 1996)



    SENSELESS THINGS "Senseless Things" LP cover (Way Cool 1989)

    SENSELESS THINGS "Is It Too Late?" LP cover (Decoy 1990)

    SENSELESS THINGS "The First of Too Many" LP cover (Epic 1991)

    GORILLAZ "Gorillaz" CD cover (Emd/Virgin 2001)           


   OST Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews & Original Broadway Cast "My Fair Lady" LP cover (Columbia 1956)

    OST "Man Of La Mancha Original Cast Album" LP cover (Kapp/MCA 1972)

    *FRED ALLEN "Down In Allen's Alley" LP cover (Radiola 197?)

    *ARTIE SHAW "Artie Shaw Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1998)

    *LUDVIG VON BEETHOVEN "Beethoven Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1991)

    *AARON COPLAND "The Ultimate Copland Album: An American Celebration" CD cover (Decca 2000)

    *AARON COPLAND "Copland Greatest Hits" CD cover (BMG 1999)

    *ARTHUR FIEDLER "Fiedler Greatest Hits" CD cover (BMG 1999)

    *ARTHUR FIEDLER "Broadway's Greatest Hits" CD cover (RCA Victor 1993)

    *JOHANNES BRAHMS "Brahms Greatest Hits" CD cover (RCA Victor / BMG 1999)

    BENNY GOODMAN "Benny Goodman Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    *COLEMAN HAWKINS "Coleman Hawkins Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1998)

    "SCOTT JOPLIN "Scott Joplin Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1991)

    *MARIO LANZA "Lanza Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1995)

    *WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART "More Mozart Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1991)

    *WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART "More Mozart Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1993)

    *SERGEI RACHMANINOFF "Rachmaninoff Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1997)

    *ANTONIO VIVALDI "Vivaldi Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1991)

    *COUNT BASIE  "Count Basie Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1998)

    *DIZZY GILLESPIE "Dizzy Gillespie Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1998)

    *COLE PORTER "You're Sensational: Cole Porter in the '20s, '40s, and '50s" CD cover (Indiana Historical Society / Koch International Classics 2000)

    DUKE ELLINGTON "Duke Ellington Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    FATS WALLER "Fats Waller Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    FRANK SINATRA & TOMMY DORSEY "Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    GLENN MILLER "Glenn Miller Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    *JELLY ROLL MORTON "Jelly Roll Morton Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1998)

    *LIONEL HAMPTON "Lionel Hampton Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1998)

    LOUIS ARMSTRONG "Louis Armstrong Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    TOMMY DORSEY "Tommy Dorsey Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    GERRY MULLIGAN "Gerry Mulligan Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    SONNY ROLLINS "Sonny Rollins Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    PAUL DESMOND "Paul Desmond Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    RICHARD WAGNER "Wagner's Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  199?)

    V/A "Big Band Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    V/A "Jazz Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    V/A "Swing! Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 199?)

    *V/A "Adagio Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1997)

    *V/A "Classics Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1991)

    *V/A "Come Celebrate! Your Preview to the Metropolitan Opera Centennial Tour"

RA cover (Metropolitan Opera, 1984)

    *V/A "Guitar Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor 1994)

    *V/A "Tenors Greatest Hits" CD cover (RCA Victor 1995)

    *V/A "Beginner's Guide to Jazz" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1998)

    *V/A "The Only Classical CD (Tape) You'll Ever Need!" (BMG/ RCA Victor  1994)

    *V/A "Operatically Incorrect" (BMG/ RCA Victor  1997)

    *V/A "Pachelbel Canon and Other Baroque Hits" (BMG/ RCA Victor  1991)

    *V/A "Tenors on Tour / Domingo, Carreras, Pavarotti" (Sony/Columbia 1997)

    *V/A "The Only Classical CD You'll Ever Need!" (BMG 1999)

    *V/A "Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music" (BMG 1999)

    JASCHA HEIFETZ "Violin Greatest Hits" CD/Cassette cover (RCA Victor  1998)



    V/A "Lemming presente: Sampler" LP cover (Bondage 198?)



    D.I.Y "Blank Generation" CD label art (Rhino 19??)

    RAMONES  LP cover (19??) ?



    THE DOBERMANS "Planet Vator" cover (Carving Knife 19??)



    NINE POUND HAMMER "Hanging Out at the Cadillac Inn" 7" cover (199?)



    THE MUFFINS "Chronometers" cover (Cuneiform 19??)

    THE RESIDENTS "Jello Jack" song adaption (in: "Freak show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    SCORNFLAKES "Scorn in the USA" LP cover (Rhesus Records 1986)


*The HUJA BROS. (USA) [see]

    BUZZKILL "House of Bad Touch" CD and LP covers (Alternative Tentacles)

    MAN SCOUTS OF AMERICA "Crash Course" CD cover (RAFR)

    THE GO-GOS 1999 US tour poster and 3 t-shirts

    THE UNBAND "Retarder" CD inside cover art and poster (TVT Records)

    V/A "RAFR Volume 3" CD cover (RAFR)


Michael HURLEY (USA)

    HAVE MOICY cover (Rounder 19??)



    STARSHOOTER "Pas fatigue" LP cover (CBS 1981)



    POPDEFECT "Strychnine" 7" cover (Dionysus Vintage Bowling Shirt and Thick Glasses Rec. 1996)


IGORT (Italy)

    KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS "Life boat Party" comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).


IORI (Italy)

    David BOWIE "China Girl" comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).


JANO (France)

    BETTY Z'BOOB "Le Mystere de Chibou Rock'n Schpotz Roll" LP cover  (Art Trafic 1987)

    RAY LEMA "Bwana Zoulou Gang" LP cover (Mad Minute Music 1988)


Tove and Lars JANSSON

    V/A "Nostalgic Themes Revisited" includes Robert FARNON's 1956 Moomin song (Chappell 199?)


*Benton JEW [pseudonym?)

    SCREAMING WEASEL "Bark Like A Dog" (Fat Wreck Chords 1996)


Andrew "Andy Dog" JOHNSON (Great Britain)

    THE THE "Uncertain Smile" LP (Sire 1982)




    VIRGINIA DARE "Six Songs" 10" cover

    VIRGINIA DARE "Gone Again" 10" cover

    VIRGINIA DARE "Virginia Dare" CD cover

    VIRGINIA DARE "Shipwreck" single cover

    MARK EITZEL "Take Courage" single cover

    WELLSPRINGS OF HOPE "Soul Tempation/ Another Train Blues" single cover

    BLUE ROOM BOYS business card


    BAGGUGA RUB comic book



    "From the Hells Beneath Hells" (1979)


Theodore Nicholas JOUFLAS (USA)

    Sub Pop record covers ?  (cf. Comics Journal 197, p. 35)


Fred JULSING (Netherlands)

    ANDRE VAN DUIN "Typisch Andre" LP cover (CNR 1983)



    VLAD & THE DARK THEATRE "Children of the Dead Soundtrack" CD cover (1998; based on comic book.  Solicited in Previews 8:9 (Sept 1998), p. 284)



    GLENN DANZIG "Black Aria" CD cover (199?, USA)

    THE MONSTER MASH cover (London, 19??)

    LENNY WHITE "The Adventures of Astral Pirates" LP cover  (Elektra/Asylum 1978)



THE STEP KINGS "Let's Get It On!" CD cover (Roadrunner 2000) from Crime SuspenStories #25 (EC Comics).


Kekko KAMEN (Japan)

    OST "The Best of Anime" soundtrack collection cd (1998; 3 different covers by Yoshida, Takeuchi or Kamen)



    Richard WAGNER "The Ring of the Nibelung" comic strip opera adaptation with Roy Thomas (DC Comics 198?)



    cd cover  (Barkley Records 1990)


Makakazu KATSURA (Japan)

    OST "Video Girl A1 Vol. 1" CD cover (Books Nippan)

    OST "Video Girl A1 Vol. 2" CD cover (Books Nippan)


Jeremy KAY

    album covers



    KISS "Destroyer" (1976)

    KISS "Love Gun" (1978)



    Walt KELLY "Songs of the Pogo" lp cover (Simon and Schuster)

    Walt KELLY "Songs of the Pogo Sampler" 78 rpm single cover (Simon and Schuster)



    *THE PENETRATORS "Kings of Basement Rock" cover (Venus Records 1988)



GREGG BENDIAN'S INTERZONE "Requiem for Jack Kirby" CD cover (Altavista 2001)     



    TEXAS FUNK cover (Rastaman Work Ethic 19??)



