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   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When a Buddy Needs a Buddy" (Archie) 1/2 p. in Archie, Archie
   Andrews Where Are You? no. 37 (Apr. 1985). -- Call no.:
"When a Comic Book Becomes a Classic" / by Martin Flusser Jr.
   p. 7 in the S.F. Sunday Examiner & Chronicle Sunday Punch,
   Oct. 17, 1971. -- Newsday Service report on the 1971 Comic
   Art Convention in New York City. -- Call no.: PN6710.S35

When a Feller Needs a Friend

Newspaper panel by Clare Briggs
When a Feller Needs a Friend / by Briggs ; verses by Wilbur D.
   Nesbit. -- Chicago : P.F. Volland, 1914. -- 96 p. : ill. ;
   30 cm.
   I. Briggs, Clare A., 1875-1930. II. Nesbit, Wilbur Dick,
   1871-1927. Call no.: NC1429.B82
When a Feller Needs a Friend : example(s) (p. 174) in Old Time
   Comics, a scrapbook of daily strips and panels collected by
   Marvin Wisecup, ca. 1930 with some later additions. Call
   no.: folio PN6726.W5 1930z
When a Feller Needs a Friend (Sept. 19, 1913)
   "Walkin' Round the Links Certainly Gets Ya Tired"* (When a
   Feller Needs a Friend, Sept. 19, 1913) / Briggs. p. 20 in
   Golf in the Comic Strips, ed. by Howard Ziehm (General
   Publishing Group, 1997). -- Call no.: PN6726.G595 1997
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Entry (p. 393) in 100 Years of American Newspaper Comics :
   an Illustrated Encyclopedia / edited by Maurice Horn. (New
   York : Gramercy Books, 1996). -- Call no.: PN6725.H597 1996
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 91, 96, 140) to Cartoon Cavalcade / ed. by
   Thomas Craven (Chicago : Consolidated Book Publishers,
   1945). Call no.: NC1426.C7 1945
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry to Cartoonist Profiles, no. 53 (Mar. 1982), p.
   70-76 -- Data from R.C. Harvey. -- Call no.:
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 174, ill. 172) in Comic Art in America, by
   Stephen D. Becker (New York : Simon and Schuster, 1959).
   Call no.: NC1420.B4
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 41) in Encyclopédie des bandes dessinées /
   éd. Marjorie Alessandrini. Nouv. éd. (Paris : A. Michel,
   1986) Call no.: PN6707.E5 1986
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 48, 51) in The Funnies, 100 Years of
   American Comic Strips, by Ron Goulart (Holbrook, Mass. :
   Adams Publishing, 1995). -- Call no.: PN6725.G62 1995
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 68, 70) in Women and the Comics / by Trina
   Robbins and Catherine Yronwode (Eclipse Books, 1985). Call
   no.: PN6710.R6 1985
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 697-698, ill. 697) in The World
   Encyclopedia of Comics, ed. by Maurice Horn (New York :
   Chelsea House, 1976). Call no.: PN6710.W6 1976
When a Feller Needs a Friend--Miscellanea.
   "The People Laugh" / John W. Dodds. chapter 8 (p. 213-235)
   in his Everyday Life in Twentieth Century America (New York
   : Putnam, 1965). -- Summary: Discussion of humor magazines,
   comedians, satire and comics, with sample illustrations by
   Clare Briggs (When a Feller Needs a Friend), John Held Jr.,
   Charles Schulz (Peanuts), R.F. Outcault (The Yellow Kid,
   Buster Brown), F. Opper (Happy Hooligan), R. Dirks (The
   Katzenjammer Kids), George McManus (Bringing Up Father),
   Bud Fisher (Mutt and Jeff), Frank King (Gasoline Alley),
   and mention of others. -- Call no.: E169.D6 1965
When a Feller Needs a Friend, and Other Favorite Cartoons / by
   Briggs (Clare Briggs) -- New York : Dover, 1975. -- 121 p.
   : ill. ; 24 cm. -- "A new selection from The Selected
   Drawings of Clare Briggs."
   I. Briggs, Clare A., 1875-1930. Call no.: NC1429.B822 1975
"When a Galaxy Beckons" (Captain Marvel) / Gary Friedrich &
   Frank Springer ; inked by Vince Colletta ; lettered by
   Artie Simek. 20 p. in Captain Marvel, no. 14 (June 1969) --
   Cover title: While a Galaxy Beckons.
   I. [Each creator] II. While a Galaxy Beckons. k. Galaxies.
   k. Beckoning. Call no.: PN6728.3.M3C32no.14
"When A Girl Is Lonely" 4 p. in My Own Romance, no. 66 (Nov.
   1958) -- SUMMARY: A bored office worker does charity work
   to meet men, and falls for her own company's top salesman.
   k. Loneliness. k. Office workers. k. Boredom. k. Charity
   work. k. Salesmen. Call no.: PN6728.1.M3M83no.66
"When a Gunfighter Faces the Enforcers" (Rawhide Kid) 17 p. in
   Mighty Marvel Western, no. 11 (Nov. 1970) ; reprinted from
   Rawhide Kid, no. 58 (June 1967) ; reprinted again in
   Rawhide Kid, no. 130 (Nov. 1975). -- Call no.:
"When a Gunslinger Gets Mad!" (Rawhide Kid) 5 p. in Mighty
   Marvel Western, no. 40 (Aug. 1975) ; reprinted from Rawhide
   Kid, no. 28 (June 1962) ; also reprinted in Rawhide Kid
   Special, no. 1 (Sept. 1971). -- Call no.:
"When a Heart Breaks from Love."
