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"The Strangest Crew in the Universe" (Tommy Tomorrow) 6 p. in
   Action Comics, no. 241 (June 1958). -- Call no.:
"The Strangest Outpost : To Federation Colonists on Remote
   Ceitai Folix 12 the Inexplicable is Routine" / Karl Kofoed.
   p. 18-19 in Heavy Metal, v. 25, no. 1 (Mar. 2001). -- (The
   Galactic Geographic Society's Worlds of Wonder Series) --
   Call no.: PN6728.H43v.25no.1
"The Strangest Questions in the World" (Aquaman) / George
   Kashdan, script ; John Daly, art. 6 p. in Adventure Comics,
   no. 164 (May 1951). -- Data from Bob Cherry, Gene Reed, Lou
   Mougin, et al., via Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call
   no.: PN6728.1.N3A3m no.164
"The Strangest Show on Earth" / Mort Drucker, pencils ;
   Bernard Sachs, inks ; Sid Gerson, script. 6 p. in Strange
   Adventures, no. 37 (Oct. 1953) -- Data from Bob Klein and
   Michael Tiefenbacher of Grand Comics Database.
   I. [Each creator] k. Shows. k. Earth. Call no.: Film 15791,
   reel 311
"The Strangest Show on Earth" / Jim Mooney, art. 6 p. in Tales
   of the Unexpected, no. 10 (Feb. 1957). -- Data from Michael
   Tiefenbacher. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.280
"Strangest Spy on Earth" / Bill Ely, art. 6 p. in House of
   Mystery, no. 54 (Sept. 1956). -- Data from Michael
   Tiefenbacher. -- Call no.: PN6728.2.N3H6no.54
"The Strangest Strange Tales" / Gary M. Carter. p. 6 in Comic
   Book Marketplace, v. 2, no. 24 (June 1995). -- (Letter from
   the Editor) -- Describes Strange Tales, no. 5, a 1960s
   Australian comic book distributed in England, which
   reprints the story from Amazing Spider-Man, no. 1. -- Call
   no.: PN6714.C632no.24
Strangewell, Maxwell.
   Maxwell Strangewell / story and art by the Fillbach
   Brothers. -- Milwaukie, Or. : Dark Horse Books, 2007. --
   380 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. -- Science fiction and alternative
   genres. -- Call no.: PN6727.F475M3 2007
Strangled Eggs.
   Index entry (p. 118) in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of
   Cartoon Animals, by Jeff Rovin (New York : Prentice Hall,
   1991). -- Call no.: NC1766.U5R6 1991
The Strangled Stockbroker.
   "Mystery of the Strangled Stockbroker" (conclusion) /
   Boudreau ; Ortiz. 1 p. in Vampirella, no. 66 (Jan. 1978).
   -- Data from Jerry Sinkovec. -- Call no.:
   "The Chess Board of Death" (Captain America) / Joe Simon,
   Jack Kirby, script ; Jack Kirby, pencils ; Joe Simon, inks.
   16 p. in Captain America Comics, no. 1 (Mar. 1941). --
   Villains Rathcone, Herr Kameleon and Strangler are
   introduced ; introduction of Sgt. Mike Duffy. -- Data from
   Lou Mougin and Tony R. Rose via Grand Comics Database
   Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.M3C3m no.1
"The Strangler Ape"* (Captain Fight) / art: Alex Blum. 14 p.
   in Fight Comics, no. 18 (April 1942). -- Data from Gene
   Reed via Grand Comic Book Database. -- Call no.: Film 15791
"The Strangler from the Stars" (Metamorpho) / Bob Haney, story
   ; John Calnan, art. 8 p. in World's Finest Comics, no. 229
   (Apr. 1975). -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N3W7no.229
Strangler Hands.
   "The Man with the Strangler Hands!" / Curt Swan, art. 8 p.
   in House of Mystery, no. 5 (Aug. 1952). -- Data from M.
