A Bibliography of Comics Articles

in the Journal of Popular Culture


by Michael Rhode




In-Depth sections on comics were done in 5:1 (Summer 1971) and 12:4 (Spring 1979).  Over 100 articles relating to comics have been published at this time.  This bibliography was compiled from the title pages of the Journal and may be missing some articles especially after 1996 when I stopped reviewing issues.  Comic books & strips and gag & political cartoons were included while animation usually was not.  Comments and corrections are welcome.  Copyrighted, but may be reproduced for scholarly research including by institutions and on the Internet.  The Comics Research Bibliography provided information on the articles by Sawyer and Williams included in the September 1996 update and the 1999 Foster article.  Randy Scott of Michigan State University Library's Comic Art Collection pointed out Sanders, Lanyi's Rico and Perebinossof articles for the May 1997 update.  Browne's review of Reynolds and Witek's Total War articles added in July 1997.  Tom Furtwangler's Fotonovela Bibliography provided the Nye photoroman cite in August 1997. Mark Rogers pointed out the two articles from summer 1998 for the February 1999 version.   The March 2003 update was derived from InfoTrac's database. * marks additions.



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