   Love and Marriage / Nava Atlas. -- Poughkeepsie, NY :
   Amberwood Press, 2008. -- 28 p. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. --
   "Love and Marriage is an altered comic book utilizing art
   from the 1950s. The original dialog has been removed,
   replaced by dry deadpan banter, between male and female
   characters on the mythology of modern marriage, supermoms,
   media's obsession with domesticity, over the-top weddings,
   and monogamy. Interspersed are ads from the era, whose
   absurdity is left intact, in their original, unaltered
   state"-- Bookseller's website. -- "The art in this volume
   was appropriated from the following sources:" Cover from
   Love and marriage (I.W. Enterprises) (no date) ; Too
   sentimental from Glamorous Romances (1953) ; When a heart
   breaks from Love romances (1957) ; A reason to marry from
   Love Romances (1957) ; My wedding day from Secrets of young
   brides (1957) ; The boy next door from Love Romances
   (1957). -- Edition of 100. -- Romance and parody genres. --
   Call no.: PN6726.L6 2008
"When a Howler Turns Traitor!" (Sergeant Fury) / Stan Lee,
   story ; Dick Ayers, art ; Geo. Bell, inks. 20 p. in Special
   Marvel Edition, no. 10 (May 1973) ; reprinted from Sergeant
   Fury, no. 12 (Nov. 1964). -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3S62no.10
"When a Legend Dies!" (Outlaw Kid) / Gary Friedrich, script ;
   Dick Ayers, pencils ; Jack Abel, inks. 10 p. in Outlaw Kid,
   no. 16 (June 1973). -- Villains are Jack McDaniels and
   Moose Morgan ; Outlaw Kid gives up his secret identity as
   Lance Temple. -- Data from Lou Mougin and Tony R. Rose via
   Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3
"When a Love Story Ends" 7 p. in Our Love Story, no. 17 (June
   1972). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3 O85no.17
"When a Man's Afraid!" 5 p. in Ghost Rider, no. 2 (Apr. 1967)
   ; reprinted from Kid Colt Outlaw, no. 99 (July 1961) ; also
   reprinted in Giant-Size Kid Colt, no. 2 (Apr. 1975) -- No
   k. Men. k. Afraid. Call no.: PN6728.3.M3G47no.2. Call no.:
When a Man's Married (Sterrett).
   Index entry (p. 135) in America's Great Comic-Strip
   Artists, by Richard Marschall (New York : Abbeville Press,
   1989). Call no.: PN6725.M284A5 1989
When a Man's Married.
   Index entry (p. 41) in Comic Art in America, by Stephen D.
   Becker (New York : Simon and Schuster, 1959). Call no.:
When a Man's Married.
   Index entry (p. 42) in Comics, vom Massenblatt ins
   multimediale Abenteuer, by Andreas C. Knigge (Reinbeck bei
   Hamburg : Rowohlt, 1996). -- Call no.: PN6710.K53 1996
"When a Monarch Goes Mad!" (Sub-Mariner) 12 p. in Tales to
   Astonish, no. 81 (July 1966) ; reprinted in Marvel
   Super-Heroes, no. 36. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3T3no.81
"When a Planet Dies!" (Dr. Druid) / Jack Kirby, pencils ; Dick
   Ayers, inks. 7 p. in Weird Wonder Tales, no. 22 (May 1977)
   ; reprinted from Strange Tales, no. 97 (June 1962). --
   Summary: Humans are forced underground by the Sun's death.
   An approaching planet alarms many, but humans vote against
   destroying it. This saves Earth as the new planet is really
   a sun and thaws the dying world. -- In the 1977 reprint Dr.
   Druid acts as a host not present in the original. -- Data
   from Lou Mougin, Dan Kocher, Terry Watkins, et al. via
   Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3W4no.22
"When a Star Like You Can't Stop Him, He Must Be Good!"*
   (Curley Harper at Lakespur, Jan. 17, 1937) / by Lyman
   Young. -- Summary: Angus Frost gets on the number one
   basketball squad. -- Call no.: oversize PN6726.K52A22 1972
"When a Woman is a Man" / Dot Bucher. 4 p. in Wimmen's Comix,
   no. 4 (1974). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.L3W5no.4
"When a World Goes Mad!" 6 p. in Adventures into Weird Worlds,
   no. 2 (Feb. 1952). -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3A2
"When Abbey Goes Up Into the Hayloft Looking for Neddy, she
   Finds her with Mark Preparing to Kiss!" (Judge Parker,
   Sept. 27, 1993) / LeDoux and Wilson. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "haylofts"
"When Adventure was an Art : Flash Gordon volumes I-IV" / a
   review by Gregory Cwiklik. p. 90-94 in The Comics Journal,
   no. 156 (Feb. 1993). -- (Comics Library) -- Call no.:
"When All Else Fails, Thank God for Frozen Chocolate Treats"*
   (Heart of the City, Aug. 31, 2007) / by Mark Tatulli. --
   Summary: Mrs. Angelini helps take the dread out of the back
   to school season with fudgsicles. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When Archie Meets Archie" / concept, Nelson Ribeiro ; script,
   Fernando Ruiz ; art, Rex Lindsey. 11 p. in Archie Digest
   Magazine, no. 236 (Sept. 2007). -- The Archie from 2007
   meets the Archie from 1942. -- A time travel story. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.A7A7no.236
"When Astronomers Get On A Roll"* (Mister Boffo, Aug. 19,
   1988) / Joe Martin. -- Summary: He's naming planets, and
   after Pluto we get Fido and Bowser. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "Pluto"
"When Attuma Strikes!" (Giant-Man) 12 p. in Tales to Astonish,
   no. 64 (Feb. 1965). -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3T3no.64
"When Avengers Clash!" (The Avengers) / Jim Shooter, writer ;
   Sal Buscema, artist ; Pablo Marcos, embellisher. 17 p. in
   The Avengers, no. 158 (Apr. 1977) -- Call no.:
When Body Language Goes Bad / by Scott Adams. -- Kansas City,
   MO : Andrews McMeel Pub., 2003. -- 128 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
   -- (A Dilbert Book) -- Call no.: PN6728.D535W475 2003
"When Book Clubs Go Bad" (Six Chix, Dec. 1, 2000) / Kathryn
   LeMieux. -- Summary: The book was bad, hardcover only,
   expensive, and flies through the air at the selectors head.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "book clubs"
"When Braces Get Tightened, It's Always the Orthodontist's Kid
   Who Suffers"* (Zits, Nov. 22, 1999) / Scott and Borgman. --
   Summary: Jeremy gets shoved. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When Burne Hogarth Died"* / by Gary Groth. inverted p. 14-15
   in The Comics Journal, no. 184 (Feb. 1996) -- (Remembering
   Burne Hogarth) -- Call no.: PN6700.C62no.184
"When Calls Galactus" (Fantastic Four) 20 p. in Fantastic
   Four, no. 74 (May 1968). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3F3no.74
"When Can I Go On a Vacation? I Think I'm Over-Golfed!"