    MARGINAL PROPHETS "Twist the Nob" CD cover with insert comic book (Gamma Ray Records 199?; Knight is in the band)


Milton KNIGHT Jr.

    ? "I Love to Sing" (1986)




    James KOCHALKA "The True Story of James Kochalka Superstar" (Dot Dot Dash)

    James KOCHALKA "Monkey vs. Robot" (Tarquin Records 1997?)

    *Kablam! tv show animated adaptation of two songs by cartoonist, "Hockey Monkey" and "Pizza Rocket" from his "James Kochalka Superstar" cd (Nickelodeon 1999)


Lionel KOECHLIN (France?)

    GENESIS "Duke" RA (Atlantic 1980)


Isabel KREITZ (Germany)

    RANTANPLAN "Kein Schulterklopfen" CD cover (B.A. Records, Germany)


    "Songs of North/South" LP cover (1960)



    THE FIGHTERS/WINEPRESS "The Rambling Boys of Pleasure" split 7" (Rocco Rec. 1994)



      KISS comic book cover (in Marvel Super Special #5, Marvel Comics 1978)



    CHASTAIN "The 7th of Never" LP cover (Black Dragon 1987)

    HEIR APPARENT "Graceful Inheritance" LP cover (Black Dragon 1985)

    LIEGE LORD "Freedom's Rise" LP cover (Black Dragon 1985)

    MANILLA ROAD "Open the Gates" LP cover (Black Dragon 1985)



    HERB ELLIS and RED MITCHELL "Doggin' Around" (Concord Jazz 1989)


Rainer LAWS (Germany)

    HOLY MOSES "Queen of Siam" LP cover (AAARRG 1986)

    HOLY MOSES "Finished With the Dogs" LP cover (AAARRG 1987)

    HOLY MOSES "The New Machine of Liechtenstein" LP cover, comic booklet (WEA 1989)


Carol LAY (USA)

    DEF LEPPARD cover (19??)



    SCHOOLLY‑D "The Adventures of Schoolly‑D" cover (Rykodisc 19??)


*Jean‑Marc LELONG (France)

    Michel LELONG "Guitare Instrumentale" record album (1983).  See



    V/A "Bolero and Other Greatest Dance Hits" CD cover (RCA Victor 1992)


Gaetano LIBERATORE (Italy)

    GOLD "Let the Children Play" LP cover (WEA 1986)

    GOLD "Laissez‑nous chanter" LP cover (WEA 1986)

    IVAN GRAZIANI "Agnese dolce Angnese" LP cover (RCA 1978)

    MARISCO "Funk Sumatra" EP cover (Fonomusic 1985)

    DICK RIVERS "Linda Lu Baker" LP cover (CBS 1989)

    SAL'S AFRICAN ROCKERS/ABEL LIMA "Di‑guili‑guili" EP cover (Barclay 1984)

    V/A various LP covers for classical music (Lineatre/Ricordi 1977)

    FRANK ZAPPA "The Man from Utopia" LP cover (CBS 1983)



    record album covers for Lindoln Records, Treasure Records, Willada Records, 1959-63


Overton LLOYD

    BOOTSY'S RUBBER BAND "This Boot Was Made For Fonk‑N" LP cover, comic book insert (19??)

    PARLIAMENT "Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome" comic book insert (19??)

    PARLIAMENT "The Motorbooty Affair" LP cover (19??)


Martin LODEWIJK (Netherlands)

    BILL BROOKERS' JUG BAND "Lazy Delicious Land" LP cover (Negram 19??)


Chris LONG (UK)



Jan LOOEF (Sweden)

    ROSCO GORDON "Rosco Rocks Again" LP cover (JSP 1983)


Grant LOUDEN (UK?)

    THE GODFATHERS "Love Is Dead" 7" cover comic (CBS 1988)


Jacques de LOUSTAL (France)

    ISABELLE ANTENA "Easy Street" EP cover (Les Disques du Crepuscule 1985)

    BARNEY WILEN "La note bleue" LP cover (IDA 1986)


Michael Louis LUCK

    Phantomlord? (1985)



    SICKO "Sicko" EP cover (Empty 19??)



    record album covers for Custom Records, Mercury Records, Prairie Sun Records



    EUGENE ORMANDY & THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA "PROKOFIEV: Peter & the Wolf" recorded along with Cyril Ritchard "BRITTEN: A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra"  LP cover (CBS 1977)


Matz MAINKA (Germany)

    V/A "Paranoia You Can Dance To" LP cover (Weird System 1986)


MALI & WERNER (Germany)




Milo MANARA (Italy)

    ENZO AVITABILE "Stella dissidente" LP cover (EMI 1990)

    RICCARDO COCCIANTE "La granda avventura" LP cover (Virgin 1987)

    DAVIDE RIONDINO "Tango dei miracoli" LP cover, booklet (198?)



    BAP "Fortsetzung folgt" EP cover (EMI Electrola 1988)



    THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "She Was a Hotel Detective" EP cover (Bar None 19??)


Frank MARGERIN (France)

    ALAIN BASHUNG "Touche pas a mon Pote" EP cover (Mercury 1985)

    CHANTEURS SANS FRONTIERES "Ethiopie" EP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1985)

    DENNIS' TWIST "Dennis' Twist" part of LP jam cover (Vogue 19??, France)

    NINO FERRER "Rock'n'Roll Cowboy" LP cover (Vogue 1983)

    OLIVIER LORQUIN "J'aime ma Grenouille" (1981)

    NESTLE CRUNCH "La Fabuleuse Histoire du Rock Pub" cover (1991)


Chris MARS (USA)

    CHRIS MARS "Horseshoes and Hand Granades" cover (Smash 19??)


Andreas MARSCHALL (Germany)

    DESTRUCTION "Cracked Brain" LP cover (Steamhammer 1990)

    THE DIZZY SATELLITES "Orbit Dive" LP cover (Music Maniac 1986)

    LUNATICS "Sweet Secret Dreams" LP cover (Bizzar Division 1989)

    MORTAL SIN "Mayhemic Destruction" LP cover (Phonogram 1987)

    V/A "Doomsday News 2" LP cover (Noise 1989)

    WARDANCE "Heaven Is for Sale" LP cover (No Remorse/Virgin 1990)



    jazz album covers, 1955

    SLIM GALLIARD "Compilation" LP cover (Verve 1994, USA)


Miguel Angel MARTIN.

    V/A "Snuff 2000" cd cover (Subterfuge 199?, Spain)


Suehiro MARUO (Japan)

    DEAD BEAT/NARSAAK split 7" cover (Per Koro Rec, Germany) ?

    JOHN ZORN'S NAKED CITY "Torture Garden" LP inner sleeve illustrations (Shimmy Disc, 1990)



    THE COMMODORES "Greatest Hits"


Massimo MATTIOLI (Italy)

    SHIZZO FLAMINGO "Bite the Dust" LP cover (Ueberschall‑707 1988)


Lorenzo MATTOTTI (Italy)

    Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN "Rouge" cover (19??)

    Peter GABRIEL  "I Don't Remember" comic strip song adaptation  (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984) / with KRAMSKY.

    *Rene AUBRY "Plaisirs d'Amour" cd cover  (1999?)



    BUTTHOLE SURFERS "Electriclarryland" LP/CD cover (Capitol 1996, USA)

    *OST "Grass the Soundtrack" CD cover (2000)



    COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS "Joker" cover (Lemonpeel 19??)



    KORN "Follow the Leader" CD cover (1998)


Dave McKEAN (UK)

    BELIEVER "Dimensions" cover (19??)

    BILL BRUFORD "Earthworks Live" LP cover (19??)