   Tiefenbacher, C. Gafford, D.D. Milne, et al., via Grand
   Comics Database Project. -- Call no.: Film 15791r.298
"Strangler in Paradise" 7 p. in The Unexpected, no. 172
   (Mar./Apr. 1976). -- Data from Gene Reed. -- Call no.:
   "Adventure of the Singapore Stranglers" (Starman) / Gardner
   Fox, script ; Jack Burnley, art ; Raymond Perry, colors. 13
   p. in Adventure Comics, no. 69 (Dec. 1941). -- Superhero
   genre. -- Data from Bob Cherry, Gene Reed, Lou Mougin, et
   al., via Grand Comics Database Project. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.1.N3A3m no.69
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55


   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
   Index entry (p. 245-246) to Seduction of the Innocent, by
   Frederic Wertham (New York : Rinehart, 1954). Call no.:
   "The Killers" / Harry Lazarus, art. 5 p. in Strange Tales,
   no. 6 (Apr. 1952) ; reprinted in Atlas Era Strange Tales,
   v. 1 (2007). -- Summary: Scientists invent a virus which
   turns people into crazy killers without reflections in
   mirrors. A reporter thinks that the virus has infected his
   boss because she won't keep mirrors around the office, so
   he strangles her. It turns out that she just didn't want to
   be reminded of her age. The reporter has been infected with
   the virus and has been committing killings that of which he
   is unaware. -- Data from Bob Klein, Lou Mougin, Martin
   O'Hearn, et al. via Grand Comics Database. -- Call no.:
   PN6728.2.M3S75m no.6
   "Mission: Strangle" 7 p. in Jungle War Stories, no. 4
   (July/Sept. 1963). -- Vietnam war story, about an American
   among the Montagnards. -- Call no.: PN6728.3.D4J8no.4
   "Our Company was Planning a Hostile Takeover"* (Francie,
   Mar. 5, 1991) / by Sherrie Shepherd. -- Summary: People
   around a conference table are trying to strangle each
   other. -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "strangling"
"Gli Strangolatori."
   Tex : i Mondi Nascosti / Gianluigi Bonelli, Aurelio
   Galleppini ; testi de Sergio Bonelli. -- Milano :
   Mondadori, 2007. -- 468 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. -- (SuperMiti ;
   n. 59) -- Text contents: Introduzione ; Quando guizzano le
   spade ; Nell'abisso della preistoria ; Nostalgia dello Zar
   ; I sogno de Esmeralda ; Una minaccia sotterranea ; Occhio
   alla testa ; Sangue fra le rovine ; Arrivano i Tuareg ;
   Dalla Scandinavia allo Yukon ; Il richiamo dei Thugs ; Il
   rifugio degli schiavi. -- Story contents: La Città d'oro ;
   Le terre dell'abisso ; La freccia nera ; Il tesoro del
   tempio ; Il ritorno del drago ; l'Uragano ; Il ritorno di
   Yama ; Fantasmi nel deserto ; L'Isola misteriosa ; Gli
   strangolatori ; I Diavoli neri. -- Western genre. -- Call
   no.: PN6768.T4M6 2007
   Index entry (p. 49) in Bonzer : Australian Comics
   1900-1990s, edited by Annette Kay Shiell (Melbourne : Elgua
   Media, 1998). -- Call no.: PN6790.A8 S47 1998

Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio

Story by Gino D'Antonio and Ferdinando Tacconi, serialized in Orient Express in 1983
Lo Straniero : Il Luno Viaggio, pt. 1
   "La Spia che Venne dal Futuro" (Lo Straniero : Il Lungo
   Viaggio, pt. 1) / testo di Gino D'Antonio ; disegni di
   Ferdinando Tacconi. p. 5-18 in Orient Express, no. 9 (Marzo
   I. D'Antonio, Gino. II. Tacconi, Ferdinando. III. Lo
   Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 1. IV. Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 1. Call no.: PN6768.O7no.9
Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 2
   "Prendi i Soldi e Scappa" (Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 2) / testo di Gino D'Antonio ; disetni di Ferdinando
   Tacconi. p. 57-68 in Orient Express, no. 10 (Aprile 1983)
   I. D'Antonio, Gino. II. Tacconi, Ferdinando. III. Lo
   Straniero : Il Lung Viaggio, pt. 2. IV. Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 2. Call no.: PN6768.O7no.10
Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 3.
   "Dentro Fino al Collo" (Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 3) / testo di Gino D'Antonio ; disegni di Ferdinando
   Tacconi. p. 95-106 in Orient Express, no. 11 (Giugno 1983)
   I. D'Antonio, Gino. II. Tacconi, Ferdinando. III. Lo
   Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 3. IV. Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 3. Call no.: PN6768.O7no.11
Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 4
   "Cassandra" (Lo Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 4) /
   testo di Gino D'Antonio ; disegni di Ferdinando Tacconi. p.
   27-40 in Orient Express, no. 12 (Luglio 1983)
   I. D'Antonio, Gino. II. Tacconi, Ferdinando. III. Lo
   Straniero : Il Lungo Viaggio, pt. 4. IV. Il Lungo Viaggio,
   pt. 4. Call no.: PN6768.O7no.12
Stranks, Alan.