   (Berry's World, Sept. 7, 1989) / Jim Berry. -- Summary: Dan
   Quayle is talking to George Bush. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When Cartoon Characters Oversleep" / Camper. p. 39 in Gay
   Comics, no. 15 (Spring 1992). -- Call no.:
When Cartoons Stop Being Polite, and Start Being Reality TV /
   Nichola Dobson. -- 15 leaves ; 28 cm. -- Paper presented at
   the Annual Conference of the Popular Culture
   Association/American Culture Association, San Francisco,
   Calif., March 18-21, 2008. -- "This paper will examine the
   animated reality series Drawn Together." -- Includes
   bibliographical references (p. 15). -- Call no.:
   PN1992.77.D73D6 2008
"When Clash the Titans!" / scénario by Robert Boyd ; art by
   Esdé. p. 114 in The Comics Journal, no. 183 (Jan. 1996) --
   (Hey Kids, Comics!) -- The cast of Tintin meets the cast of
   The Fantastic Four. -- Call no.: PN6700.C62no.183
"When Clipper Kirk, the Navy Ace was Detached"* (Clipper Kirk)
   / Cliff Dubois ; Art Saaf, art. 7 p. in Wings Comics, no.
   47 (July 1944). -- Edited reprint from Wings Comics, no. 22
   (June 1942): eliminates the splash panel from page one and
   about 1/2 of page three. -- Data from Lou Mougin, Jim
   Walls, Gary L. Watson, et al., via the Grand Comics
   Database Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.F5W5m no.47
"When Comics Corrupted the Souls of Children."
   "C'Était le Temps où la Bande Dessinée Corrompait l'Âme
   Enfantine" / Thierry Groensteen. p. 14-19 in 9e art : Les
   Cahiers du Musée de la Bande Dessinée, no. 4 (Jan. 1999).
   -- (49-956 ou la Démoralisation de la Jeunesse : les 50 Ans
   de la Loi du 16 Juillet 1949) -- English summary (from p.
   142): "When Comics Corrupted the Souls of Children. From
   the beginning of the century, French educators have
   denounced the way in which comics distract children from
   'real' reading. The image came to be seen as the root of
   all ills. Vulgar, ugly, violent, even pornographic, and
   confusing imagination with reality. Thierry Groensteen
   recalls the vigour of this crusade against comics, which
   was to culminate, in 1949, in the voting of a law (no.
   49-956) that allows censorship of children's publications."
   -- Includes excerpts of the law in question, and
   bibliographical references. -- Call no.: folio
"When Comics Sold Soap : Advertising from the '30s and '40s /
   Steven Heller. in Comics, a Special Issue (Print ; v. 42,
   no. 6), 1988. -- Call no.: PN6710.P7 1988
"When Comics Were For Kids : A Speculative Essay about
   Resurrecting the Past" / by R.C. Harvey. p. 47-50 in
   Cartoonists on Cartooning : The Comics Journal Special
   Edition, no. 1 (Winter 2002). -- Call no.: folio
"When Comics Wore Toppers" p. 44-56 in Nemo, no. 18 (Apr.
   1986) -- Selection of Sunday top strips, introduced by Jim
   I. Ivey, Jim. k. Toppers. k. Top Strips. k. Sunday Top
   Strips. Call no.: PN6725.N43no.18
"When Crime Comics Were a Crime : a Look at the Law Against
   Crime Comic Books" / by Peter Klee. p. 61-73, 70 in Comic
   Book Marketplace, no. 21 (Jan./Feb. 1993). -- Cover title:
   The Law Against Crime Comics. -- Call no.: PN6714.C632no.21
"When Cyclops Walks the Earth"* (Ant-Man) / Stan Lee and H.E.
   Huntley, story ; Don Heck, art. 13 p. in Tales to Astonish,
   no. 46 (Aug. 1963). -- Data from George Olshevsky. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.2.M3T3no.46
"When Darkness Falls!" / Ditko. 5 p. in Where Monsters Dwell,
   no. 13 (Jan. 1972) ; reprinted from Journey into Mystery,
   no. 69 (June 1961). -- Call no.: PN6728.4.M3W49no.13
"When Day is Dung."
   "Blackwall Siegel" / by Siegel & Simon. 7 p. in San
   Francisco Comic Book, no. 6 (1981). -- 21 1-tier strips:
   "Will Wonders Never Start" ; "A Brief Lapse of Discretion"
   ; "Maw Busa" ; "The Business of Business" ; "Mother was
   Right" ; "Mr. Wizard" ; "The Fuller Shit Men" ; "Taste
   Test" ; "Chickens Go Home" ; "Sock-A-Bye Baby" ; "Arabella"
   ; "Torrid, Torrid, Torrid" ; "Blackwall is Merely Curious"
   ; "Learn Somethin' New Every Day" ; "About Kids These Days"
   ; "Shit Faced and How" ; "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow" ;
   "The Plot Sickens" ; "Going, Going, Gone" ; "When Day is
   Dung" ; "Picking Up the Pieces." -- Call no.:
"When Dead Meet" 1/2 p. text in Warfront, no. 17 (Oct. 1953)
   -- Call no.: PN6728.2.H33W3no.17
"When Death Took a Hand" / Sheldon Mayer, story ; Bernard
   Baily, art. 6 p. in Weird War Tales, no. 21 (Jan. 1974). --
   World War II story, set in the mountains of Cassino in
   1944. -- Data from Gene Reed, Lou Mazzella, Ramon Schenk,
   et al. via Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.:
"When Detroit Shook Hands with Jiggs" / by J. A. Mulcahy. p.
   22-23 in Circulation, v. 2, no. 9 (Sept. 1922). -- Account,
   with photographs, of a visit by George McManus to Detroit,
   including a picture with Mayor John C. Lodge. -- Call no.:
"When Did a Dog Become More Interesting than My Love Life?"*
   (Luann, Aug. 08, 2008) / by Greg Evans. -- Summary: Luann
   wants to tell Delta about Stuart, but Bernice has a new
   puppy named Royce. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "dogs"
"When Did Grade School Become College Prep?"* (Heart of the
   City, Mar. 9, 1999) / by Mark Tatulli. -- Summary: A mom
   objects to the amount of homework her daughter has to do.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "homework"
When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View? / by Scott Adams.
   -- Kansas City, Mo. : Andrews McMeel Pub., 2001. -- 128 p.
   : ill. ; 23 cm. -- (A Dilbert Book ; 18) -- Call no.:
   PN6728.D535W48 2001
"When Did Our Backyard Turn Into an Obstacle Course?"
   (Marmaduke, July 7, 2004) / Brad Anderson. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "backyards"
"When Did You Become Such A Jerk?"* (Preteena, July 8, 2002) /
   by Allison Barrows. -- Summary: Mom's having trouble with
   daughter Jeri, who's rolling her eyes. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "jerks"
"When Did You First Realize You Were Growing Old?"* (Fenton,
   June 23, 1983) / Wiley. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "age"
"When Did You Get the New Hearing Aid?"* (Out Our Way, May 11,
   1961) / New Cochran. -- (Grampaw) -- Summary: Gramps has a
   new pocket radio with an earphone, and is getting ribbed
   about it. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hearing aids"
When Did You Last Wash Your Feet? / words Mike Rosen ;
   pictures Tony Pinchuck. -- London : Deutsch, 1986. -- 96 p.