    BUCKETHEAD LP cover, booklet design (Axiom Rec. 1996, USA)

    CEMETERY "Godless Beauty"

    ALICE COOPER " The Last Temptation" LP cover (1995)

    ALICE COOPER " The Last Temptation" comic book covers (Marvel Comics, 1994)

    *COUNTING CROWS "This Desert Life" (Uni/Geffen 1999; reuse of "The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish" book cover)                    

    DEATH CUBE K "Dreamatorium"

    DIESEL PARK WEST "The Corporate Waltz" cover (19??)

    DISINCARNATE "Dreams of the Carrion Kind" cover (19??)

    DOWNLOAD "The Eyes of Stanley Pain"

    DOWNLOAD "Sidewinder" remix EP

    DOWNLOAD "Download III"

    *DRIVEN cd

    FEAR FACTORY "Demanufactured"

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Millenium" LP/CD cover (Roadrunner 1994, UK)

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Millenium" 12" EP with different artwork (Roadrunner 1994)

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Demanufacture" 12" cover (Roadrunner 1995, UK)

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Surface Patterns" CD cover

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Circuitry" CD cover

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Corroded Disorder"

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Hard Wired" CD cover

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Plasticity" CD cover

    FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Live Wired" CD and video cover

    MACHINE HEAD "Burn My Eyes"

    MISFITS CD booklet cover (for "boxed set") (1996?)

    MY DYING BRIDE "Symphonie Infernub" cover (19??)

    MY DYING BRIDE "As the Flower Withers" cover (19??)

    MICHAEL NYMAN "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover ‑ O.S.T." cover (19??)

    MICHAEL NYMAN "Drawing by Numbers ‑ O.S.T" cover (19??)

    MICHAEL NYMAN "The Piano ‑ O.S.T." cover (19??)

    MICHAEL NYMAN "A Zed and Two Noughts ‑ O.S.T." cover (19??)

    MICHEAL O'SULLEABHAIN "Cacade/Turning" cover (19??)

    MICHEAL O'SULLEABHAIN "Geasadh/Flowing" cover (19??)

    PARADISE LOST "As I Die" cover (19??)

    PARADISE LOST "Shades of God" cover (19??)

    THE RESIDENTS "Lillie" comic strip song adaption (in: "Freak show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    RUTHLESS RAP ASSASSINS "Killer Album" part of LP backcover collage (EMI 1990)

    KLAUS SCHULZE "Festival Hall Vol. 1" cover (19??)

    KLAUS SCHULZE "Festival Hall Vol. 2" cover (19??)

    KLAUS SCHULZE "The Dome Event" cover (19??)


    TESTAMENT "Demonic"  



    KISS "Kiss: Psycho Circus" comic book series (Image/Todd McFarlane Productions 1997- )


MEKON (Switzerland)




    V/A "Men in Black: The Album" CD (Columbia 1997)



    MARBLE ORCHARD "It's My Time" cover (Estrus 19??)


Ever MEULEN (Belgium)

    *THE BEAU HUNKS SEXTETTE "Celebration on the Planet Mars" CD cover (Basta Audio‑Visual 19??)

    ORNICAR "Le retour d'Ornicar" LP cover (IDA 1987)

    TELEX "Neurovision" LP cover (Hansa 1980)

    ANDRE POPP "Delirium in Hi‑Fi" LP cover (1987)

    ROCK RALLY "Rock Rally" LP cover (Lark 1982)


Alfred von MEYSENBUG (Germany)

    UDO LINDENBERG "Rock Revue" LP cover, comic booklet (Telefunken 1978)





MILOS (Yugoslavia)

    V/A "No Border Jam" LP cover (Frontrock 19??, Slovenia)

    V/A "No Border Jam #2" LP cover (Frontrock 19??, Slovenia)

    V/A "No Border Jam #3" LP cover (Frontrock 19??, Slovenia)


Norman MINGO (USA)

    V/A "Musically Mad" cover (with Wally Wood) (19??)


Walter MOERS (Germany)

    DIE AERZTE "Moskito‑Songs" LP cover (CBS 1987)



    D.I.Y. "Mass Ave." CD label art (Rhino 19??)


*Reg MOMBASSA (Australia)

    *AUSTRALIAN ROCK MUSIC & CULTURE 1950-9- "Real Wild Child" CD cover (Powerhouse Museum 1998)

    *BELLYDANCE "Green Revolution" (Regular Records through Festival 1992)

    *BELLYDANCE "Bellydance"? (Boomshanka Music 1993)

    *BELLYDANCE "Bellydance" poster

    *CROWDED HOUSE "Pineapple Head" LP cover (Capitol 1986)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Into the Bible" CD cover (TWA)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Made of Wood" (Regular Records through Festival 1991)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Kiss a Gun Down" (Regular Records through Festival 1992)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Suitcase" CD single (TWA 1996)  

    *DOG TRUMPET "Two Heads One Brain" back cover and illustrated lyric booklet (Regular Records through Festival 1991)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Two Heads One Brain" poster

    *DOG TRUMPET "Kiss a Gun Down" poster           

    *DOG TRUMPET "Mum-What's a Dog Trumpet - it's a Cross Between..." poster           

    *GODOT "Rachel Hatred goes to Hell" CD cover

    *MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY "The House of Aboriginality" interactive CD rom (Macquarie University 1998

    *LOUIS MCMANUS "With a Heart and a Hand" (Louis McManus 1999)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Chemical Travel" LP cover (Regular Records through Festival 1989?)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?" (Regular Records through Festival 1981)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "You're So Strong" LP cover (CBS 1985)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" (BMG 1995?)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Mr Natural" (BMG 1994)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Bicycle" (Syray through Polygram 1994)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Apocalypso" (Regular Records through WEA)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Let's Go to Paradise" LP cover (CBS 1986)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Close Again" LP cover (WEA Records/Regular Records through WEA 1982)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Brain Brain"LP cover  (Regular Records through WEA 1983)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Garage" (Festival 1998)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Bicycle Tour" poster           

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Liar Liar Pants on Fire - the  Album" poster (1997)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Another Falcon Tour" poster           

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Garage" poster (1998)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Live it up - in the Bush" poster

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "The Aristocracy of the Normal" poster

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "The Mental as Anything Show - as Seen on Your Television" poster

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Apocalypso Tour" poster

    *MONDO ROCK "Primitive Love Rights" LP cover (Polygram 1986)

    *ORGAN TRANSPLANT "All Star Groove Band" poster

    *PETE AND REG "Jean" (Regular Records through Festival 1991)

    *PUBLIC IMAGE LTD "The Greatest Hits, So Far" LP cover (Virgin 1990)

    *PUBLIC IMAGE LTD "Don't Ask Me Virgin" LP cover (Virgin 1990)

    *MARY-JO STARR "Kissing in a Taxi"  LP cover (Mushroom 1989)

    *THE STETSONS "Train in My Head" LP cover (Mercury 1987)

    *FLOYD VINCENT AND THE CHILDBRIDES "King Karmine" (Blushing Pig Records 1990)


*Mombassa is a musician as well as a cartoonist.  He's a member of DOG TRUMPET and MENTAL AS ANYTHING and plays on the following CDs, but he did not do any artwork for them:


    *DOG TRUMPET "Suitcase" (TWA 1996)

    *DOG TRUMPET "Strange Brew" (Festival 1993)

    *TIM JOHNSON AND FRIENDS "Start it Up" (Tim Johnson 1990)

    *TIM JOHNSON AND FRIENDS "Tuxedo Lake" (Tim Johnson 1995)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Calling Colin" (Polygram 1997)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Minus Bonus" (Syray through Festival 1997)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Espresso Bongo" (Regular through Festival 1992)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Cats & Dogs" (Regular through Festival 1981)

    *MENTAL AS ANYTHING "Cyclone Raymond" (Columbia 1989)

    *V/A - OST "Reckless Kelly" (Picture this Record 1993)



    DAVID J "On Glass" (UK: Glass Records 198?)