   The Adventures of P.C. 49 / by Alan Stranks & John Worsley.
   -- London : Hawk, 1990. -- 63 p. : ill. ; 33 cm. -- (Eagle
   Classics) -- "Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Britain's
   famous strip cartoon paper."
   1. Police--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. Detective and
   mystery comic books, strips, etc. 3. British comics. I.
   Stranks, Alan. II. Worsley, John, 1919- III. P.C. 49. IV.
   Series. V. Hawk Books. Call no.: PN6737.S75A4 1990
Stranks, Alan--Miscellanea.
   Entry (p. 157) in Dictionary of British Comic Artists,
   Writers, and Editors, by Alan Clark (London : The British
   Library, 1998). -- Call no.: PN6735.C513 1998
Stranks, Alan--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 565) in Historia de los Comics / J.
   Toutain, J. Coma (Barcelona : Toutain, 1982-1984?) -- Call
   no.: PN6710.H5 1982a
Stranks, Alan--Miscellanea.
   Index entry (p. 194) in The World Encyclopedia of Comics,
   ed. by Maurice Horn (New York : Chelsea House, 1976). Call
   no.: PN6710.W6 1976
"Lo Strano Caso del Dottor Abraham" / di B. Peeters & F.
   Schuiten. p. 2-13 (color) in Comic Art, n. 82 (Agosto 1991)
   I. Peeters, Benoît. II. Schuiten, François, 1956- Call no.:
Lo Straordinario Stravigarius.
   Il Classico Extra. -- Milano : Arnoldo Mondadori Editore,
   1985. -- 194 p. : col. ill. ; 19 cm. -- "Supplemento ai
   Classici di Walt Disney n. 104." -- Contents: Paperino e la
   bistecca spray (Topolino 1184, 6 agosto 1978) ;
   Paperin-Tarzan e il nostalgico king (Topolino 1175, 4
   giugno 1978) ; Zio Paperone e la conflittite acuta e
   cronica (Topolino 1233, 15 luglio 1979) ; Paperino e il
   Sopwith Camel (Topolino 1306, 7 dicembre 1980) ; Topolino e
   lo straordinario Stravigarius (Topolino 1281/1282, 15/22
   giugno 1980). -- Call no.: PN6768.C525E9 1985
   "Draw on Sight!" (Kid Colt) / Jack Keller. 5 p. in Mighty
   Marvel Western, no. 7 (Jan. 1970) ; reprinted from Kid Colt
   Outlaw, no. 72 (May 1957). -- Begins: "What'll it be,
   Strap? I'm not drawing, Kid!" -- Call no.:
   Girl Fuck : an Introduction to Girl-on-Girl Lovin' / by
   Erika Moen. -- E. Moen, 2005. -- 16 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. --
   Summary (from Columbia University): Details the many ways
   that female-identifying people can have sex, with an
   emphasis on safety and pleasure. Some questions answered
   include if strap-ons mean that women want to have sex with
   men. Provides an explanation for gender fluidity, shows how
   to make a DIY dental dam, and provides a list of dangerous
   lubricants. -- Includes bibliographical references (p. 16).
   -- New wave genre. -- Call no.: PN6727.M539G5 2005
   Das Küken, die Maus und das Bier : Geschichten vom Bier /
   Gunter Hansen & Steffen Haas. -- München : Strapazin und In
   München, 2005. -- 163 p. : col. ill. ; 10 x 22 cm. --
   "Einhundertzweiundsechzig Strips und ein Nachwort von
   Michael Sailer." -- "Die Comicstrip-Serie der beiden
   Münchner Zeichner erscheint seit 1998 regelmässig im
   Stadtmagazin In München." -- Funny animal comics about
   beer. -- Call no.: PN6757.H255K8 2005
Strapless Dresses.
   "That's a Real Team, and Headed Right for the Old Oak Tree"
   (Marmaduke, May 28, 1988) / by Anderson. -- Summary:
   Marmaduke and his master are mowing the lawn and watching a
   woman in a strapless dress walk her dog. -- Call no.:
   PN6726 f.B55 "lawnmowing"
   Index entry (p. 203) in Comics, vom Massenblatt ins
   multimediale Abenteuer, by Andreas C. Knigge (Reinbeck bei
   Hamburg : Rowohlt, 1996). -- Call no.: PN6710.K53 1996
   Derreck Wayne Jackson's Strapped : Special Premiere
   Edition. -- Digest ed. -- Oklahoma City, OK : Gothic Images
   Studios, 1994. -- 24 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. -- Science fiction
   genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.6.G626D39 1994
   Derreck Wayne Jackson's Strapped. -- Oklahoma City, OK :
   Gothic Images Studios, 1994- . -- ill. ; 26 cm. -- Began
   with v. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1994). -- Science fiction genre. --
   LIBRARY HAS: v. 1, no. 1. -- Call no.: PN6728.6.G626D4
Strapped Down.