   : ill. ; 28 cm. -- Poetry, with some pages in comics style.
   -- Call no.: PR6068 .O68W47 1986
"When Dies a Legend!" (The Avengers) 20 p. in The Avengers,
   no. 81 (Oct. 1970). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3A87no.81
When do the Good Things Start? / Abraham J. Twerski ; Peanuts
   cartoons by Charles M. Schulz. -- New York : Topper Books,
   1988. -- 126 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
   1. Self-actualization (Psychology). 2. Comic books, strips,
   etc.--Psychological aspects. 3. Peanuts. 4. Funny kid
   comics--Psychological aspects. I. Twerski, Abraham J. II.
   Schulz, Charles M. III. Peanuts. Call no.: BF637.S4T85 1988
"When Do We Eat?"* (For Better or For Worse, Aug. 1, 1988) /
   Lynn. -- Summary: The head of the camp shows them the
   bulletin board, and asks if there are any questions. --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "bulletin boards"
"When Do We Get Some Action, Boss?"* (Chuck White) p. 3-10 in
   Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact, v. 4, no. 7 (Nov. 30,
   1948). -- Begins: "Norton and Durand are reporting about
   Chuck to their mysterious 'boss'". -- "To be continued." --
   Call no.: PN6728.1.P43T7v.4no.7
"When do you Plan on Leaving?"* (Dirty Duck) 1 p. in The Dirty
   Duck Book / by Bobby London (San Francisco, Calif. :
   Company and Sons, 1971). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.C6D5 1971
"When Doctors Disagree" / E. Warde Blaisdell. p. 66 in Life's
   Book of Animals (New York : Doubleday & McClure Co., 1898)
   -- Full page drawing in which two M.D. birds decide what
   surgery to perform on an ailing tiger. -- Call no.:
   NC1428.L52 1898
"When Does the Race Start?"* 1/2 p. in Sensation Comics, no.
   109 (May/June 1952). -- Advertising strip for Fleer Dubble
   Bubble Gum, about rowing. -- Call no.: Film 15791 r.603
When Dolphins Fly / Realbuzz Studios. -- Nashville, TN :
   Thomas Nelson, 2007. -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. --
   (Goofyfoot Gurl ; 2) -- "Suki stumbles into the hi-tech
   lair of a mysterious figure who watches the beach buddies
   from afar. Meanwhile, new romances are blooming under the
   Orange County sun, and Scott gets a great job as a surf
   instructor. Chardonnay causes drama with the new girl, but
   can Suki keep the peace?" -- About teenage surfers and
   Christian life. -- Call no.: PN6728.G62W47 2007
"When Drawing the Line Always Have Yer Rubber Handy" / Viv
   Quillin. p. 41-46 in Women Out of Line (London : Carol
   Bennett, 1997) -- Call no.: PN6736.W6 1997
"When Dreams Collide" / Gore. 8 p. in Up from the Deep, no. 1
   (1971). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.R5U6no.1
When Dreams Collide.
   Index entry (p. 871) in Historia de los Comics / J.
   Toutain, J. Coma (Barcelona : Toutain, 1982-1984?) -- Call
   no.: PN6710.H5 1982a
"When Dudley Moore Started Going Out with Susan Anton"* (Betty
   Boop and Felix, May 4, 1985) / by the Walker Brothers. --
   Call no.: oversize PN6726.K52A2
"When Earth Turned Into a Comet!" / Gardner Fox, story ;
   Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella, art. 9 p. in From Beyond
   the Unknown, no. 3 (Feb./Mar. 1970) ; reprinted from
   Strange Adventures, no. 150 (Mar. 1963). -- Data from Gene
   Reed. -- Call no.: PN6728.3.N3F7no.3
"When East Goes West!" (Vigilante) 10 p. in Action Comics, no.
   101 (Oct. 1946). -- Call no.: Film 15791, r.146
"When Everybody Gets Suspicious" / Ireland in Columbus
   Dispatch. p. 70 in Cartoons Magazine, v. 5, no. 1 (Jan.
   1914). -- Caption: Have you ever tried to give away a mess
   of mushrooms? -- Call no.: NC1300.C37v.5no.1
"When Extravagant Fantasies Become Drab Exercises" / by
   Matthew Surridge. p. 36-37 in The Comics Journal, no. 235
   (July 2001). -- (Essays) -- Essay on the occasion of the
   25th anniversary of The Comics Journal. -- Call no.:
"When Fails the Quest!" (Sub-Mariner) 12 p. in Tales to
   Astonish, no. 74 (Dec. 1965) ; reprinted in Sub-Mariner
   Special, no. 2 (Jan. 1972). -- Call no.: PN6728.2.M3T3no.74
"When Fall the Mighty" (Fantastic Four) 20 p. in Fantastic
   Four, no. 70 (Jan. 1968). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3F3no.70
"When Fall the Mighty!" (Iron Man) 12 p. in Tales of Suspense,
   no. 80 (Aug. 1966) ; reprinted in Iron Man Special, no. 1
   (Aug. 1970) ; reprinted again in Marvel's Greatest
   Superhero Battles, p. 169-180 (1978). -- Call no.:
"When Falls the Axe" p. 62 (Comics Journal #47 July 1979)
   1. The Invaders. I. Decker, Dwight R. Call no.:
"When Falls the Holocaust!" (Sub-Mariner) 12 p. in Tales to
   Astonish, no. 99 (Jan. 1968). -- Call no.:
"When Falls the Meteor" (Spider-Man) / Ditko and Lee. 20 p. in
   The Amazing Spider-Man, no. 36 (May 1966) ; reprinted in
   Marvel Tales, no. 28 (Oct. 1970)
   I. Ditko, Steve. II. Lee, Stan. k. Falling. k. Meteors.
   Call no.: PN628.3.M3A5no.36.
"When Falls the Mountain!"
   "Valhalla Can Wait!" (The Defenders) / David Kraft & Ed
   Hannigan, story ; Herb Trimpe, pencils ; Pablo Marcos,
   inks. 17 p. in The Defenders, no. 68 (Feb. 1979). -- Cover
   title: When Falls the Mountain! -- Call no.:
"When Fawcett Took a Fancy to Flicks!" / by Michelle Nolan. p.