    DAVID J "V for Vendetta" EP

    DAVID J "On Glass" (199? rerelease includes "V for Vendetta")

    Alan MOORE, DAVID J & Tim PERKINS "The Birth Caul" CD)  (Charrm 1995)

    Alan MOORE, DAVID J & Tim PERKINS  "The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theater of Marvels" CD

 (Cleopatra 1996)

    V/A  "Alan Moore's Songbook" Comic book with his collected lyrics (Caliber Comics 1998).  Artists include Richard Case, Phil Hester, Dave Johnson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Moore, Art Adams, Richard Pace, Dave Gibbons & Jordan Raskin (cf Previews, May 1998, p. 206)



    SPIRIT "Potatoland" LP cover, comic booklet (Line 1981)



    album covers?


MOPS (Austria)

    THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE "...Get Rid of" CD cover (Sacro Egoismo 1994, Austria)

    V/A "Boiler Live Pool 3: Reborn" CD cover (Trost 1996, Austria)



    FAT TUESDAY "Califuneral" LP cover (Columbia 1993)

    HENRY ROLLINS "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?" comic strip song adaption? (in: "Big Mouth" #4/Fantagraphics Books 1994)


MORRIS (Belgium)

    DICK RIVERS "Mississippi River's" LP cover (Mouche 1976)

    SINIESTRO TOTAL "Cuando se come aqui?" LP cover (1982)



    JERRY GARCIA "Run for the Roses" LP cover (Arista 1982)



    DOGO Y LOS MERCENARIOS "Ansia" LP cover (Nuevos Medios 1987)


Gabriel NEMETH (Germany)

    BEN E. KING "When the Night Has Come" comic strip song adaption (in: "Comicstrich‑Musik zum Lesen"/Comicstrich 1995, Germany)



    THE DERELICTS "Time to Fuck Up" cover (Empty 19??)



    "Opera librettos: La Traviata, Rigoletto"



    "Two Tickets to Paris" LP cover



    GREEN JELLO "Su??!" cover (Zoo 19??)



    John EATON "John Eaton & Friends" lp cover (PJ Records 1985)


ONLI (?)

    GEORGE CLINTON ? cover (with Bell/Everett) (Capitol 19??)

    CAPTAIN SKY ? (1979)

    ROLLING STONES ? (1978)


Katsuhiro OTOMO (Japan)

    OST "Akira" cd cover

    OST "Memories" cd cover


Floris OUDSHOORN (The Netherlands)

    Frank ZAPPA "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" comic strip song adaptation in Zone 5300.


Pierre OUIN (France)

    PORTE‑MENTEAUX "Plus d'amour" LP cover (Comotion 1987)

    LES RATS "Tequila" LP cover (Gougnat Mouvement 1987)


    GRATEFUL DEAD "Truckin'" comic strip song adaption (in: "Grateful Dead Comix" #4/ Kitchen Sink, 1991)



    V/A "The Pander Brothers' Complete, Signed Secret Broadcast: Comic Two-pack with Soundrack CD" Cd and comic books (Oni Press 1998)



    D.I.Y. "We're Desperate" CD label art (Rhino 19??)

    HALF A CHICKEN "Food for Thought" LP cover (Rabid Cat 1988)

    Henry KAISER and Leo SMITH  "Yo Miles!"

    IAN MACLAGAN "Bump in the Night" LP cover (1981)

    GARY PANTER "Precambrian Bath" flexidisc (in: "Invasion of the Elvis Zombies"/198?)

    GARY PANTER & THE RESIDENTS "Italian Sunglass Movie" LP cover and music (1981)

    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS  "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" LP cover (EMI Manhattan 1984)

    RENALDO & THE LOAF "Songs for Swinging Larvae" CD cover

    STEEL POLE BATH TUB "Scars from Falling Down" LP cover (Genius Rec. 1995)

    V/A "Buy or Die" cover (Ralph Records 1981)

    V/A "Smack My Crack" LP cover (Giorno Poetry System 1987)

    FRANK ZAPPA "Orchestral Favorites (Warner Bros 1978?)

    FRANK ZAPPA "Sleep Dirt" LP cover (Discreet 1979)

    FRANK ZAPPA "Studio Tan" LP cover (Warner Bros. 19??)



    cd cover? (1991)



    V/A "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" CD cover [w/ MATT STONE] (Columbia 1998)


Andrea PAZIENZA (Italy)

    ENZO AVITABILE "Sos Brothers" LP cover (19??)

    AMEDEO MINGHI "Cuori di pace" LP cover (RCA 1986)

    ROBERTO VECCHIONI "Hollywood, Hollywood" LP cover (CGD 1984)

    ROBERTO VECCHIONI "Il Grande Sogno" LP cover (19??)

    ROBERTO VECCHIONI "Robinson, come salvarsi la vita" LP cover (CGD 1985)


Guy PELLAERT (Belgium)

    DAVID BOWIE "Diamond Dogs" LP cover/picture disc (RCA 1974)

    ETIENNE DAHO "Pour nos vies martiennes" LP cover (Virgin 1988)

    THE ROLLING STONES "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" LP cover (WEA 1974)

    VARIATIONS "Cafe de Paris" LP cover (Buddah 1975)


George PEREZ (USA)

    Shrapnel ?



    BLACK FLAG "Loose Nut" LP cover (SST 1985)

    DIM STARS EP cover (Paperhouse Rec. 1992)

    MINUTEMEN "What Makes a Man Start Fires?" LP cover (SST 1982)

    MINUTEMEN "The Politics of Time" backcover (SST 1984)

    SONIC YOUTH "Goo" LP cover (Geffen 19??)

    V/A "Coming Down Fast" picture disc (Helter Skelter 1993, Italy)





    NIRVANA "The Curt Cobain story" bio comic book (First Amendment

        Publ. 1995?)


Kiki PICASSO (France)

    NICOLETTA "Naturel... ma belle" LP cover (Pathe Marconi 1980)

    SAPHO "Passage d'enfer" LP cover (Pathe Marconi 1982)

    STARSHOOTER "Chez les autres..." LP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1980)

    ULTRAMARINE "Ultramarine" LP cover (America 1989)


Loulou PICASSO (France)

    ELLI ET JACNO "Tout va sauter" LP cover (Vogue 1980)

    ELLI ET JACNO "Inedits 77‑81" LP cover (Celluloid 1981)


Michel PIRUS (France)

    PARABELLUM "Parabellum" LP cover (Gougnaf Mouvement 1986)



    HOT TUNA "Historic Hot Tuna" CD cover (Relix Records 1985)


*POURNEAUX GRAPHICS [aka "Pornographix", "Poor? No! Graphics"] (USA)

    THE RESIDENTS "Benny the Bouncing Bump" song adaption (in: "Freak Show"/Dark Horse 1992)



    album covers 1979-1992


Hugo PRATT (Italy)

    PAOLO CONTE "Parole d'amore scritte a macchina" LP cover (1990)

    ENDRIGO "Mari del Sud" LP cover (Foni Cetra 1982)

    OGOUN FERRAILLE LP cover (Sonores 197?)

    LIO "Can Can" LP cover (Polydor 1988)


R. David PRICE (USA)

    ? "Scream" (Sweatn' Dick Records 1996)



    Frank ZAPPA  "Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch" LP cover


Peter PUCK (Germany)

    K.G.B. "Restmuell '83‑'95" LP cover (Impact/SPV 1995, Germany)


Ronald PUTZKER (Austria)

    KAPLAN PATERNO & DIE MINISTRANTEN "Das tut doch weh" EP cover (Polydor 1990, Austria)

    OSTBAHN‑KURTI "Liagn und lochn" LP cover, comic booklet (Amadeo 1989, Austria)



    DIGITAL UNDERGROUND "Sons of the P" backcover comic strip (Tommy Boy Music 1991)


*Vince RAY (USA)

    THE DAMNED "Grave Disorder" CD cover (Nitro Records 2001)



    THE SPORTS "Suddenly" LP cover (Arista 1980)


Jean‑Marc REISER (France)

    JAKI BYARD "Flight of the Fly" LP cover (Le chant du Monde 1976)


Georges REMI  See HERGE



    OST "Up the Academy"



    Neil MERRYWEATHER "Kryptonite" LP cover



    Herman MELVILLE "Moby Dick" (1984)


*Prentis ROLLINS (USA)

    The TOM CUNNINGHAM ORCHESTRA "All The Cats Join In" CD cover (Eagle Records 1995)


*Steve Rolston

     V/A "Pounded: The Official Comic Book Soundtrack" CD cover (Springman Records 2002)



    KISS comic book story (in Marvel Super Special #5, Marvel Comics 1978)



    Bobby McFERRIN and Chick COREA "Play" CD cover (Blue Note 1992)



    ULTIMATE CAREER MOVE (Comics' writer Steve Darnell's band) [one 3 song tape titled?] cover. (19??)

