Comics Scholars Survey Results, November 1995

compiled by Peter M. Coogan

J. Grants/Scholarships.

Yeah right. Basically no one knew of any money specifically available for comics study, except Ian Gordon who mentioned the Swann Foundation's annual dissertation writing award which has been awarded to comics scholars, including Ian himself and Mark Winchester.

Information from the Foundation as of July 1998, is that the Swann Foundation Fellowship will be available to graduate students studying caricature and cartoons in any field for the 1999-2000 academic year. The application guidelines and applications are online at Swann Foundation home page.

Swann Foundation
c/o Harry Katz
Phone: (202) 707-8696

Also according to Ian, the Smithsonian Institute offers a number of fellowships for graduate students that people doing work o n comics have held:

Office of Fellowships and Grants
Suite 7300
L'Enfant Plaza
Smithsonian Institution
Washington DC 20560

Martin R. Kalfatovic of the Smithsonian had this reply to my inquiry about predoctoral fellowships, "What you can do is ftp the fellowships/grants document from one of our Internet sites. The ftp site is: The directory is SMITHSONIAN. And the document name is fellowships. I would think that comics would could fall under either the ART or the HISTORY categories." He gave these eddresses: Smithsonian Institution Libraries:


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