   "Doctor Rocket" / Henry Boltinoff. 1 p. in Showcase, no. 25
   (Mar./Apr. 1960). -- Begins: "On the flight you will be
   lying, strapped down" -- Call no.: PN6728.2.N3S47no.25
Strapped for Cash.
   Hagar the Horrible : Strapped for Cash / by Dik Browne. --
   New York : Berkley Pub. Group, 1987. -- 126 p. : ill. ; 17
   cm. -- "A Charter book."
   I. Browne, Dik. II. Strapped for Cash. Call no.:
   PN6728.H3S75 1987
   The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of
   one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or
   topic. Call no.: PN6726 f.B55
Strapping Lads.
   "Raman of Tenali : the Birbal of the South" / script,
   Kamala Chandrakant ; illustrations, Ram Waeerkar ; editor,
   Anant Pai. 31 p. in Amar Chitra Katha, no. 523 (1978, 2010
   printing). -- (Fables & Humour) -- Summary from back cover:
   "When the king saw a strapping lad astride the aged
   shoulders of his guru, he knew something was amiss. Soon he
   realised that, if young Raman was around, it was best to
   expect the unexpected. This village bumpkin was no fool,
   even the fiery goddess Kali had given in to his wiles.
   Wheedling his way into the mighty Vijayanagara court, it
   was but a short step into the heart of King Krishnadeva
   Raya, who welcomed a laugh or two to lighten his busy day."
   -- Call no.: PN6790 .I54A5no.523


   "Either Way is Fine"* (Suburban Cowgirls, Oct. 29, 1990) /
   by Janet Alfieri and Ed Colley. p. 100 in Battered Husbands
   (Redondo Beach, CA : H. Gregory Associates, 1991). --
   Summary: Darlene comes in from grocery shopping, and asks
   Bob if he wants the chips in a bowl or just to have the bag
   strapped to his face. -- Call no.: PN6231.H8G75 1991
   "It Will Prevent You from Going Out on the Course and
   Making a Fool of Yourself"* (Beetle Bailey, Mar. 13, 1993)
   / by Mort Walker. -- Summary: The General tries a new golf
   gadget, that straps his arms and legs to the wall. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "gadgets"
   "It's Time to Winterize Your Skateboard" (Long Overdue,
   Jan. 13, 1989) / by John Long. -- Summary: A skateboard is
   shown strapped to an ice skate. -- Call no.: PN6726f.B55
   "Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps"* (Perky & Beanz, Apr.
   1, 1987) / Russell Myers. -- Summary: Perky doesn't know
   about bootstraps, but does know about velcro strap-laces.
   -- Call no.: PN6726 f.B55 "Velcro"
   "What's that Thing on Roscoe's Head?"* (Pickles, July 5,
   2004) / Brian Crane. -- Summary: Roscoe (the dog) is made
   useful by having a cup holder strapped to his head. -- Call
   no.: PN6726 f.B55 "cup holders"
   Index entry (p. 109, 114) in History of the Comic Strip, v.