    John WHITMAN "Kingdom Come" book on tape cassette (Time‑Warner 1998)



    *V/A "Cruisin' 1955-1963: History of Rock'n'Roll Radio" series LP covers (19??‑??)

    V/A "The Cruisin' Years" CD cover (Rykodisc 19??)


Tex RUBINOWITZ (Austria)

    PIRATES LP cover (Sacro Egoismo 1992, Austria)



    PAUL LANSKY "Homebrew" cover (Bridge 19??)

    RUGGIERO LEONCAVALLO "The Clown" opera comic book adaption of "I Pagliacci" (Dark Horse 1998)

    MAURICE MAETERLINCK "Pelleas and Melissande" opera comic book adaption

        (in: "Night Music" #4‑5/Eclipse 1985)

    MAURICE MAETERLINCK/PAUL DUKAS "Ariane and Bluebeard" opera  comic book adaption

        (in: "Night Music" #8/Eclipse 1989)

    GUSTAV MAHLER "The Drinking Song of Earth's Sorrow" song  comic book adaption

        (in: "Night Music" #1/Eclipse 1984)

    GUSTAV MAHLER "Unto this World" song comic book adaption (in: "Night Music" #1/

        Eclipse 1984)

    WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART "The Magic Flute" opera comic book adaption (in: "Night

        Music" #9‑11/Eclipse 1990)

    RICHARD WAGNER "Parsifal" opera comic book adaption (in: "StarReach" #8, #10

        and "Parsifal"/Star Reach Prod. 1977‑1978)

    RICHARD WAGNER "Siegfried and the Dragon" opera comic book adaption

        (in: "Epic" #2/Epic/Marvel 1980)

    *RICHARD WAGNER "The Ring of the Nibelung" opera comic book adaptation (Dark Horse 2000)


Joe SACCO (USA/Malta)

    BABES IN TOYLAND tourposter (19??)

    *CHRIS SLUSARENKO "Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel" LP and CD artwork (2001)



    H.P. ZINKER tourposter (19??)

    MEKONS tourposter (19??)

    MIRACLE WORKERS tourposter (19??)

    MUDHONEY (?)

    NAPALM BEACH "Liquid Love" LP cover (Satyricon Rec. 1988, Germany)

    SLIM GAILLARD "Laughing in Rhythm: The Best of the Verve Years"comic booklet (Verve 1994, USA)

    THIN WHITE ROPE "Squatters Rights" 10" cover (19??)

    WALTONS tourposter (19??)

    *V/A "Not the Same Old Blues Crap, Vol. 2" CD (Fat Possum Records 2001)


SAGOT (France)

    ELMER FOOD BEAT "La Compilation" cover (1994)


Richard SALA (USA)

    THE RESIDENTS "Herman the Human Mole" comic strip song adaption (in: "Freak Show"/ Dark Horse 1992)



    album covers



    BIG BLACK "Headache" EP cover (Touch & Go 19??)

    COIL limited edition 7" single (1990)

    John S. HALL & KRAMER's "Real Men" cd cover

    DIVINE HORSEMAN ?  limited edition 7" single (1990)

    THE RESIDENTS "Mickey the Mumbling Midget" comic strip song adaption (in: "Freak Show"/Dark Horse 1992)

    TEENS ?  7" single (1992)

    V/A "Angel Dust" LP cover (Blast First 19??)

    V/A "Nothing Short of a Total War" CD cover (Blast First 1989)

    V/A "Rock 'n' Roll Necronomicon" comic strip collection from Sounds magazine (Shock Publications 1992)




    YES "Owner of a Lonely Heart" comic strip song adaptation (in Alter Alter #6: Mister Fantasy issue, June 1984).


Gerald SCARFE (UK)

    PINK FLOYD "The Wall" LP cover (? 198?)


Chris SCHEUER (Austria)

    ARTICLE OF FAITH "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#001" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 1993)

    GIRLS AGAINST BOYS "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#011" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??) ?

    HARD‑ONS "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#005" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??)

    LARS HOLZAPFEL "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#006" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 1995)

    LEATHERFACE/JAWBOX "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#002" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 1993)

    POISON IDEA "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#003" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 1993)

    RAMONEZ '77 "It's a Better Ramone for You" LP cover (Vielklang 1987)

    SAMIAM "Live" 7" cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??) ?

    THE SEVEN INCHES CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??) ?

    V/A "Remember the 90ties" LP cover (Gusch 1990)

    V/A "Still Your Choice" 10" cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??) ?

    V/A "YCLS ‑ The Movie" cover (Your Choice Rec. 19??) ?

    WOOL "Your Choice Live Series Pt. 3/#007" LP/CD cover (Your Choice Rec. 1995)


Charlie SCHLINGO (France)

    LES BRIGADES DU SEXE "Face moi le Beurre" LP cover (Les Productions de la Misere 1989)


Francois SCHUITEN (Belgium)

    PETER PRINCIPLE "Made to Measure Vol. 4" LP cover (Crammed Disk 1985)

    HERMAN VAN VEEN "Signale" LP cover (Polydor 1984)

    HERMAN VAN VEEN "Anne" LP cover (Polydor 1986)


Robert SCHLUNZE (Germany)

    V/A "Festival der Volxmusik" LP cover (Rebel 1990)

    THE WALTONS "Thrust of the Vile" LP cover (Rebel 1991)

Charles M. SCHULZ (USA)

    *KAYE BALLARD and ARTHUR SIEGEL "Good Grief! Charlie Brown! Peanuts" album cover (Columbia)

    *CYRUS CHESTNUT and Friends "A Charlie Brown Christmas" CD cover (Atlantic 2000)

    STAN GETZ "Children of the World" LP cover (CBS 1979)

    VINCE GUARALDI TRIO "A Boy named Charlie Brown" LP cover (Fantasy 1965)

    VINCE GUARALDI "A Boy named Charlie Brown" CD cover (from documentary, not 1965 film. Schulz art?)

    VINCE GUARALDI "Oh, Good Grief!" (Schulz art?)

    HOTSHOTS "Snoopy vs. Red Baron" LP cover (B&C 1965)

    THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN "The Royal Guardsmen Anthology"  (Schulz art?)

    GEORGE WINSTON "Linus & Lucy: The Music Of Vince Guaraldi"  (Schulz art?)

    OST "Snoopy!!! Original cast album for the musical"  (Schulz art?)

    V/A "Snoopy's Classiks on Toy Instruments" CD covers (3 cds: Beatles Classiks, Country Classiks & Jazz Classiks)




    DESTINATION ZERO "Mr. Evil" LP cover (Ruff & Roll Rec. 1991)


Gerhard SEYFRIED (Germany)

    DIE 3 TORNADOS "Totalschaden" LP cover (Plaene 1985)


Scott SHAW! (USA)

    album covers for Rhino Records



    GRATEFUL DEAD "Shakedown Street" LP cover (Arista 1978)

    MARIJUANA'S GREATEST HITS "Revisited" cover (Rehash 19??)

    GATO PEREZ "Prohibido maltratar a los gatos" LP cover (EMI Odeon 1983)

    DOUG SAHM AND BAND LP cover (Philips 1972)



    BRUCE COCKBURN "The Charity of Night" (Rykodisk, 1997)

    CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Blind" LP cover (19??)

