Comic Art Collection - Comic Strips

The centerpieces of the comic strip collection are a collection of over two million proof sheets deposited here by the King Features Syndicate in 2008, and a collection of over one million comic strips dated 1965-1975 donated by Richard Webster. We also have a set of 534 hand-made scrapbooks containing over 300,000 carefully organized daily comic strips, dating from about 1940 to about 1980. A separate collection of over 500,000 daily comic strips, called the "Blank" in the Comics collection, is clipped and sorted by topic. This is the largest number of topically organized comic strips in any university collection.

Almost every known book collection of reprinted American comic strips is included in the collection. In total, 3,000,000 strips can currently be effficiently consulted. The Ohio State University Library collection, also includes the King Features Syndicate proofs, and, since 1998, the bulk of the newspaper strip collection of The San Francisco Academy of Comic Art, of at least 4 million strips, and is the world's leading newspaper comic collection.

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