   13-16 in Comic Book Marketplace, v. 2, no. 44 (Feb. 1997)
   k. Film adaptations. 1. Fawcett Publications. I. Nolan,
   Michelle. Call no.: PN6714.C632v.2no.44
"When Friends Must Part" (A Tale from the Toy Museum) p. 13-15
   in Bunty, no. 1497 (Sept. 20, 1986). -- Call no.:
"When Friends Turn Foes" (Captain America) / Syd Shores,
   pencils ; Ken Bald, inks. 12 p. in Captain America Comics,
   no. 65 (Jan. 1948). -- Introduction of villain called The
   Chief (real name Grace). -- Data from Lou Mougin and Tony
   R. Rose via Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
   Film 15791r.180
"When Gen-X met the X-Men."
   Film and Comic Books / edited by Ian Gordon, Mark
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   Includes bibliographical references (p. 297-315) and index.
   -- Contents: "Incompatible Visual Ontologies? The
   Problematic Adaptation of Drawn Images  / Pascal Lefèvre ;
   "Dick Tracy: In Pursuit of a Comic Book Aesthetic" /
   Michael Cohen ; "Translation Creativity and Alien
   Econ(c)omics: From Hollywood Blockbuster to Dark Horse
   Comic Book" / Kerry Gough ; "Will the Real Wolverine Please
   Stand Up? Marvel's Mutation from Monthlies to Movies" /
   Derek Johnson ; "When Gen-X Met the X-Men: Retextualizing
   Comic Book Film Reception" / Neil Rae and Jonathan Gray ;
   "Wham! Bam! The X-Men Are Here: The British Broadsheet
   Press and the X-Men Films and Comic" / Mel Gibson ;
   "Unbreakable and the Limits of Transgression" / Aldo J.
   Regalado ; "Teen Trajectories in Spider-Man and Ghost World
   / Martin Flanagan ; "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's
   DVD!: Superman, Smallville, and the Production (of)
   Melodrama / Rayna Denison ; "American Splendor: Translating
   Comic Autobiography into Drama- Documentary" / Craig Hight
   ; "El Santo: The Case of a Mexican Multimedia Hero / David
   Wilt ; "From Blockbuster to Flop? The Apparent Failure (or
   Possible Transcendence) of Ralf König's Queer Comics
   Aesthetic in Maybe, Maybe Not and Killer Condom" ; Paul M.
   Malone ; "Old Malay Heroes Never Die: The Story of Hang
   Tuah in Films and Comics" / Jan van der Putten and Timothy
   P. Barnard ; "Enki Bilal's Intermedial Fantasies: From
   Comic Book Nikopol Trilogy to Film Immortals (ad vitam)" /
   Sophie Geoffroy-Menoux. -- Call no.: PN1995.9.C36F55 2007
"When Giants Walk the Earth"* (Conan) / Roy Thomas, writer ;
   John Buscema, ilustrator ; Ernie Chan, inker. 17 p. in
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"When Giants Walk the Sky!" (Fantastic Four) 17 p. in
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"When Ginger Plays Cards"* (Sky Girl) / by Bill Gibson ; Matt
   Baker, art. 7 p. in Jumbo Comics, no. 84 (Feb. 1946). --
   Data from Lou Mougin via The Grand Comics Database Project.
   -- Call no.: Film 15791r.159
"When Global Americanization is Complete" (Speed Bump, June
   26, 2001) / Coverly. -- Summary: A tourist stands before
   "The Great Wal-Mart of China." -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When Gods Make Madness!" (Atom & Hawkman) / Denny O'Neil,
   story ; Dick Dillin and Joe Giella, art. 23 p. in The Atom
   & Hawkman, no. 42 (May 1969)
   I. O'Neil, Denny. II. Dillin, Dick. III. Giella, Joe. k.
   Gods Make Madness. k. Madness. Call no.: PN6728.3.N3A8no.42
"When Goldfish Divorce" (Six Chix, Nov. 28, 2000) / Margaret
   Shulock. -- Summary: They still swim in the same circles,
   so it's hard. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "divorce"
"When Gotham City Challenged Metropolis" (Superman and Batman)
   12 p. in World's Finest Comics, no. 179 (Nov. 1968) ;
   originally appeared in World's Finest Comics, no. 76 (June
   1955). -- Appearance of Robin. -- Call no.:
"When Gravity Went Wild" (Justice League of America) 26 p. in
   Justice League of America, no. 5 (June/July 1961) ;
   reprinted in Justice League of America, no. 39 (Nov. 1965)
   -- Data from Gene Reed. -- Call no.: Film 15791 r.604
"When Grocery Clerks Live Next Door to Each Other"* (Mother
   Goose & Grimm, May 3, 2006) / Mike Peters. -- Summary:
   Instead of fences or hedges, the lot lines are checkout
   conveyor dividers. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "grocery
When Harry Met Gandalf.
   Your Momma Thinks Square Roots are Vegetables : a FoxTrot
   collection / by Bill Amend. -- Kansas City, Mo. : Andrews
   McMeel, 2003. -- 127 p. : ill. ; 17 x 22 cm. -- Partial
   contents (list on back cover): Andy's allergy fun ; Roger
   gives blood ; When Harry met Gandalf ; Paige goes Rudolph ;
   Jason with braces ; Peter's hot haircut. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.F63Y6 2003
"When He Believed in Something, He Went For Broke!"* (Judge
   Parker, June 17, 1988) / Paul Nichols, Harold LeDoux. --
   Summary: David's father was a financial genius and a
   gambler who made and lost fortunes, but made a lot of money
   for his more conservative friends. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55
"When He Does His Tony Blair Imitation, He Sounds American
   Enough to Understand"* (Get Fuzzy, Sept. 26, 2006) / by
   Darby Conley. -- Summary: The British accent has been
   partly overcome. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "accents"
"When He Dragged Me Through the Picnic"* (Marmaduke, June 12,
   1999) / Brad Anderson. -- Summary: He got potato salad on
   his shoe while walking the dog. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "potato salad"
"When He Steps Into Your Dreams"* (Love Is, July 7, 2004) /
   Kim. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "dreams"
"When He's Discharged from the Hospital, He'll Need a Good
   Rest!"* (Rusty Riley, Oct. 14, 1948) / Frank Godwin. --
   Summary: Mr. Miles is thinking of bringing the young man
   with amnesia to his farm to recuperate. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "hospitals"
When Holidays Attack! / Pete Abrams. -- Thomasville, NC : Plan
   Nine Publishing, 1999. -- 160 p. : ill. ; 13 x 18 cm. --
   (Sluggy Freelance ; bk. 3) -- Call no.: PN6728.S54W47 1999
"When Hubby's Away" (Blondie) p. 125-126 in Sex in Comics, v.