    EPMD "Business as Usual" (Def Jam)

    *JIMI HENDRIX "Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix" comic book (Kitchen Sink 1995)


Dave SIM (Canada)

    THE SPERMBIRDS "Something to Prove" LP cover (We Bite Rec. 1986, Germany)


SIRE (France)

    DENNIS' TWIST "Dennis' Twist" part of LP jam cover (Vogue 19??, France)



    27 DEVILS JOKING "Actual Toons" cover (Live Wire 19??)

    THE ACCUSED "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told" LP cover  (w/Jeff Gaither) (We Bite Rec. 1988)

    THE ACCUSED "On the Road to Blood Circus" tribute comic (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    THE ACCUSED "Martha's House of Horrors" tribute comic (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    PLAN 9 "Dealing with the Dead" LP cover, comic booklet (1984)


Willy SMAX (Great Britain?)

    The JOE JACKSON BAND "Beat Crazy" LP (A&M Records 1980)


Peter DeSMET (Netherlands)

    MIDLAND BIG BAND "World Cup 10 Dances" LP cover (Dureco Benelux 1985)


Fiona SMYTH (Canada)

    CUB " Come Out, Come Out" cover (Mint Records 1994)

    GOD IS MY CO‑PILOT "How I Got Over" cover (Ajax 19??)

    VOICE cover (Variety 19??)


Benoit SOKAL (France)

    V/A "Vive la fete" LP cover (CBS 1988)


Jean SOLE (France)

    GUY BEART "Couleurs du temps" LP cover (Disques Temporel 1973)

    CLEARLIGHT "Les contes du singe fou" LP cover (RCA 1976)

    MARCEL DADI AND HIS FRIENDS "Live a l'olympia" LP cover (Transatlantic 1975)

    JIMI HENDRIX "Jimi Hendrix 3: Band of Gypsies/The Cry of Love" LP cover (Barclay 1975)

    MICHEL SANTANGELI LP cover (Pathe Marconi 1983)

    FRANK ZAPPA "'Tis The Season To Be Jelly" LP/CD cover (Beat the boots series I, 19??)


*Edward SOREL (USA)

    ANNA RUSSELL "The Anna Russell Album?" LP cover (Sony 1972)


Wolfgang SPERZEL (Germany)

    V/A "Hamburger Schmuddelkinder lieben anders" picture disc cover (Vince Lombardy Highschool Rec. 19??)


    SPIKE JONES "Spiked: The Music of Spike Jones" CD cover (Catalyst Rec)

    V/A "The Music Survives!" CD cover (London Records 1997)



    NILS LOFGREN "Crooked Line" cover (Rykodisc 19??)

    FRANK ZAPPA "Have I Offended Someone?" CD cover (Rykodisc 1998)

    V/A "Closed on Account of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allen Poe" cover (Mouth Almighty 1998)



    V/A "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" CD cover [w/ TREY PARKER] (Columbia 1998)


William STOUT (USA)

    THE BEATLES "Spicy Beatles Songs" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)

    THE BLISS BAND "Dinner With Raoul" LP cover (Columbia 1976)

    BOB DYLAN "Early 60's Revisited" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)

    FIRESIGN THEATRE "In the Next World You're on Your Own" LP cover (1975)

    FIRESIGN THEATRE "Nick Danger, Third Eye: The Case of the Missing Shoe" EP cover (Rhino 1979)

    FIRESIGN THEATRE "Lawyers Hospital" LP cover (198?) ?

    THE ROLLING STONES "Welcome to New York" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)

    THE ROLLING STONES "All‑Meat Music" LP cover (Bootleg 1973)

    V/A "History of Surf Musik. Compilation 2" LP cover (Rhino 1982)

    V/A "Rock'n'Roll High School ‑ O.S.T." LP cover (Sire Rec. 1979)

    THE WHO "Tales from the Who" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)

    THE YARDBIRDS "Golden Eggs" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)

    NEIL YOUNG "BBC Broadcast" LP cover (Bootleg 197?)


Drew STRUZAN (USA) from

    Alice Cooper "Greatest Hits"

    Alice Cooper "Welcome to My Nightmare" (Atlantic 1975)

    Anthony Newley "Ain't it Funny"

    Bach "Bach is Beautiful"

    Bee Gees "Main Course"

    Benny Golson "Killer"

    Black Oak Arkansas "Early Times"

    Black Oak Arkansas "Early Times"

    Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Pacific Eye and Ear 19704

    Brothers Johnson "Blam"

    Burns and Schreiber "Pure BS"

    Burns and Schreiber "Watergate Comedy Hour"

    Byrds "G.P."

    Canned Heat "One More River to Cross"

    Carol King "Fantasy"

    Chatur Lal "Drums of India"

    Claude Debussy Plays Again "Keyboard Immortals"

    Creation "Nothing Can Stop Us Now"

    Dean Martin

    Earth Wind and Fire

    First Edition "69"

    Glen Miller "Live!" (Reader's Digest 1986)

    Gracie Slick, Paul Cantner & David Freiberg "Baron Von Tollbooth"

    Grand Funk Railroad "Phoenix"

    V/A "History of British Rock"

    Hubert Laws "Romeo and Juliet"

    Iron Butterfly "Scorching Beauty"

    Jack Reno "I'm a Good Man in a Bad Frame of Mind"

    Jefferson Airplane "Long John Silver"

    Kenny Rankin "Silver Morning"

    Keyboard Immortals"

    Killer Joe"

    Lakeside "Roughriders"

    Lakeside "Shot of Love"

    Liberace "The Sound of Love"

    Marshall Tucker Band "This Ol' Cowboy"

    Mary Travers "Circles" (Pacific Eye and Ear 1974)

    Modern Jazz Quartet "In Memoriam"

    Paul Desmond Quartet "Live"

    Poco "Pickin' Up the Pieces"

    Rod McKuen "Stop the War"

    Roy Orbison "Memphis"

    Shape of Things to Come"

    Spielberg, Steven & John Williams "Collaboration?" (Sony 1991)

    Tex Ritter

    Tony Orlando and Dawn "To Be With You..." (Pacific Eye and Ear 1970)

    Wayne Newton "With Pen in Hand"

    Wilburn Brothers "We Need a Lot More Happiness"

    OST "Beauty and the Beast" CD cover (Walt Disney Studios 1991)

    OST "First Blood"

    OST "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

    OST "Sting 2"

    OST "Under Fire"



    ALICE COOPER "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" LP cover (w/Terry Austin) (El Topo 19??)

    ALICE COOPER "From the Inside" comic book story (w/ Terry Austin, in Marvel Premiere 50, Marvel Comics, Oct 1979)



    MICHAEL SHELLEY "Too Many Movies" CD cover (Big Deal 1998)


Joost SWARTE (Netherlands)

    *ARLING & CAMERON "Music for Imaginary Films" liner note picture of "Le Flic et La Fille"

    ARLING, CAMERON & SWARTE "Sound Shopping" CD (1998)

    BART EN JAN "De dag dat de derde.........." LP cover (Torso Records 1981)

    BERT VAN LEEUWEN BAND "Kerstmis / Water" 7" single label print (1988 / Squit Records

    BINTANGS "Big Black Tank" EP cover (Dynamite 1979)

    BINTANGS "Rhythm & blues" 12" single cover (Dynamite Records 1978)

    THE BUGS "Motion" EP cover (Sublabel 1981)

    THE BUGS "Emotion" LP label print (Torso Records 1981)

    CASSEL WEBB LLANO (Som Recordings 1986)

    COLOR TANGO "Color tango" CD cover (Lucho 1992)

    LA COPINE "Capelino" CD cover (Munich Records 1993)

    DRS. P "Het praatcafé van Drs. P" CD cover (VIA 1990)

    DRS. P "Folklore" 7" single (VIA 1990)

    DUCKS DELUXE LP cover (Dynamite Records 1979)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Well baby (part 2) / Deep inside" 7" single label print  (Som Recordings / WEA 1986)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Younger days" 7" single label print (Som Recordings / WEA 1986)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Johnny D. is back!" LP label print  (Som Recordings / WEA 1988)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Rock and roll star / No expectations" 7" single label print (Som Recordings / WEA 1988)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Movin' target / Johnny D. is back" 7" single label print  (Som Recordings / WEA 1988)