   2 / by David Kunzle (Berkeley, Calif. : University of
   California Press, 1990) Call no.: PN6710f.K85v.2
Strasbourg (Germany)
   "Le Livre Maudit" (Cap'tain Swing) p. 3-66 in Cap'tain
   Swing, no. 114 (Sept. 2004). -- Summary: The Redcoat
   soldiers arrest a man in the street who complains loudly of
   his fate, but when he is taken to the commanding officer it
   turns out he's an undercover agent, a traitor turning over
   a list of patriots' names. Lord Marmaduke Langsburry, an
   emisary direct from the King in London, witnesses the
   transaction and asks to see the list. Lord Langsburry
   pockets the list, then removes his beard to reveal that he
   is indeed Captain Swing. In short order the traitor is
   dead, and the fine carriage that brought "Langsburry" has
   left at a gallop. The British soldiers take off after the
   carriage, making it easy for Swing to sneak out of the
   headquarters to hide with his old friend Professor
   Griffith. The professor is puzzling over an old Rosicrucian
   book he bought from an antiquarian book dealer in
   Strasbourg. The reading isn't going well since it's
   Greco-Latino-Hebraic in runic characters. By chance, a
   soldier has seen Swing enter Griffith's house, so the
   soldiers come and the two have to flee. Also there is a
   sinister-looking bald man lurking in the house looking for
   a chance to steal the book. The professor takes the book
   with him, and they ride to Fort Ontario. Betty sets the
   professor up with a place to study. The creepy bald man
   returns to his home as well, on Black Skull Mountain, which
   is not far from Fort Ontario. He thinks awhile, then sends
   one of his superstitious Black servants, named Mumbulah, to
   go to Fort Ontario on Lake Ontario and retrieve the book,
   no matter whose life it costs. Meanwhile Griffith suddenly
   figures out the book, and it makes him crazy. He babbles
   nonsense and ancient-sounding words, and tries to kill
   Mister Bluff's dog, Pouik, by hanging it by the neck with a
   rope. Griffith's raving is so violent they have to tie him
   up. Mumbulah arrives at the fort and tries to steal the
   book, but gets locked up for his trouble. Hibou thinks
   sorcery is involved. Taking the book, Swing rides out from
   Lake Ontario for a few hours to a mountain cave full of
   books, bottles and a smoking brazier. Swing asks the wise
   man there to take a look at the book, and the wise man is
   interested. He says to come back in a few days when he's
   studied the book. Meanwhile, the strange bald man from
   Black Skull Mountain shows up at Fort Ontario asking for
   lodging. As he enters both Griffith and Mumbulah can be
   heard raving from their respective lockups, and Mister
   Bluff wonders if it might be the weather causing it. Hibou
   says that Indians lose their spirit in captivity too, and
   in sympathy lets Mumbulah out for some exercise. Mumbulah
   sees his master and immediately commits suicide by jumping
   from a tower. Then the bald man hypnotizes Betty from
   behind without her having even seen him. He tells her to go
   to town and buy a blue dress, and when she leaves the fort
   on foot he kidnaps her. When Swing comes back from
   delivering the book to his guru, a ransom note is found.
   The Rosicrucian book must be brought to Black Skull
   Mountain in exchange for Betty's life. Swing, Bluff and
   Hibou retrace Swing's path to retrieve the book, and arrive
   just as the wise man has deciphered it. He also starts
   raving and has to be tied up. The bald man gets excited
   when he mentally feels the book approaching, the book that
   was "stolen from them at Tubingen." The man tries to
   capture Swing rather than release Betty, and in the
   struggle the book and the whole house are burned to ashes.
   At that moment both of the raving scholars are released
   from their spells miles apart. They get together at Fort
   Ontario and agree that the destruction of the book was a
   good thing. The one from the mountain, the one that Swing
   calls "master," quotes Shakespeare: "There are more things
   in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosopy."
   -- Call no.: PN6748.C336no.114
The Strasbourg Clocks.
   "The Kid and the Clock" / Charles King. 2 p. text in Wonder
   Woman, no. 36 (July/Aug. 1949). -- About the Strasbourg
   Clocks. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.N3W6no.36
Strasmann, Ilse.
   Die Juwelen der Sängerin / Hergé ; aus dem Französischen
   von Ilse Strasmann ; lettering, Dirk Rehm. -- Hamburg :
   Carlsen, 1999. -- 64 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm. -- (Tim und
   Struppi ; 14) -- (Carlsen Comics) -- Translation of: Les
   Bijoux de la Castafiore. -- Call no.: PN6747.H4T5415 1999
Strasmann, Ilse.
   König Ottokars Zepter / Hergé ; aus dem Französischen von
   Ilse Strasmann. -- Hamburg : Carlsen, 1998. -- 64 p : col.
   ill. ; 30 cm. -- (Carlsen-Comics) -- (Tim und Struppi ; 7)
   -- Translation of: Le Sceptre d'Ottokar. -- Adventure story
   genre. -- Call no.: PN6747.H4T52615 1998
Strasmann, Ilse.
   Tim in Amerika / Hergé ; aus dem Französischen von Ilse
   Strasmann. -- Hamburg : Carlsen, 1974. -- 62 p. : col. ill.
   ; 30 cm. -- (Tim und Struppi ; 19) -- Translation of:
   Tintin en Amérique. -- Call no.: PN6747.H4T5215 1974
Strasmann, Ilse.