   1 / by D.H. Gilmore (San Diego, Calif. : Greenleaf
   Classics, 1971) -- A Tijuana Bible reprint. -- Concerns a
   I. Blondie. k. Plumbers. k. Tijuana Bibles. Call no.:
   PN6714.G5 1971 v.1
"When Hwen Won One" (Doctor Mirage) / Bob Layton, script ;
   Bernard Chang, pencils ; Ken Branch, inks ; Mark Csaszar,
   colors ; Santiago Vazquez, Rob Johnson, letters. 21 p. in
   The Second Life of Doctor Mirage, no. 7 (May 1994). --
   Summary: Doctor Mirage and Carmen battle Eclipse in a
   Colorado silver mine. -- Data from Ken St. Andre, Jack
   Patton and Mike Nielsen via Grand Comic-Book Database. --
   Call no.: PN6728.6.V6S4no.7
When I Am King--Articles About.
   "Un Chat, un Roi, des Écrans" / Vincent Baudoux. p. 46-49
   in 9e Art : Les Cahiers du Musée de la Bande Dessinée, no.
   8 (Jan. 2003). -- (La BD et le Net) -- Begins: "Le site
   When I Am King, consididéré comme référence par les
   créateurs de narrations en ligne, revendique des racines
   dans les formes traditionnelles de la bande dessinée et de
   l'animation. Ce qui en fait un parfait trait d'union entre
   l'état le plus classique de ce médium et les formes les
   plus actuelles du numérique." -- English summary (from p.
   150): "A Cat, a King, Some Screens. Vincent Baudoux speaks
   highly of the site of the young Swiss artist Demian5 'When
   I Am King,' which is considered a landmark by on-line
   narrative creators. He highlights a reminiscency of Felix
   the Cat and The Little King and situates this cyber-comic
   in the wake of Scott McCloud's reflections." -- Call no.:
   folio PN6700.N44no.8
When I Am King--Reviews.
   "Tape This to Your Cubicle Wall" / Charles Brownstein. p.
   56-57 in The Comics Journal, no. 240 (Jan. 2002). -- (Year
   in Review) -- Brief review/recommendations of fifteen
   webcomics and other comics-related websites: When I Am King
   ; LeisureTown ; E-Sheep ; Sinfest ; Nowhere Girl ; Small
   Stories ; True Loves ; The Aweful Science Fair ; Bee:
   Shutterbug Follies ; Hotel Fred ; Morning Improv ; The
   Dough ; Highwater Books ; Top Shelf Dot Comix ; Marvel Dot
   Comics. -- Call no.: PN6700.C62no.240
"When I Eat, the World Eats"* (Phoebe & the Pigeon People) 1
   p. in Phoebe & the Pigeon People, v. 1, no. 1 (1979) / by
   Jay Lynch & Gary Whitney. -- Call no.: PN628.45.K5P47no.1
"When I Get Home Tonight I Bet She Won't Even Have a Hot Meal
   Ready!"* (Eb and Flo, May 27, 1970) / Paul Sellers. --
   Summary: The man at the complaint desk has his own
   problems, with his wife. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When I Git That Lawn Chair Down to Her House, She'll Tell Me
   to Leave it an' We'll Never Own It Again"* (Out Our Way,
   Feb. 8, 1962) / J.R. Williams. -- (Why Mothers Get Gray) --
   Summary: The sleeping nephew and niece are in the wheeled
   chair ready to be rolled home. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "lawn chairs"
"When I Got Here, You Could See My Feet"* (B.C., July 24,
   1991) / Hart. -- Summary: While he's been waiting for her,
   the grass has grown longer. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When I Grow Old Enough to Start Liking Girls, I Think I'll
   Start with Matilda" (The Family Circus, July 30, 1997) /
   Bil Keane. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55 "Girls"
"When I Grow Up" / script, Gerard Jones ; art, Douglas Potter.
   p. 29-40 in Death Rattle, v. 2, no. 18 (Oct. 1988). -- Call
   no.: Call no.: PN6728.45.K5D4v.2no.18
"When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Be an Anchorwoman, Just Like My
   Mom"* (Laugh Time, May 3, 1985) / Bob Schroeter. --
   Summary: She's referring to her mother's gossiping over the
   back fence. -- Call no.: oversize PN6726.K52A2
"When I Have a Little Girl" / Sophie Crumb. p. 8-9 in Wimmen's
   Comix, no. 15 (1989). -- "Little Girls" issue. -- Call no.:
"When I Joined the Line Outside, I Understood It Was For
   Sugar!"* (Mr. Mixit) 2 p. in Four Favorites, no. 29 (June
   1947). -- Summary: Mr. Mixit gets in line to kiss the
   bride. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.A2F6no.29
"When I Laid Down, My Dog Looked Like a Giant"* (Alien
   Metaphor) / by Scott Cunningham. p. 64 in Heavy Metal, v.
   16, no. 11 (July 1992). -- Call no.: PN6728.H43v.16no.11
"When I Promised to Shower You with Diamonds, What Was I
   Drinking?"* (The Lockhorns, June 4, 1999) / Hoest & Reiner.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "diamonds"
"When I Said You Were Going to Eat Those Words, I Meant It!"*
   (Crankshaft, Apr. 29, 1999) / Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers. --
   Summary: Crankshaft uses the fines for bad language on the
   bus to buy lunch in a museum. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
"When I Say the Key Word You Start Salivating"* (Arnold, Sept.
   9, 1986) / by Kevin McCormick. -- Summary: Tommy gets
   behavioral conditioning to react to the word "Alpo." --
   Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "dog food"
When I See an Elephant Fly.