    FATAL FLOWERS "Second chance"  7" single label print (Som Recordings / WEA 1988)

    FLUE "One and a half" LP label print (Torso Records 1981)

    FLUE "Jerome" 7" single (Torso Records 1981)

    THE FLYIN' SPIDERZ "Down / Let's take the chance" 7" single (Dynamite Records 1977)

    FRA FRA BIG BAND "A tan so" CD cover (Lucho 1993)

    FRA FRA SOUND "Wordship mother earth" CD cover (Lucho 1994)

    FRA FRA SOUND "Kalinha's serenade" CD cover (Lucho 1993)

    FUZUÊ "Forró na brasa" (Lucho 1993) / (cd)

    GASPHETTI SAMMIE "Affano d'amore" LP label print (Torso Records 1981)

    GOD'S HEART ATTACK 7" single label print (No Fun 1978)

    GRUPO CHANGUI DE GUANTANAMO "Llegaron los Changuiceros" CD cover (Lucho 1994)

    HELMETTES "Half twee" 7" single (1977)

    LOS HERMANOS FLORES "Corrientes norte" CD cover (Lucho 1994)

    THE HOUSEBAND "Sympatico" LP and cassette cover (Jungle/Basart 1977)

    THE HOUSEBAND "Numero Uno" LP and cassette cover (Poker/Basart 1978)

    THE HOUSEBAND "Don't loose your love / Houseparty" 7" single (Jungle 1977)

    THE HOUSEBAND "So mixed up" 7" single (1977)

    THE HOUSEBAND "The mambo / bad news" 7" single (Poker 1978)

    THE HOUSEBAND "Dyanah / natural thing" 7" single (Poker 1978)

    THE HOUSEBAND "The very best of Houseband" CD cover (Patio Music 1995)

    LIGHT UP THE DYNAMITE LP cover (Dynamite 1977)

    FAY LOVSKY & JOOST SWARTE "Jopo in Mono" CD cover, box design (Oog & Blik / De Harmonie 1991)

    FAY LOVSKY & JOOST SWARTE "Jopo in mini" CD single (Oog & Blik / De Harmonie 1991)

    FAY LOVSKY & LA BANDE DESSINEE LP and CD cover (Basta Records 1996)

    FAY LOVSKY & LA BANDE DESINEE "Unfinished business / Underwater" CD single (Basta Records 1996)

    MECANO "Face cover face" 7" single (Torso Records 1977)

    MECANO "Untitled" LP label print (Torso Records 1980)

    MECANO "Subtitled"  7" single label print (Torso Records 1980)

    MECANO "Escape the human myth 7" single label print (Torso Records 1980)

    MECANO "Entitled" 7" single label print (Torso Records 1981)

    MECANO "Robespierre's re-marx" 7" single label print  (Torso Records 1981)

    MEKANIK KOMMANDO "It would be quiet in the woods if only a few birds sing" LP label print (1981)

    Lucas van MERWIJK AND HIS CU-BOP CITY BAND CD cover (Lucho 1995)

    THE MR. ALBERT SHOW "Warm Motor" LP cover (Philips 1972)

    NEON "A day in the land of lost horizons" LP cover (Torso Records 1981)

    Mick NESS "Leave me your ears" LP label print (Torso Records 1981)

    NUEVA MANTECA "Porgy & Bess" CD cover (Lucho 1994)

    NUEVA MANTECA "Let's face the music and dance" CD cover (Lucho 1995) / Lucho (cd)

    NUEVA MANTECA "Bluesongo" CD cover (Lucho 1993) / Lucho (cd)

    PHANTOM LIMB "Dance of the guilty" (Torso Records 1982) / (lp)

    PIANO CONCLAVE "Latin around the keys"  CD cover (Lucho 1993) / Lucho (cd)

    ASTRO PIAZOLLA & OSVALDO PUGLIESE "Finally together Vol. 1" CD cover (Lucho (1992)

    OSVALDO PUGLIESE & ASTOR PIAZOLLA "Finally together Vol. 2" CD cover (Lucho 1992)

    THE ROUSERS "A Treat of New Beat" LP label print (Torso/Ariola 1980)

    THE ROUSERS "Magazine girl" 7" single (Torso Records 1979)

    THE ROUSERS "Rock 'n roll or run / get out of my show" 7" single label print (1980)

    THE ROUSERS "Touched" (Ariola 1980)

    THE ROUSERS "Susan's day" 7" single label print (Torso Records 1980)

    THE ROUSERS "Nothing else to do" 7" single label print (Torso Records)

    SAMMIE AMERICA'S GASPHETTI "Affanno d'amore" LP cover (Torso Records 1981)

    Jerry SAMUELS "I owe a lot to Iowa pot"  7" single (R.F.P. 1977)

    SEPTETO TURQUINO "El swing del song" CD cover (Lucho 1995)

    SEPTETO TURQUINO "El dulcerito llegó" CD cover (Lucho 1994)

    SEXTETO CANYENGUE "Piazolla bien canyengue" CD cover (Lucho 1995)

    SEXTETO CANYENGUE "Tiburonero" CD cover (Lucho 1993)

    SEXTETO CANYENGUE "Por el tango" CD cover (Lucho 1992)

    SQUITS "Noise against silence" 7" single label print (Squit Records 1982)

    TANGO CUATRO LP and cassette cover (CBS 1990)

    THE THOUGHT "The dream is me" LP label print (Som Recordings / Polydor 1986)

    Eric VAARZON "Morel and Chanela" CD cover (Lucho 1992)

    Ludwig WISCH "Dr Neville" 7" single (Torso Records 1980)

    V/A "Lucho Collected No. 1" CD cover (Lucho 1994, Netherlands)

    V/A "Lucho Collected No. 2"  CD cover (Lucho 1996)

    V/A "Feel the draft" CD single (BMG Ariola 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Téte à téte" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Souvenirs souvenirs" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Vive la mariée" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Romantique" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Concert du dimanche" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Bon voyage!" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: A la campagne" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Méditation" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Grand écran" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Les classiques pour chaque instant: Tendres moments" CD and cassette cover (Philips 1993)

    V/A "Rock Rally '80" LP cover (Lark 1980)


Yves SWOLFS (Belgium)

    LAZARE "Infidele" EP cover (EMI/Pathe Marconi 1988)


Rumiko TAKAHASHI (Japan)

    OST "Ranma 1/2 Original Soundtrack vol. 1"

    OST "Ranma 1/2 Original Soundtrack vol. 2"


Naoko TAKEUCHI (Japan)

    OST "Sailor Moon: Songs from the Hit TV Series" (Rhino 1998?)

    OST "Sailor Moon: Unnatural Phenomenon Storytime Adventure" (Rhino 1998?)

    OST "The Best of Anime" soundtrack collection cd (1998; 3 different covers by Yoshida, Takeuchi or Kamen)



    BIG FISH "Big Fish in a Little Sea" CD (1991, Jama Disc)

    ZEKE FIDDLER "Waterproof" CD (1993, Spin Art/Jama Disc)

    V/A "Hotel Massachussetts" CD (199?, Jama Disc?)


Jacques TARDI (France)

    Bill DERAIME "Fauteuil piege" LP cover (RCA 1983)

    Pierre DEVREUX "Expression" 7" cover (Sabam Stereo 1979)

    Gerard DOLE "La Chanson de Nestor Burma" 7" cover (Collection Minuit Moinsune 1981)

    Dominique GRANGE "Hammam palace" LP cover (Celluloid 1981)

    Dominique GRANGE "Gueule Noire" 7" cover (Celluloid 1981)

    Bernard LAVILLIERS "Tout est permis, rien n'est possible" LP cover (Barclay 1984)

    PIGALLE "Pigalle" Lp cover (Boucherie/Island 1990)

    Osvaldo PIRO "Quintet Tango" Tape cover (Attack 1986)

    Gianfranco PLENIZIO "Et vogue le navire O.S.T." LP cover (Milan 1988)

    V/A "La grande guerre en chansons" CD cover (Historial de Peronne 1993)


Francois THOMAS (France)

   NINO FERRER "Veritables varierites verdatres" LP cover (CBS 1977)



    Peter  Schickele (composer), Timothy Russell and  ProMusica Chamber Orchestra  'Thurber's Dogs" CD cover (D'Note Classics 1996)


Tijuana Bibles artist (USA)

  V/A  "Everybody Wants Some!"  [Van Halen Tribute Album] CD Cover (Cherrydisc 1997)



    GRAY MATTER "Food for Thought" cover (Dischord 19??)