   Tim in Tibet / Hergé ; aus dem Französischen von Ilse
   Strasmann ; Redaktion, Andreas C. Knigge ; Lettering, Dirk
   Rehm. -- Hamburg : Carlsen Verlag, 2007. -- 64 p. : col.
   ill. ; 23 cm. -- (Tim und Struppi) -- (Carlsen Comics) --
   Translation of: Tintin au Tibet. -- Adventure story genre.
   -- Call no.: PN6747.H4T53915 2007
Strassberg, Richard.
   Letters. 2 p. in Weirdo, no. 12 (Winter 1985). -- Letters
   to the editor from Ivan Stang, Richard Strassberg, Mary
   Fleener, John E., Brad Johnson, Bill Sherman, David
   Carrino, Ken Weiner, Robert Williams, and Tim Di Chiara. --
   Call no.: PN6728.45.L3W4no.12
Strassburg, Brian.
   Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong : a guide for young thinkers / by
   Dan Barker ; illustrated by Brian Strassburg. -- Buffalo,
   N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 1992. -- 76 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
   1. Moral education--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. Human
   rights--Comic books, strips, etc. 3. Conduct of life--Comic
   books, strips, etc. I. Barker, Dan. II. Strassburg, Brian.
   III. Prometheus Books. Call no.: LC311.B28 1992
Strassburg, Brian.
   Maybe Yes, Maybe No : a guide for young skeptics / Dan
   Barker ; illustrated by Brian Strassburg. -- Buffalo, N.Y.
   : Prometheus Books, 1990. -- 80 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
   1. Science--Methodology--Comic books, strips, etc. 2.
   Skepticism--Comic books, strips, etc. I. Barker, Dan. II.
   Strassburg, Brian. III. Prometheus Books. Call no.:
   Q175.2.B37 1990
   Index entry (p. 14, 170, 173) in History of the Comic
   Strip, v. 1 / by David Kunzle (Berkeley, Calif. :
   University of California Press, 1973) Call no.:
Strassburger, Arthur.
   Index entry (p. 121-123) in Will Eisner, a Spirited Life,
   by Bob Andelman (Milwaukie, OR : M Press, 2005). -- Call
   no.: PN6727.E35 Z5A5 2005
"Der Strassenräuber" / Idee: Kriki ; Zeichnung: Kiefersauer.
   p. 20-22 in Rad ab!, Nr. 4 (1986). -- Call no.: PN6758.R27
Strasser, Dr.
   "The Mystery of the Flying Corpses" (Patriot) / Al Fagaly,
   art. 6 p. in Marvel Mystery Comics, no. 30 (Apr. 1942).
   Villain Dr. Strasser is introduced and dies. -- Data from
   Lou Mougin and Tony Rose, via Grand Comics Database
   Project. -- Call no.: PN6728.1.M3M3no.30
Strasser, Ilan.
   "Dialog" p. 8-14 in Comics Retailer, no. 101 (v. 9, no. 8)
   (Aug. 2000). -- Letters from Joe Sarno, Ilan Strasser,
   Roland Mann, David Seidman, and Mimi Cruz. -- Call no.:
Strasser, Ilan.
   "Taken To Task" p. 41 (Comics Journal #137 September 1990)
   (Letter) -- Data from Pete Coogan.
   I. Strasser, Ilan. Call no.: PN6700.C62no.137
Strasser, Todd.
   Addams Family Values : a Novel / by Todd Strasser ; from
   the screenplay written by Paul Rudnick ; based on the
   characters created by Charles Addams. -- New York : Pocket
   Books, 1993. -- 212 p. ; 18 cm. -- "Now a major motion
   picture from Paramount Pictures." -- Call no.:
   PS3569.T69132A68 1993
Strasser, Todd.
   Richie Rich / a novelization by Todd Strasser ; based on
   the screenplay written by Tom S. Parker & Jim Jennewein. --
   New York : Scholastic, 1994. -- 133 p. : ill. ; 20 cm. --
   At head of title: Macaulay Culkin. -- Call no.:
   PS3569.T69132 R5 1994
Strasser, Todd.
   Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp / adapted from the film by
   Todd Strasser ; illustrated by Franc Mateu. -- New York :
   Disney Press, 1994. -- 90 p. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. --
   Summary (from OCLC): Lady's pampered uptown world is turned
   upside down when she falls head over paws for Tramp, a
   fun-loving mutt with a charming bark and an appetite for
   adventure. -- Funny animal fiction. -- Call no.:
   PN1997.5.L3W3 1994
Strasshofer, Craig.
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