   Walt Disney's Dumbo [music recording] -- Glendale, CA :
   Walt Disney Productions, 1975. -- 1 sound disc : 45 rpm. ;
   7 in. -- Contents: Casey, Jr. ; Song of the Roustabouts ;
   When I see an elephant fly ; Pink elephants on parade. --
   Call no.: M1527.2.W36D86 1975
"When I Set My Chickens Free!" / Gilbert Shelton. 2 p. in
   Bijou Funnies, no. 1 (1968). -- Call no.:
"When I Set My Chickens Free!"*  / by Gilbert Shelton. 1 p. in
   Feds 'n' Heads Comics (Berkeley, Calif. : Print Mint, 1968)
   ; also in Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, no. 0 / Gilbert
   Shelton (Underground Classics ; no. 1) -- Call no.:
   PN6728.45.P7F4 1968. Call no.: PN6728.45.R5F18 1985
"When I Take My Sugar to Tea" p. 32-41 in Insatiable /
   Fernando Caretta ; translated by Laura Petrarca (Seattle,
   WA : Eros Comix, 1998). -- Summary: A young man drugs his
   mother's discussion group into insensibility, and has his
   way with them all. -- Call no.: PN6767.C33 I513 1998
"When I Think of All the Foolish Nonsense I've Been Involved
   In" 32 p. in Promethean Enterprises, no. 5 (1974). --
   Interview with R. Crumb by Al Davoren. -- Call no.:
"When I Told Her You're in the Same Class at School, she Said
   She Didn't Remember You"* (Peanuts, Aug. 3, 1994) / Schulz.
   -- Summary: And she can't read Charlie Brown's smudgy
   writing. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "smudges"
"When I Turned My Putter In, They Gave Me a Voucher for a Free
   Game!"* (Born Loser, May 1, 2000) / Art-Chip. -- Summary:
   Thornapple impresses the boss by saying he got a hole in
   one. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "golf"
"When I Vowed to Stand By My Man, No One Mentioned I'd Have to
   be Holding Sports Equipment"* (Cathy, Apr. 29, 1992) / by
   Cathy Guisewite. -- Summary: Irving has bought Cathy a set
   of golf clubs as a present. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   "sports equipment"
"When I Was a Kid" / Link Yaco. p. 41 in The Comics Journal,
   no. 143 (July 1991) -- Letter to the editor about how
   todays young readers have no sense of comics history. --
   Call no.: PN6700.C62no.143
"When I Was Aerating the Lawn, I Accidentally Cut the Cable TV
   Line"* (Fox Trot, Oct. 16, 2006) / Amend. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "lawns"

When I Was Short

Funny kid newspaper strip by Michael Fry and Guy Vasilovich
When I Was Short / by Michael Fry and Guy Vasilovich. -- 1 v.
   : ill. ; 23 cm. -- Sales kit from King Features Syndicate,
   dated 1989. -- Fry (1959-) is the writer, Vasilovich
   (1954-) is the artist. -- Funny kid genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.W463F7 1989
When I Was Short-- / by Michael Fry and Guy Vasilovich. -- New
   York : Avon Books, 1991. -- 121 p. : ill. ; 14 x 21 cm. --
   "A King Features comic." -- Funny kid genre. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.W463F69 1991
When I Was Short (Feb. 18, 1991)
   "Age 7 Would Have Been a Good Stopping Point"* (When I Was
   Short, Feb. 18, 1991) / Michael Fry & Guy Vasilovich. --
   Summary: Mason is shown watching Mr. Ed, and wishing he
   hadn't grown up. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "Mr. Ed"
When I Was Short (Feb. 19, 1991)
   "I Want to See Bodies in the Morgue!"* (When I Was Short,
   Feb. 19, 1991) / Michael Fry & Guy Vasilovich. -- Summary:
   The hockey coach instructs his little kid players. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hockey"
When I Was Short (Mar. 14, 1991)
   "Did it Happen?"* (When I Was Short, Mar. 14, 1991) /
   Michael Fry & Guy Vasilovich. -- Summary: What if a dog
   eats your homework, and no one sees it? -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "homework"
When I Was Short (Mar. 15, 1991)
   "Oh, THESE Dirty Dishes"* (When I Was Short, Mar. 15, 1991)
   / Michael Fry & Guy Vasilovich. -- Summary: Poor peripheral
   vision might be an adaptive advantage, unless you have a
   seeing-eye mom. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "dishwashing"
"When I Was Young I Wanted to Hit the Ball Out of Sight"*
   (Wizard of Id, July 20, 2002) / Parker. -- Summary: One
   thing about golf gets easier with age. -- Call no.: PN6726
   f.B55 "sight"
"When I Was Your Age I Never Thought I'd Get the Right to Vote
   Period!"* (Mama's Boyz) / Jerry Craft. p. 17 in Flint Comix
   & Entertainment, no. 1 (Mar.-Apr. 2009). -- Date of
   original printing not given. -- Summary: Grandpa talks
   about voting for a black president. -- This strip has an
   African American cast. -- Call no.: PN6700.F55no.1
"When Iceman Attacks!" (Spider-Man) / Stan Lee, story ; Gil
   Kane and John Romita, art. 20 p. in Amazing Spider-Man, no.
   92 (Jan. 1971) ; edited to 18 p. in Marvel Tales, no. 73
   (Nov. 1976).
   I. [Each creator]. k. Iceman Attacks. k. Attacking. Call
   no.: PN6728.3.M3A5no.92
"When I'm Dead, I Won't Know Cats"* (I'm Age) / by Jeff Jones.
   p. 65 in Heavy Metal, v. 5, no. 12 (Mar. 1982). -- Call
   no.: PN6728.H43v.5no.12
"When I'm Eating"* (Red and Rover, Nov. 12, 2004) / by Brian
   Basset. -- Summary: And when is Rover not hungry? -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "hunger"
"When I'm Older, I Won't Want to Mow the Lawn"* (Frazz, July
   22, 2003) / Mallett. -- Summary: Caulfield wants to push
   the lawnmower, but Frazz says he's too young. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "lawnmowers"
"When In Doubt About Whether or not it's an Unplayable Lie,
   Consult the Rule Book" (Real Life Adventures, Dec. 1, 2000)
   / by Aldrich & Wise. -- Summary: Someone is unconscious on
   his ball. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "lies"
"When in Doubt, Black it Out" / Ralph Reese. p. 59-60 in The
   Comics Journal, no. 197 (July 1997) -- Describes the
   experience of working for Wallace Wood. -- Call no.:
"When In Doubt Enjoy It Comics" / O'Neill. 2 p. in Dan
   O'Neill's Comics and Stories, v. 1, no. 3 (Nov. 1949, i.e.
   1971). -- Call no.: PN6728.45.C6D3v.1no.3
"When in Doubt, Prey!" (Cross-Eyed Pussycat) / Henry
   Scarpelli. 1 p. in Binky's Buddies, no. 10 (July/Aug.
   1970). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.N3B5no.10
"When in Paris" / by Vane and Corominas. p. 62-69 in Heavy
   Metal, v. 20, no. 2 (May 1996). -- Contents page title:
   "One Day in Paris." -- Call no.: PN6728.H43v.20no.2
"When in Rome" (Archie) 6 p. in Archie, Archie Andrews Where
   Are You? no. 37 (Apr. 1985). -- Call no.: PN6728.A7A67no.37
When in Rome.