*Adrian TOMINE (Canada)

    EELS cd and singel covers

    *CHRIS SLUSARENKO "Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel" LP and CD artwork (2001)


TOMO (Yugoslavia)

    DR. VOICE FOR PRESIDENT "Slobo Songi" LP cover (Zalozil 1990, Yugoslavia)



    EUGENE CHADBORN cover (1988?)

    THE FLYING SAUCERS EP inner sleeve (19??)

    REV HEAD "Kill Joy" cover (Behemoth 19??)

    THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT various covers (19??)

    THREE DAY STUBBLE 7" cover (1996)


Akira TORIYAMA (Japan)

    OST "Dragon Ball Original USA TV Soundtrack" (Supertracks)


Daniel TORRES (Spain)

    S.O.S. "Caricias de invierno" LP cover (Veintiuno 1986)

    ORQUESTRA PLATERIA "Cosmopolia" cover (19??)



    DEBAUCHERY "The Ice" LP cover (Loony Tunes Rec. 1988, UK)


Rick TREMBLES (Canada)

    AMERICAN DEVICES "Decensorized" cover (Tear 19??)



    THE ACCUSED "The Martha Splatterhead Show" tribute comic (in:"Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)


Gary TRUDEAU (Canada)

    RAP MASTER RONNIE "Reathel Bean & the Doonesbury Break Crew" EP cover (Sonet 1984)



    SCOUT flexidisc cover (in: "Scout"/Eclipse 19??)

    Mauraders album cover?


Michael TURNER (USA)

    V/A "Songs of the Witchblade: A Soundtrack to the Comic Books" CD cover (DreamWorks 1998) (2 covers - one available only through comic book stores, the other from Music Boulevard at

    *THE FACTOR "Bass Hits Volume 1" CD cover (Warlock Records 2000)


Albert UDERZO (France)

    MARCEL AMONT "L'olympia 67" LP cover (Polydor 1967)

    RICHARD GOTAINER "Vive la gaule" LP cover (Virgin 1987)

Michael UMAN (USA)

    DE LA SOUL "3 Feet High and Rising" LP inner sleeve comic (Tommy Boy Music 19??)



    DADI "Picking Lights Up Nashville, Part 1" (Cezame 1976)



   album covers


Charles VESS (USA)

    "Books of Ballads and Sagas" comic book adapts classic ballads.


Martin VEYRON (France)

    TCHOUK TCHOUK NOUGAH LP cover (Sterne 1981)



    BANISHED "Deliver Me Unto Pain" LP cover (Peaceville 1993, UK)


VOSS (Brazil)

    EDDY MITCHELL "L'epopee du rock" LP cover (Barclay 1974)

    VARIATIONS "Take It Or Leave It" LP cover (Pathe Maconi 1973)


Philippe VUILLEMIN (France)

    DENNIS' TWIST "Dennis' Twist" part of LP jam cover (Vogue 19??, France)

    PARBELLUM "Quatre garcons dans le brouillard" LP cover (Gougnaf  Mouvement 1987)



    THE SHAKERS "Ohama the Cat Dancer" LP picture disk (Ordinary Records 1988)



    album covers


Chris WARE (USA)

    THE BEAU HUNKS "Manhattan Minuet" CD cover/back cover/insert art (Basta Audio‑Visual 19??)

    5IVE STYLE 7" cover (SubPop 1994)

    Ernie KOVACS "The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection" CD cover (Varese Sarabande 199?)

    Chris WARE "The Ragtime Ephemeralist" self-published booklet (Chris Ware 1998)



    POISON IDEA "Punish Me" 7" cover (Vinyl Solution 1991)



    CHOP SUEY ROCK "Songs About the Orient..." LP cover (19??)

    THE CYNICS "I live alone" 7" cover (Get Hip 1993)

    THE KARL HENDRICKS TRIO "I Hate This Party" 7" cover (Peas Koer Prod. 1992, USA)

    THE KARL HENDRICKS TRIO "Buick Electra" LP jacket artwork (19??)

    THE KARL HENDRICKS TRIO "Some Girls Like Cigarettes" 10" cover (Peas Koer Prod. 1993, USA)

    *DENNIS FARNON "Mother Magoo Suite" (Basta)



    HALO OF FLIES "Garbage Rock" cover (Twintone 19??)



    KISS comic book story (w/ John Buscema, Rich Buckler, Sal Buscema and Gray Morrow) (in Marvel Comics Superspecial #1, Marvel Comics 1977)



    THE PRESIDENTS OF THE USA CD cover (Exists?  Artwork in the Comic Journal #205)



    David BOWIE "The Man Who Sold The World" album cover (Mercury 197?, USA cover only)


Larry WELZ (USA)

    PONY BOYS 7" cover (19??)


Michael WHELAN (USA)

   JACKSON "Victory"



    THE CACTUS BROTHERS "Billy the Id" CD/cassette cover (Liberty Records 1993)



    GRAVE GODS "New Faces Revealed" cover (Tundra 19??)



    BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS "Sex and Violence" CD cover (Jive/Zomba 1992)

    THE FLESH VOLCANO "Slut" LP cover (Some Bizarre 1987)

    GUNS N'ROSES "Appetite for Destruction" LP cover (Geffen 1987)

    HAPPY HOUR "The Happy Man" LP cover, tourposter (1991)

    JACKALS cover (Anubis 19??)

    V/A "Chrome, Smoke and Fire. A Compilation of Hot Rod Music" LP cover (Blast First 19??)


    HERBIE HANCOCK "Monster" cover (CBS 19??)


Rebecca WILSON

    album covers for San Francisco area musicians, 1977



    THE ACCUSED "More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral" LP cover (Relativity Rec./Rough Justice 1988, UK)

    MEKONS/KATHY ACKER "Pussy, King of the Pirates" LP cover (Quarterstick 1996)



    THE BYRDS "Preflyte" LP cover (Columbia 1973)

    "Marvel World of Icarus"?


Stevo WINTERS (USA?, comic artist?)

    THE ACCUSED "Eating Out with Martha Splatterhead" tribute comic

(with  Jim Blanchard) (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)


Georges WOLINSKI (France)

    GEORGES EDOUARD NOUEL "Chodo" LP cover (Le Chant du Monde 1976)



    BASIL WOLVERTON "Wolvertunes" cover (Sympathy For The Record Industry 19??)


Wally WOOD

    V/A "Musically Mad" cover (with Norman Mingo) (19??)



    THE CHRISTMAS "Vortex" cover (Matador 19??)

    *CHRIS SLUSARENKO "Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel" LP and CD artwork (2001)

    Bill FRISELL  "Gone, just like a train" (1998)

    *Bill FRISELL "Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones" CD cover (Wea/Atlantic/Nonesuch 2001)

    V/A "Shut Up Kitty" (Re-Constriction/Cargo Records 1994)

    *THE MAGGIES CD cover (2000?)



    BANDOLIER (1975)

    GREENSLADE (1975)

    ROSS (1974)



    THE ACCUSED "Martha's Big Job" tribute comic (in: "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told"/Fantagraphics 1992)

    GILA MONSTER/THE POOH STICKS split 7" cover (Sympathy For The Record Industry 19??)



    MEAT LOAF "Dead Ringer" LP cover (Epic 1981)

    PAUL ROLAND "Confessions of an Opium Eater" LP cover (Di Di Music 1988)


Bob X (USA)

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