   Catwoman : When in Rome / Jeph Loeb, writer ; Tim Sale,
   artist ; Dave Stewart, colorist ; Richard Starkings,
   lettering. -- New York : DC Comics, 2004-2005. -- col. ill.
   ; 26 cm. -- Complete in 6 nos. -- "A Catwoman murder
   mystery." -- Superheroine and detective genres. -- LIBRARY
   HAS: no. 1-2. -- Call no.: PN6728.7.D3C34 2004
"When in Rome...How Do I Get Comics?" p. 24 (Comics Journal
   #56 May 1980) (Letter) -- Data from Pete Coogan.
   1. Italian comics--Publication and distribution. I.
   Gurabedian, Patrick. Call no.: PN6700.C62no.56
"When is Tomorrow Yesterday?" 10 p. in Secrets of Sinister
   House, no. 6 (Aug./Sept 1972). -- Call no.:
"When It Rains He Likes to Practice Indoors"* (Beetle Bailey,
   Dec. 12, 1990) / Mort Walker. -- Summary: General Halftrack
   uses marshmallows for golf balls on rainy days. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "marshmallows"
"When It Rains I Always Think It Could Be A Lot Worse"* (Taco
   Zip) / Luc Cromheecke. p. 45 in Wind : the Bries Anthology
   (Antwerp : Bries, 1999). -- Call no.: PN6720.W5 1999
"When it Rains in Poughkeepsie" 4 p. in All Sports, no. 2
   (1949?). -- About crew (rowing). -- Call no.:
"When It Rains, it Pours" / by Tom Spurgeon. p. 100-104 in The
   Comics Journal, no. 234 (June 2001). -- (Minimalism) --
   Brief reviews of minicomix: Angry Youth Comix #11 (Johnny
   Ryan) ; Doot Doot Garden (Craig Thompson) ; Hear Say (Greg
   Cook) ; Heartbreakers Minidigest 2000 (Anina Bennet & Paul
   Guinan) ; Monster 2000 ; My Naked, Naked Friends (Steve
   Lieber) ; Shouldn't You Be Working #3 (Johnny Ryan) ;
   Surfin' (Eric Reynolds) ; Geeks in Disguise #10 (Daniel
   Langsdale) ; Jumbo Jape (Sean Bieri) ; Love is Like the
   Sun, & Memories are Made of This (Garret Izumi) ;
   Passengers Side, & Ishkabibble (Vincent Stall) ; Please
   Don't Sue Me Comics (Ken Wheaton) ; Randy and the Christmas
   Pimple (John Kerschbaum) ; Supermonster #12 (Kevin
   Huizenga). -- Call no.: PN6700.C62no.234
"When It Rains, It Pours"* (B.C., May 31, 1999) / Hart. --
   Summary: What Lot's wife may have said when she looked back
   at Sodom and Gomorrah. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "salt"
"When It's a Matter of Life and Death : Art Spiegelman's
   Diagrams" / Matthew Freedman. p. 83-87 in: Arts Magazine,
   v. 65, no. 2 (Oct. 1990). -- Article about Maus. -- Call
   no.: PN6727.S6F7 1990
"When It's Your Shift You Can Reset the Preferences"* (Non
   Sequitur, Oct. 6, 2000) / Wiley. -- Summary: A giraffe has
   raised the "you must be this tall to enter" bar at the
   entryway to heaven. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "heaven"
"When I've Spent It All, He's Mine!"* (Long Sam, July 28,
   1958) / Al Capp & Bob Lubbers. -- Summary: She's spending
   money as fast as she can. -- Settings: Bums admiring
   handouts, portal of a bank. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
   "Mad #149: When Johnny Comes Marching Home" / by John H.
   Wilson. p. 25 in The Journal of Madness, no. 10 (Aug.
   2000). -- Describes a feature about returning Vietnam
   veterans in the Mar. 1972 issue of Mad. -- Call no.:
When Knighthood Was In Flower.
   Walt Disney's the Sword and the Rose. -- New York : Dell
   Publishing Co., 1953. -- 34 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. --
   "Adopted from the Walt Disney motion picture The Sword and
   the Rose based upon the famed adventure novel When
   Knighthood was in Flower." -- About Henry VIII, from the
   novel by Charles Major. -- "No. 505" in the Four Color
   series. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.D4S9 1953
"When Knights Were Bold!" / Bill Discount. 5 p. in Wings
   Comics, no. 123 (1954). -- Call no.: PN6728.1.F5W5no.123
"When Knights Were Bold, But More So the Damsels" p. 5-19 in
   Nemo, no. 20 (July 1986) -- Reprints "Oaky Doaks" daily
   strips by R.B. Fuller, from August 7 to November 11, 1939,
   with introduction by Rick Marschall. -- Cover title: The
   Adventures of Oaky Doaks.
   1. Arthurian romances--Comic books, strips, etc. I. Fuller,
   R. B. II. Oaky Doaks. III. The Adventures of Oaky Doaks.
   IV. Marschall, Richard. Call no.: PN6725.N43no.20
"When Korky Fishes Frogman Style" (Korky the Cat) 1 p. in The
   Dandy, no. 695 (Mar. 19, 1955). -- Call no.:
"When Krypto was Superboy's Master!" (Superboy) 8 p. in
   Adventure Comics, no. 310 (July 1963) ; reprinted in Action
   Comics, no. 403 (Aug. 1971). -- 1971 printing is called "A
   Demand Classic." -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N3A3no.310
"When Larry Stickeltodd Woke Up"* 8 p. in Junkwaffel, no. 4
   (1972) / by Vaughn Bodé. -- Call no.: PN6728.45.P7J8no.4
"When Life Doesn't Imitate Art" (Marvin, Feb. 8, 1996) /
   Armstrong. -- Summary: Dr. Twitt, in his bunny ears,
   doesn't look at all like the doctor on ER, and Megan's
   disappointed. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "pediatricians"
"When Lois Lane Forgot Superman!" (Lois Lane) 9 p. in
   Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane, no. 7 (Feb. 1959). --
   Call no.: PN6728.2.N3S78no.7
"When Lois Was More Super Than Superman!" (Lois Lane) 16 p. in
   Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane, no. 85 (Aug. 1968). --
   Call no.: PN6728.2.N3S78no.85
"When Love is Lost!" 7 p. in Our Love Story, no. 17 (June
   1972). -- Call no.: PN6728.3.M3 O85no.17
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